David Sacks
E69: Elon Musk on Twitter's bot problem, SpaceX's grand plan, Tesla stories, Giga Texas & more
youtube · 3 days ago
Biden's approval dips to lowest of presidency: AP-NORC poll
apnews · 3 days ago
The Burn Multiple
sacks.substack · 10 days ago
Hacked Emails Reveal NATO General Plotting Against Obama on Russia Policy
theintercept · 21 days ago
Opinion | Putin Really May Break the Nuclear Taboo in Ukraine
wsj · 21 days ago
Ukraine Is Now America’s War, Too
newyorker · 21 days ago
‎The Will Cain Podcast: Tech Titan David Sacks Calls Elon's Twitter Takeover “Berlin Wall Movement” on Apple Podcasts
podcasts.apple · 26 days ago
New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal once said company is ‘not to be bound by the First Amendment’
foxbusiness · 27 days ago
Elon Musk's "Threat" to Restore Free Speech on Twitter Provokes Liberal Panic. Today at 3 pm ET.
greenwald.substack · 39 days ago
The State Department Failed to Prevent the War. Will It Now Prevent the Peace? - The American Conservative
theamericanconservative · 45 days ago
There needs to be a change in policy, not technology, for Twitter, says Craft Ventures' David Sacks
cnbc · 48 days ago
Biden Says to Expect ‘Real’ Food Shortages Due to Ukraine War
finance.yahoo · 59 days ago
Neo-Nazis and the Far Right Are On the March in Ukraine
thenation · 62 days ago
Marco Rubio says no-fly zone over Ukraine would mean ‘beginning of World War III’
independent.co.uk · 64 days ago
China Sees at Least One Winner Emerging From Ukraine War: China
dnyuz · 70 days ago
Preparing for Defeat
americanpurpose · 72 days ago
John Mearsheimer on why the West is principally responsible for the Ukrainian crisis
economist · 70 days ago
The Weakness of the Despot
newyorker · 71 days ago
Ukraine's Zelensky says he has 'cooled' on joining NATO and is open to discussions about control of Russian-backed separatist regions
businessinsider · 73 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden During Ukraine Crisis
wsj · 75 days ago
Opinion | How to Stop a Nuclear War
nytimes · 78 days ago
Why John Mearsheimer Blames the U.S. for the Crisis in Ukraine
newyorker · 82 days ago
The West At The Precipice - The American Conservative
theamericanconservative · 82 days ago
Who is Victoria Nuland? A really bad idea as a key player in Biden's foreign policy team
salon · 84 days ago
Invading Ukraine is a really bad idea
slowboring · 85 days ago
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Moscow now says it’s willing to talk after Ukraine’s leader cites an openness to discussing ‘neutral status.’
nytimes · 87 days ago
It Begins
youtube · 89 days ago
A Social Credit System Arrives in Canada
bariweiss.substack · 92 days ago
In Landslide, San Francisco Forces Out 3 Board of Education Members
nytimes · 96 days ago
Yesterday I Was Levi’s Brand President. I Quit So I Could Be Free.
bariweiss.substack · 98 days ago
Coinbase’s Philosophy on Account Removal and Content Moderation
blog.coinbase · 107 days ago
San Diego Students Booted From Class For No Masks Say They're Following Gov's Lead
nbcsandiego · 109 days ago
The Liberal Patriot
theliberalpatriot.substack · 116 days ago
Gavin Newsom Demands Answers From Whoever's In Charge Of California
babylonbee · 121 days ago
Pentagon Places Hundreds of Troops on Standby for Deployment to Eastern Europe in Standoff With Russia
wsj · 119 days ago
House Republicans Release Text of Redacted Fauci Emails on Covid Origins
theintercept · 126 days ago
London Breed criticizes white San Francisco progressives again
sfgate · 129 days ago
L.A. Homeless Policy Is a Billion-Dollar Failure | City Journal
city-journal · 130 days ago
Murders in U.S. Cities Were Near Record Highs in 2021
wsj · 136 days ago
Biden, in Shift, Prepares Americans to See Covid-19 as Part of Life
wsj · 136 days ago
Get Ready for the 'No-Buy' List
bariweiss.substack · 137 days ago
No Way to Grow Up
nytimes · 139 days ago
Why We Invested in SentiLink
medium · 143 days ago
Why We Invested in Scratchpad
sacks.substack · 143 days ago
Has Biden disappointed you? #biden #biden2024 #teambiden #teamtrump #trump2024 #desantis2024 #centrists #progressives #moderates #lameduck #redpilled
tiktok · 144 days ago
Turkish president calls social media a 'threat to democracy'
thehill · 163 days ago
CBO issues score on how much Build Back Better would cost if programs were permanent
cnn · 163 days ago
Inflation surged 6.8% in November, even more than expected, to fastest rate since 1982
cnbc · 164 days ago
Brutal, brazen crimes shake L.A., leaving city at a crossroads
latimes · 170 days ago
Introducing Callin 2.0
medium · 175 days ago
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