Bo Ren
Plexo Capital: Diversity in people. Diversity in funds. Diversity in expertise.
medium · 2 days ago
Weekly Roundup: White Mirror And The Bad, Bad Deal Edition - Riverside Green
jackbaruth · 4 days ago
GV spinout Plexo Capital closes $42.5 million fund – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 7 days ago
samsungnext · 11 days ago
longform · 14 days ago
Office Hours: From PM to GM. I've worked at Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. I'm Bo Ren.
elpha · 20 days ago
Join The Cosmos Shop
shop.jointhecosmos · 29 days ago
Fuck I'm Tired Tee (Limited Edition)
shop.jointhecosmos · 29 days ago
I Thought Being a Health Care Reporter Would Make Cancer Easier. I Was Wrong.
politico · 32 days ago
Why we should care about ethics in AI
samsungnext · 36 days ago
ClassroomX speaker spotlight: Bo Ren on “How to build a product-driven company”
samsungnext · 42 days ago
Machine Bias — ProPublica
propublica · 323 days ago
This could be why you're depressed or anxious | Johann Hari
youtube · 45 days ago
Four Years in Startups
newyorker · 47 days ago
$30M in NIH Grants Will Support Population Health Research, Clinical Trials
healthitanalytics · 47 days ago
Human Ventures’ Engineer-in-Residence
medium · 57 days ago
Why We Care about the Future of Food at Samsung NEXT
medium · 57 days ago
Hot Skin-Care Brand Drunk Elephant Sells For $845 Million, Minting Founder A Fortune
forbes · 64 days ago
How to Fix Tech's-and Venture Capital's-Diversity Problem - Techonomy
techonomy · 65 days ago
Memoirs of Disease and Disbelief
newyorker · 69 days ago
As a PM do I wish I majored in computer science sometimes?
medium · 858 days ago
How Shake Shack Taught Me To Be A Better VC — Schlaf · 76 days ago
Samsung's robot chef arms just helped make me a delicious meal at IFA
cnet · 93 days ago
Anxiety Necklace
eliou-eliou · 94 days ago
Nike Valiant Labs · 309 days ago
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Video Dating, Part 2
youtube · 102 days ago
Zine — eternal · 106 days ago
Being basic as a virtue
nadiaeghbal · 132 days ago
No, WeWork Isn’t a Tech Company. Here’s Why That Matters
hbr · 109 days ago
The Man
open.spotify · 111 days ago
Al Pacino "Inches" Speech, Any Given Sunday (1999)
youtube · 853 days ago
Alipay Launches 'Smile to Pay' in China
youtube · 118 days ago
Verizon to Sell Tumblr to WordPress Owner
wsj · 122 days ago
Backstage Accelerator - Cohort 1 Report 2019
backstagecapital · 128 days ago
Privacy — Seamless & Secure Online Card Payments
privacy · 139 days ago
How to think about different types of funding for your early stage startup
elizabethyin · 143 days ago
The Cosmos Summit: Home–bound — The Cosmos
jointhecosmos · 150 days ago
eventbrite · 150 days ago
7個閨蜜在廣州造房同住:老了後,我們才是彼此的依靠 7 Girlfriends in Guangzhou Build a House to Live Together
youtube · 153 days ago
TED: Ideas worth spreading
ted · 912 days ago
The Privilege We Don’t See - Spero Ventures - Medium
medium · 159 days ago
Amazon's New Store for Beauty Professionals: How Much of a Threat?
fortune · 167 days ago
Exclusive Investigation: How Lies And a Troubled Workplace Brought Down The Founder Of $115 Million Cleo
forbes · 177 days ago
A Silicon Valley founder and dad explains his viral tweet saying kids 'are terrible for your career'
businessinsider · 180 days ago
Female shark eats male shark after he bumps into her in Seoul aquarium
newsweek · 181 days ago
Lolita Taub — All Raise’s Enterprise SaaS #WomanCrushWednesday
medium · 183 days ago
Why I’m joining SamsungNEXT
medium · 185 days ago
Introducing Mercury OS
medium · 198 days ago
Introducing Mercury OS · 196 days ago
Cracking the Bamboo Ceiling: On Debunking the Survivalist Immigrant Mentality
medium · 189 days ago
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