Bo Ren
Chief | The Private Network for Women Leaders.
chief · 994 days ago
Nevertheless, Sexism Persisted.
medium · 996 days ago
The Fight Goes On
medium · 997 days ago
Do we control technology or is technology controlling us?
consumerempowermentatnextny.splashthat · 999 days ago
Founder of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods transfers business to employees
oregonlive · 1004 days ago
Andreessen Horowitz has backed Run The World, a startup with a timely offering: live online events – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1004 days ago
CCPA and the state of Digital Privacy in the US | DCMN Blog
blog.dcmn · 1007 days ago
Ending the Stigma of Remote Working
medium · 1012 days ago
biocollabs · 1014 days ago
Facial ID Respirator Masks
faceidmasks · 1016 days ago
Fighting the tyranny of ‘niceness’: why we need difficult women
theguardian · 1016 days ago
Deliberate Anti-Productivity
superorganizers.substack · 1018 days ago
What’s Next for Samsung NEXT
medium · 1021 days ago
Why Naj Austin Created Ethel's Club, A Wellness Space For People Of Color
mindbodygreen · 1028 days ago
Scroll launches its subscription offering ad-free access across 300 partner sites – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1034 days ago
Product Hunt Golden Kitty Awards 2019
producthunt · 1040 days ago
The PARA Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital Information · 1040 days ago
These New York City neighborhoods saw the highest price increases in the last ten years - amNewYork
amny · 1045 days ago
Papyrus - SNL
youtube · 1883 days ago
Content & Marketing Lead — LDV Capital · 1052 days ago
Go With the Flow — Real Life
reallifemag · 1054 days ago
teen movie
griefbacon.substack · 1055 days ago
medium · 1058 days ago
My Semester With the Snowflakes
gen.medium · 1068 days ago
How do you scale a physical product?
medium · 1076 days ago
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The Secrets of Successful Female Networkers
hbr · 1079 days ago
Plexo Capital: Diversity in people. Diversity in funds. Diversity in expertise.
medium · 1083 days ago
Weekly Roundup: White Mirror And The Bad, Bad Deal Edition - Riverside Green
jackbaruth · 1085 days ago
GV spinout Plexo Capital closes $42.5 million fund – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1088 days ago
samsungnext · 1092 days ago
longform · 1095 days ago
Office Hours: From PM to GM. I've worked at Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. I'm Bo Ren.
elpha · 1102 days ago
Join The Cosmos Shop
shop.jointhecosmos · 1111 days ago
Fuck I'm Tired Tee (Limited Edition)
shop.jointhecosmos · 1111 days ago
I Thought Being a Health Care Reporter Would Make Cancer Easier. I Was Wrong.
politico · 1113 days ago
Why we should care about ethics in AI
samsungnext · 1117 days ago
ClassroomX speaker spotlight: Bo Ren on “How to build a product-driven company”
samsungnext · 1123 days ago
Machine Bias — ProPublica
propublica · 1405 days ago
This could be why you're depressed or anxious | Johann Hari
youtube · 1126 days ago
Four Years in Startups
newyorker · 1129 days ago
$30M in NIH Grants Will Support Population Health Research, Clinical Trials
healthitanalytics · 1129 days ago
Human Ventures’ Engineer-in-Residence
medium · 1139 days ago
Why We Care about the Future of Food at Samsung NEXT
medium · 1139 days ago
Hot Skin-Care Brand Drunk Elephant Sells For $845 Million, Minting Founder A Fortune
forbes · 1145 days ago
How to Fix Tech's-and Venture Capital's-Diversity Problem - Techonomy
techonomy · 1146 days ago
Memoirs of Disease and Disbelief
newyorker · 1150 days ago
As a PM do I wish I majored in computer science sometimes?
medium · 1939 days ago
How Shake Shack Taught Me To Be A Better VC — Schlaf · 1157 days ago
Samsung's robot chef arms just helped make me a delicious meal at IFA
cnet · 1174 days ago
Anxiety Necklace
eliou-eliou · 1175 days ago
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