Jason Evanish
How Great Leaders Develop Mental Toughness to Thrive
getlighthouse · 554 days ago
MS-13 is ‘taking over the school,’ one teen warned before she was killed
washingtonpost · 554 days ago
Bobby Tarantino II by Logic
logic.lnk.to · 556 days ago
What to do When Your Employees Ask for a Raise
getlighthouse · 561 days ago
What's the Secret of High Performing Leaders? They train like Athletes.
getlighthouse · 567 days ago
Jason Evanish's answer to Who are the participants of a 180 degree appraisal? - Quora
quora · 568 days ago
Teachers say Florida suspect’s problems started in middle school, and the system tried to help him
washingtonpost · 574 days ago
Drake - God's Plan (Official Music Video)
youtube · 577 days ago
Advice for Managing Up at Work from Great Leaders
getlighthouse · 581 days ago
Former Silicon Valley CEO Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Employees of Tech Company Start-Up
justice.gov · 587 days ago
Consequences of Toxic Culture, and How Great Companies Avoid them
getlighthouse · 588 days ago
What I Learned Working for a Silicon Valley Startup
medium · 590 days ago
Opinion | Why I Am Leaving the F.B.I.
nytimes · 590 days ago
SF tourist industry struggles to explain street misery to horrified visitors
sfchronicle · 594 days ago
Why Replacing a Good Employee Will Cost you $65,510
jasonevanish · 595 days ago
'Creed 2' Casts Ivan Drago's Son
brobible · 603 days ago
The Most Important Skill to Be an Effective Leader: Emotional Intelligence
getlighthouse · 604 days ago
God's Plan
open.spotify · 604 days ago
Ben Roethlisberger wants to play at least 3 more seasons; Todd Haley may not return
post-gazette · 608 days ago
The Key Interview Tactic that will Help You Hire Great Employees
getlighthouse · 610 days ago
Iguanas Falling From Trees in Florida Probably Aren’t Dead
nytimes · 618 days ago
Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued | Kalzumeus Software
kalzumeus · 619 days ago
Strong earthquake rattles the Bay Area
kron4 · 620 days ago
The Lighthouse Posts You Learned the Most from in 2017 by @Get_Lighthouse
getlighthouse · 624 days ago
The Verge 2017 tech report card: Uber | The Verge
theverge · 625 days ago
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Regina Dugan's Keynote at Facebook F8 2017
youtube · 626 days ago
Remote work: How to lead your team effectively as more work remotely
getlighthouse · 627 days ago
Why You Need a One on One Meeting Agenda & How to make them great
getlighthouse · 628 days ago
25 Awesome Leadership Quotes to Inspire You
getlighthouse · 628 days ago
A Cryptocurrency Founder Sold All His Coins After 7,500% Rally
bloomberg · 632 days ago
Daniel Inouye - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 633 days ago
How Employees Can Drive Their Own Career Growth
getlighthouse · 633 days ago
“You got to focus on culture” — Ben Horowitz’s Guide to Starting a Cultural Revolution
artplusmarketing · 683 days ago
Common Mistakes Managers Make with Remote Workers
getlighthouse · 636 days ago
How to Convince Your Boss to Start 1 on 1s With You
getlighthouse · 637 days ago
25 Things '00s Indie Kids Will Just Get
buzzfeed · 637 days ago
Sports Leadership Lessons from the 2004 Boston Red Sox
getlighthouse · 641 days ago
The Role of the Founder/CEO: You Have One Job – Jeff Seibert – Medium
medium · 642 days ago
5 Awesome & Unconventional Books for Leaders to Learn from
getlighthouse · 643 days ago
Goals: What Managers Need to Do to Help their Teams Reach their Goals
getlighthouse · 644 days ago
The Truth About Creating Great Corporate Culture
getlighthouse · 644 days ago
The Grey | A Philosophy of Heroic Suffering
youtube · 651 days ago
Great Sam Walton Quotes on Leadership from Made in America
getlighthouse · 652 days ago
The Value of 1:1 Meetings and How to Make the Most of Them
getlighthouse · 652 days ago
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Search Twitter - "why" from:ericjorgenson
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5 Ways to be a Better Manager in 5 Minutes or Less by @Get_Lighthouse
getlighthouse · 657 days ago
The 11 Best Books for the Business Strategy Master on Your Christmas List
medium · 660 days ago
Cops tried to intimidate rape accuser out of pressing charges: lawyer
nypost · 660 days ago
The Human Strategy: A Conversation With Alex “Sandy” Pentland
ide.mit.edu · 661 days ago
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