Context-First Design for Augmented Reality
medium · 2 days ago
Vaping Lung Damage, AI-Generated Drugs, and Bio Lab OS: Lux Recommends #201
medium · 2 days ago
Facebook's refusal to fact-check Trump could be its defining 2020 decision
cnn · 2 days ago
Papa Raises $10M to Expand “Grandkids on Demand” Platform to Address Social Isolation in Seniors
hitconsultant · 2 days ago
A Guide To New And Experimental CSS DevTools In Firefox — Smashing Magazine
smashingmagazine · 3 days ago
Clipping, Clipping, and More Clipping! | CSS-Tricks
css-tricks · 3 days ago
Why venture capital firms need culture experts – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 3 days ago
How to design delightful dark themes
blog.superhuman · 3 days ago
To beat Amazon Go, Standard Cognition buys cashierless DeepMagic – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 3 days ago
Nexkey raises $6M Series A round to make your company’s doors smarter – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 3 days ago
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Sesame Street Introduces Karli, Whose Mother Has an Opioid Addiction
jezebel · 3 days ago
Infinite Objects
infiniteobjects · 3 days ago
Electricity does not change poor lives as much as was thought
economist · 4 days ago
Rhythm + Flow | Netflix Official Site
netflix · 4 days ago
You Don't Get What You Don't Fight For Tote
shop.elizabethwarren · 4 days ago
Apple removes Quartz news app from the Chinese App Store over Hong Kong coverage
theverge · 4 days ago
Dear Ueno: What’s your design process like? · 4 days ago
GitHub and US Government developers · 4 days ago
Frequently Asked Questions on Virtual Currency Transactions | Internal Revenue Service · 4 days ago
Introducing the Lightspeed SaaS Operating Model
medium · 4 days ago
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