Steve Jurvetson
Inside the mind of a venture capitalist
mckinsey · 2093 days ago
Of course we drive EVs on Mars
flickr · 2105 days ago
Creative Destruction Lab: Market for Intelligence Conference 2017: Lightning Round
youtube · 2120 days ago
Richard Sutton of DeepMind & Steve Jurvetson Discuss The Future of AI
youtube · 2120 days ago
Steve Jurvetson
facebook · 2132 days ago
Steve Jurvetson on self-driving cars - TMC Connect 2014
youtube · 2132 days ago
Steve Jurvetson
facebook · 2144 days ago
Prime Minister of Canada on AI and Quantum Computing
youtube · 2164 days ago
A quantum computing primer by Scott Aaronson
flickr · 2171 days ago
The first e-Residency digital identity card issued outside of Europe
flickr · 2173 days ago
Millions of high-security crypto keys crippled by newly discovered flaw
arstechnica · 2173 days ago
Americans Hopeful This Will Be Last Mass Shooting Before They Stop On Their Own For No Reason
theonion · 2187 days ago
BFR | Earth to Earth
youtube · 2191 days ago
Steve Jurvetson
facebook · 2191 days ago
spacex · 2388 days ago
The risk-taker pushing Intel into the new world of artificial intelligence
latimes · 2198 days ago
DFJ's Steve Jurvetson on the Rise of the Machines | Disrupt SF 2017
youtube · 2201 days ago
DFJ’s Steve Jurvetson thinks Elon’s Boring Co. will win with short tunnels first
techcrunch · 2201 days ago
Steve Jurvetson on why he couldn’t join the board of secretive Zoox
techcrunch · 2201 days ago
Silicon Valley mockumentary ‘Bubbleproof’ will premiere at Disrupt SF
techcrunch · 2212 days ago
My full body MRI at Health Nucleus
youtube · 2202 days ago
Elon Musk overlooking the remains of F9R
flickr · 2206 days ago
D-Wave Quantum Computers and the Emergent AI of the Future in Rob Reid's book After On
flickr · 2211 days ago
The Source Code: Steve Jurvetson
marketplace · 2213 days ago
Burning the Man 2017
youtube · 2213 days ago
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Burner Music 2017
youtube · 2213 days ago
Burning the Man 2017 — the guy next to me ran into the Burning Man bonfire and died today
youtube · 2216 days ago
Global Estonians podcast: Steve Jurvetson
estonianworld · 2234 days ago
A biological fax machine could seed life through the galaxy
technologyreview · 2242 days ago
Elon Musk: Vision for a Human Civilization (Elon Musk interviewing)
youtube · 2242 days ago
Model 3 Motorized Charge Port and new UMC
youtube · 2247 days ago
O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference in San Francisco 2017
conferences.oreilly · 2295 days ago
Tesla Model 3 can Drive on Mars
youtube · 2252 days ago
Steve Jurvetson: the Compound Effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Silicon-Based Technologies
youtube · 2260 days ago
youtube · 2262 days ago
Write for 7,500 hours, Then Hit Post – NewCo Shift · 2272 days ago
Paulo Nutini Live on Necker Island
youtube · 2272 days ago
Casper Police: New Snapchat Feature Could Make Children Vulnerable to Predators [VIDEO]
k2radio · 2276 days ago
Supersonic Rocket Launches (and CATO) at Night
youtube · 2277 days ago
Dustin Yellin Studio Tour
youtube · 2282 days ago
Dustin Yellin Studio Tour, NYC
flickr · 2282 days ago
Steve Jurvetson
facebook · 2286 days ago
Steve Jurvetson - We work with visionaires everyday as a VC
siliconvalleyforum · 2287 days ago
A New Space Age | The Economist Events
events.economist · 2289 days ago
Come to the Dark Side
flickr · 2295 days ago
Dear Entrepreneurs:  Please Stop Shooting Yourselves in the Foot.
heidiroizen.tumblr · 2298 days ago
Recovered Apollo 12 and 16 Saturn V Engines
flickr · 2300 days ago
Our Mongoose98 and Pink Crayola Piggy Bank Rocket Launches
youtube · 2301 days ago
Our Big Sledgehammer Rocket Lauch at Dairy Aire 2017
youtube · 2306 days ago
Steve Jurvetson Discusses Tech at FounderX Q&A
youtube · 2309 days ago
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