Stationed Overseas, but Solving Crimes in New York City
nytimes · 15 hours ago
Sequoia Capital has internal crash courses for its founders — here’s how they work – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 15 hours ago
The 50 Most Influential Nike Dunks in History | Highsnobiety
highsnobiety · 15 hours ago
Back to School? Marc Andreessen says get clear-eyed on what your education will give you
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The Psychedelic Inspiration For Hypercard - Mondo 2000
mondo2000 · 17 hours ago
Problems with the Postal Service are getting worse
vox · 17 hours ago
Kamala Harris’ new chief of staff is proud Black lesbian and trailblazing political heavyweight Karine Jean-Pierre · 17 hours ago
Hipster Ipsum – Artisanal filler text for your project. · 17 hours ago
Proposed California wealth tax would impact millionaires even if they move
youtube · 18 hours ago
10 Tips for Startup Founders
medium · 18 hours ago
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Investing Mistakes, Chapter 1001
medium · 18 hours ago
Black People in the US Were Enslaved Well into the 1960s
vice · 18 hours ago
ICE just signed a contract with facial recognition company Clearview AI
theverge · 18 hours ago
The details of my life are quite inconsequential
youtube · 18 hours ago
California Democrats propose a wealth tax which taxes you even after you leave the state
hotair · 19 hours ago
Louisiana Stands Alone on Drinking at 18
nytimes · 19 hours ago
Why We Invested in Northspyre
medium · 19 hours ago
A Final Listing for a Beloved Manhattan Broker
nytimes · 20 hours ago
Company values aren’t actionable. Here’s how you can change that.
theoverlap.substack · 20 hours ago
The Road to SOX Compliance With Audit Trail - Zuora
zuora · 20 hours ago
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