Biden Goes Old. Sanders Goes Young. Warren Is in Between. What Facebook Ads Reveal About 2020.
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Six things you don’t owe your boss
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Apple Pulls Hong Kong App, Tim Cook’s Memo, Honesty and Control
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London - Mind the Product
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Majority of Europeans 'expect end of EU within 20 years'
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Hollywood's Bleeding
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What Ever Happened to Steampunk?
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The Khan Academy 2018 Annual Report Case Study by Sara Soueidan
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The Original BlackBerry Was Ahead of Its Time
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The wondrous world of CSS counters
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Marketers Say Most of Google's Public Statements Are False or Misleading | SparkToro
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If You’re a Junior Designer, Join an Established UX Team
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They thought her home was empty. She had been dead inside for over a year.
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CryptoKitties | Check out Kitty #1137656! · 8 hours ago
SoftBank Seeking to Take Control of WeWork Through Financing Package
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The Greatest, Fakest World Record
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It’s hysteria, not a heart attack, GP app Babylon tells women · 9 hours ago
A Deeper Look Into The Life of An Impressionist
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This deepfake shows an impressionist taking on 20 celebrities, convincingly
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Trump Kills Fake News (Church of Fake News)
youtube · 12 hours ago
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