My Chemical Romance: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
pitchfork · 5 hours ago
Social media platforms leave 95% of reported fake accounts up, study finds
arstechnica · 5 hours ago
Readers: Denver Has One Snow Plow, and I've Never Seen It
westword · 6 hours ago
Claim to Fame: Denver Invented Outdoor Christmas Lighting in the Early 1900s
ourcommunitynow · 7 hours ago
Motion Paths - Past, Present and Future | Codrops
tympanus · 8 hours ago
Colored Micrographs Magnify Pollen Seeds, Plant Cells, and Leaf Structures in Photographs by Rob Kesseler
thisiscolossal · 8 hours ago
Building a search engine from scratch · 8 hours ago
Accessibility Tips for Web Developers · 8 hours ago
Perpetual Debt in the Silicon Savannah
bostonreview · 9 hours ago
Tactical voting guide 2019: the 50 seats where it is vital to keep the Tories out
theguardian · 9 hours ago
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Before Basel
soundcloud · 12 hours ago
World's oceans are losing oxygen at a dangerous, unprecedented rate as temperatures rise, study finds
cbsnews · 12 hours ago
School is a great model for big-company life, and and anti-model for startup life
also.roybahat · 13 hours ago
Umm Kulthum - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 14 hours ago
Trump claims Americans have to flush the toilet '10 times, 15 times'
cnn · 14 hours ago
"Power laws are very, very hard to internalize."
buggeroaf.substack · 15 hours ago
Researchers Try to Craft the Perfect Boob Using Eye-Tracking Technology
vice · 18 hours ago
What Is It Like to Be a Philosopher?
whatisitliketobeaphilosopher · 19 hours ago
Inside Intel’s billion-dollar transformation in the age of AI
fastcompany · 19 hours ago
Lyons absent-mindedly drops pants at first
youtube · 21 hours ago
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