Dan Ciruli (parody)
Choosing an HTTP Status Code — Stop Making It Hard – Racksburg
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Poll: Under Trump, global approval of U.S. leadership hits historical low
politico · 1783 days ago
BeyondCorp: How Google Ditched VPNs for Remote Employee Access - The New Stack
thenewstack.io · 1785 days ago
Istio Motivations with Louis Ryan
softwareengineeringdaily · 1789 days ago
Our favorite finalists from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017
dpreview · 1819 days ago
Announcing Google Cloud Next 2018
blog.google · 1824 days ago
Insomnia REST Client
insomnia.rest · 1824 days ago
CRN's 2017 Products Of The Year
crn · 1826 days ago
Multicloud: Taming the Rookery – APIs and Digital Transformation – Medium
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Google’s approach to observability – JBD – Medium
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Istio with Google  |  Google Cloud Platform
cloud.google · 1848 days ago
Introducing Certified Kubernetes (and Google Kubernetes Engine!)
cloudplatform.googleblog · 1849 days ago
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Getting Started with Microservices using Go, gRPC and Kubernetes
outcrawl · 1865 days ago
Five tips for harmony between dev rel and product teams - DevRel.net
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Meet Google and Apigee at APIStrat – Tim Burks – Medium
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About Quotas  |  Cloud Endpoints Frameworks for App Engine  |  Google Cloud Platform
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API design: Choosing between names and identifiers in URLs
cloudplatform.googleblog · 1875 days ago
NorCal Fires | Google Crisis Map
google · 1877 days ago
github · 1881 days ago
Google to move from Birmingham to downtown Detroit
crainsdetroit · 1882 days ago
Women in Open Source Award
redhat · 1882 days ago
Versioning APIs at Google
cloudplatform.googleblog · 1891 days ago
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Application Network Functions With ESBs, API Management, and Now.. Service Mesh?
blog.christianposta · 1891 days ago
How we built a brand new bank on GCP and Cloud Spanner: Shine
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Adapter vs. Adaptor: What’s the Difference? - Writing Explained
writingexplained · 1895 days ago
US Homeland Security Will Start Collecting Social Media Info on All Immigrants October 18th
gizmodo · 1897 days ago
Extending per second billing in Google Cloud
cloudplatform.googleblog · 1897 days ago
Opinion | Descartes Is Not Our Father
nytimes · 1898 days ago
The Philosopher Song
youtube · 1897 days ago
Mountain lion spotted on the UC Berkeley campus
sfgate · 1900 days ago
Twitter Just Found Out That Fenty Is Rihanna's Last Name and People Are *Shocked*
seventeen · 1902 days ago
More secure hybrid cloud deployments with Google Cloud Endpoints
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Uber's Serverless-Based Service Mesh, Catalyst, Speeds Application Development - The New Stack
thenewstack.io · 1908 days ago
I got a golden ticket: What I learned about APIs in my first year at Google
medium · 1912 days ago
Limbaugh evacuates South Florida after claiming Hurricane Irma was a liberal hoax
thinkprogress · 1915 days ago
Hookworm, a disease of extreme poverty, is thriving in the US south. Why?
theguardian · 1916 days ago
The Open API Initiative (OAI) Meetup
meetup · 1916 days ago
Scale an OpenAPI based web API with Google Cloud Endpoints
openapis · 1916 days ago
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