Blair Reeves
The Coronavirus Is Rewriting Our Imaginations
newyorker · 1239 days ago
Everyone Hates Popups But......They Work!!! - 33 Sticks
33sticks · 1240 days ago
Nearly a fifth of Wendy's US restaurants are out of beef, analyst says
cnbc · 1242 days ago
MSU Poll: Bullock leads Daines in Senate contest
ktvh · 1242 days ago
Dare to Dream: The Path to a Democratic Trifecta in North Carolina
medium · 1246 days ago
Marc Benioff’s $25 Million Blitz to Buy Protective Gear From China
nytimes · 1248 days ago
I just gave to the Long Leaf Pine Slate!
secure.actblue · 1251 days ago
reopennc · 1261 days ago
The Water Dancer (Oprah’s Book Club)
audible · 1261 days ago
An Interview with Author Blair Reeves (and Thoughts on Exaltation)
drjreads.blogspot · 1269 days ago The Shining eBook: King, Stephen: Kindle Store
amazon · 1269 days ago
What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About the Toilet Paper Shortage
marker.medium · 1274 days ago
How ‘Never Bernie’ Voters Threw In With Biden and Changed the Primary
nytimes · 1276 days ago
The Long Leaf Pine Slate Update - #3
thelongleafpineslate.substack · 1287 days ago
'You can run a G7 country from home': Canada's Trudeau relies on phone lines and Lego
reuters · 1291 days ago
audible · 1293 days ago
Exaltation - New speculative fiction novel by Blair Reeves | Product Hunt
producthunt · 1294 days ago
goodreads · 1294 days ago
Garage Gym - Blair Reeves · 1299 days ago
A Bowery Chapel Once Let Homeless New Yorkers Sleep Inside. No More.
nytimes · 1303 days ago
Chris Matthews Out at MSNBC
nytimes · 1305 days ago
John Kerry - Anti-War Speech (1971) [short clip]
youtube · 1307 days ago
The Overstory: A Novel: Richard Powers: 9780393356687: Books
amazon · 1309 days ago
Bernie Sanders stokes question for Texas Democrats: How would his nomination affect their down-ballot plans?
texastribune · 1311 days ago
Bernie Sanders Outlines Funding for His Plans, but It May Not All Add Up
nytimes · 1312 days ago
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Joe Biden slams Reagan Secretary of State on Apartheid: "I'm ashamed of the lack of moral backbone"
youtube · 1315 days ago
‘We’d be f—ed’: Texas Dems sweat a Bernie Sanders ticket
politico · 1315 days ago
Star Trek: TNG Bridge Background Ambience *8 HOURS* (Wear headphones!)
youtube · 1316 days ago
QU Poll Release Detail · 1316 days ago
Nonexistent Plan for Affordable Housing Roils Wealthy Alexandria Neighborhood | Washingtonian (DC)
washingtonian · 1317 days ago
Husbands of Target | Dude Dad
youtube · 1324 days ago
Moderate Democrats Fear Bernie Sanders Could Cost Them the House
nytimes · 1324 days ago
The Long Leaf Pine Slate Update - #2
thelongleafpineslate.substack · 1324 days ago
"We’re losing our damn minds": James Carville unloads on the Democratic Party
vox · 1328 days ago
Browse Disbursements - · 2019 days ago
The Lone Bellow - For What It's Worth (Acoustic Cover)
youtube · 1334 days ago
Hippocampal plasticity underpins long-term cognitive gains from resistance exercise in MCI · 1338 days ago
I just gave to Mujtaba Mohammed!
secure.actblue · 1342 days ago
66% call for witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial: Poll
abcnews.go · 1343 days ago
The economic policy of Elizabeth Warren - Marginal REVOLUTION
marginalrevolution · 1348 days ago
The Wild Shore
audible · 1352 days ago
The Slate Launches 🚀 - The Long Leaf Pine Slate Update
thelongleafpineslate.substack · 1354 days ago
Twitter will put options to limit replies directly on the compose screen
theverge · 1359 days ago
The Long Leaf Pine Slate - Blair Reeves · 1358 days ago
This Is My Story - 1 - With LeVar Burton
youtube · 1365 days ago
The Big Short
audible · 1372 days ago
Diaper Bank of North Carolina
ncdiaperbank · 1372 days ago
Number of children swallowing dangerous magnets surges as industry largely polices itself
washingtonpost · 1373 days ago
Senegal Fast Food
open.spotify · 1376 days ago
Trump ally US Rep. Mark Meadows won't seek reelection
apnews · 1380 days ago
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