David Sacks
Burn Rate vs. Annual Recurring Revenue: Watch Your Efficiency
netsuite · 536 days ago
The Masks Masquerade
medium · 537 days ago
Vendr raises $4M from David Sacks’s Craft Ventures to reduce SaaS bills – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 540 days ago
Is the Secret to Japan’s Virus Success Right in Front of Its Face?
nytimes · 544 days ago
"The Cadence: How to Turn Your SaaS Startup into an Army" With David Sacks
youtube · 554 days ago
Growth Investors May Push You to Expand Quickly
spearhead.co · 562 days ago
In PayPal’s Early Days, We Lost Money on Every Transaction
spearhead.co · 563 days ago
Get the Operation Working at a Small Scale
spearhead.co · 566 days ago
'The party of permanent lockdowns'
businessinsider · 567 days ago
L.A. County could keep stay-at-home orders in place well into summer
latimes · 569 days ago
Face Masks Against COVID-19: An Evidence Review
preprints · 570 days ago
Startups Didn’t Need Great Accounting Until Software Ate the World
spearhead.co · 570 days ago
Coronavirus CAN enter the body through the eyes
dailymail.co.uk · 572 days ago
Be Like Mike: What Founders Can Learn from The Last Dance
medium · 573 days ago
#53  Sharpen Your Hook
pedrazzi.substack · 575 days ago
Culture Should Mature as You Grow
spearhead.co · 580 days ago
The Original Apocalypse:
medium · 582 days ago
Nobody Wants to Give a Founder Tough Love
spearhead.co · 584 days ago
Founder Psychology Is at the Heart of Most Blitzfails
spearhead.co · 587 days ago
Culture Is a Macrocosm of the Founder’s Psychology
spearhead.co · 588 days ago
The Burn Multiple
medium · 588 days ago
Founder Psychology Is at the Heart of Most Blitzfails
youtube · 589 days ago
Micro-Bubbles Are Constantly Building and Bursting
spearhead.co · 589 days ago
‘High-Burn Startup Meets Macro-Shock’ Is a Recipe for Blitzfail
spearhead.co · 590 days ago
Startups Are a Race to Get to Scale
spearhead.co · 595 days ago
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Blitzfail: Why Startups Go off the Rails
spearhead.co · 596 days ago
E2: Rebooting economy, understanding corporate debt, avoiding a depression & more with David Sacks
youtube · 601 days ago
FDA authorizes two-minute antibody testing kit to detect coronavirus
axios · 612 days ago
CDC considering recommending general public wear face coverings in public
washingtonpost · 612 days ago
Epidemiologist Behind Highly-Cited Coronavirus Model Drastically Revises Model
dailywire · 617 days ago
Opinion | Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say?
wsj · 618 days ago
Start-Ups Jump the Gun on Home Kits for Coronavirus Testing
nytimes · 619 days ago
UCSF Experts on the Epidemiology, Science, & Clinical Manifestations of COVID-19, and UCSF Response
youtube · 620 days ago
Why are we ignoring what China learned about COVID-19 treatments?
medium · 620 days ago
COVID: Stop Pretending we Know Things
medium · 621 days ago
Opinion | Is Our Fight Against Coronavirus Worse Than the Disease?
nytimes · 622 days ago
Germany’s coronavirus anomaly: high infection rates but few deaths
ft · 623 days ago
An Epidemic of False Confidence Related to COVID-19
blog.longnow · 624 days ago
Happy Talk versus Hard Talk
medium · 628 days ago
Experimental Drug Helps Some Americans Ride Out Coronavirus, NIH Doctor Says
wsj · 630 days ago
Inside Elon Musk’s plan to build one Starship a week—and settle Mars
arstechnica · 636 days ago
Why Elon Musk called an all-hands meeting at 1 in the morning on a Sunday (and what it says about him)
cnbc · 636 days ago
BlitzFail: How Not to Go Off the Rails
medium · 646 days ago
Pipe, A B2B SaaS Financing Platform, Raises $6M From Craft Ventures To Help Growing Startups Avoid Dilution
forbes · 647 days ago
New Sales Models - David Sacks, Founder and CEO of Yammer
youtube · 656 days ago
Announcing CloudTrucks!
medium · 673 days ago
Lainy Painter
forbes · 729 days ago
Elon Musk Just Tweeted a Response to Ford's New Electric Mustang Announcement, and It's Most Excellent
inc · 743 days ago
The PayPal mafia: How a group of 'misfits' became the kingpins of tech
telegraph.co.uk · 747 days ago
How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product/Market Fit
firstround · 1115 days ago
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