Bo Ren
April 8, 2021
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Stand with Asian Americans
standwithasianamericans · 11 days ago
Boomers are the Real Reason Millenials Won’t Be Buying Homes Anytime Soon
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The Downward Spiral: Popular Things
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The Best Bagels in America
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Surgical Reading: How to Read 12 Books at Once · 38 days ago
Cultivating genuine friendships in Silicon Valley
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Chloé Zhao Is About to Be Huge
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2/26: How Two Llamas And A Dress Gave Us The Internet's Greatest Day
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[FKPXLS] The Illusions of Free-to-Play
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#TheGapTable – #Angels News – Medium
medium · 1080 days ago
Building for SMBs: 7 Mistakes & Lessons Learned at Facebook
juliepark.substack · 53 days ago
Li Jin launches Atelier Ventures, her debut fund to invest in the passion economy
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I’ve Never Been Prouder—or More Heartbroken—to Be Asian American
byrdie · 56 days ago
#173 The Test Kitchen, Chapter 2 - Reply All
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The Stories We Tell, and Don’t Tell, About Asian-American Lives
newyorker · 62 days ago
Why I Believe in Text
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Will Rolling Funds Roll Over the Venture Capital Industry?
minal.substack · 75 days ago
Quiet Giants
ericgfriedman · 75 days ago
#02 - Who tailored your suit?
mindy.substack · 76 days ago
Confirming every tech stereotype right here🥲 I’m going live on 1/13 @ 6PM PST! Ask me and my PM friends anything #tech #productmanager #techtok
tiktok · 77 days ago
How SignalWire leverages open source
samsungnext · 81 days ago
#stitch with @exploringamanda If y’all find a way to apply this to real life, please make a tutorial for me. #radicalselfawareness #audacity
tiktok · 82 days ago
The five most infamous Rahm Emanuel moments
foreignpolicy · 82 days ago
Sean Parker – Sean Parker 's Email to Spotify's Daniel Ek
genius · 93 days ago
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Hijack Your Feed - Replace Twitter ads with your todos | Product Hunt
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Coming up: The bias problem with artificial intelligence
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Notion – Docs, Wikis, Tasks. Seamlessly in one. · 1387 days ago