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Automation will affect women twice as much as men. This is why
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Ronnie James Dio’s hologram is going on tour
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How can analytics and AI allow marketers to predict the future? | ClickZ
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8 Stats From Volvo Show Why Instagram Influencers Can Drive Great Branding
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Lucasfilm, ILMxLAB and The VOID Announce New Hyper-Reality Experience, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire
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60 Countries’ Digital Competitiveness, Indexed
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HP dresses up its VR backpacks for business - CNET
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Robotic Process Automation Market to Reach $5.1 Billion by 2025 | Tractica
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Why Marketers Are Betting on Bots
adage · 2014 days ago
The Big List of Twitter Tools: 93 Free Twitter Tools and Apps to Fit Any Need – Social
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Congress to smart device makers: Your security sucks
cnet · 2012 days ago
This is when robots will start beating humans at every task
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Mini-MBA™: Supply Chain in a Digitized Network - Curriculum | Rutgers Business School · 2013 days ago
Introduction to Video Markup  |  Webmasters  |  Google Developers · 2013 days ago
On-Page SEO Success Factors Explained
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Here’s Why Netflix Is Embracing Interactive Content (And You Should Too) | Marketing Insider Group
marketinginsidergroup · 2031 days ago
A leading Silicon Valley engineer explains why every tech worker needs a humanities education
qz · 2047 days ago
Their Identities Denied, Afghan Women Ask, ‘Where Is My Name?’
nytimes · 2015 days ago
AI VR Big Data and Its Impact on Digital Marketing · 2015 days ago
A 32-year-old investor with ties to Elon Musk wants to upend America with his crazy, utopian plan for the future
businessinsider · 2015 days ago
The Internet of Things will power the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Here's how
weforum · 2016 days ago
What happens when girls in one of the world’s largest slums start coding and building apps
qz · 2020 days ago
Facebook kills AI that invented its own language because English was slow
pcgamer · 2018 days ago
17 things successful people do in the last 10 minutes of the workday
businessinsider · 2018 days ago
Twitter didn't add any new users last quarter, and the stock is diving
businessinsider · 2019 days ago
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IBM is Challenging Congress’s Apocalyptic Perceptions of AI
futurism · 2019 days ago
How to Accelerate Mobile Health Care | Huawei – Glen Gilmore – Medium
medium · 2019 days ago
Scientists are now using Wi-Fi to read human emotions
thenextweb · 2022 days ago
The End of Car Ownership
wsj · 2054 days ago
Getting Real: What AR Means for You, Your Business, and the World
ymedialabs · 2019 days ago
Marketo's domain name disaster (Lessons to learn)
jasonmarlowe · 2020 days ago
Marketo's own marketing team feels the heat after company forgets to re-register its domain
thedrum · 2020 days ago
The Future of Content Marketing Isn’t Channels: It’s Data
huffingtonpost · 2021 days ago
Wisconsin company to install rice-sized microchips in employees
usatoday · 2021 days ago
Wisconsin company Three Square Market to microchip employees - BBC News · 2021 days ago
4 Ways Augmented Reality Could Change Corporate Training Forever
fortune · 2022 days ago
New Study Says People Are More Likely to Buy From Brands That Use Virtual Reality
adweek · 2023 days ago
Artificial intelligence and the coming health revolution
msn · 2024 days ago
Scientists Create Comfortable E-Skin Wearable That Lasts For A Week
readwrite · 2024 days ago
What are the 10 key things that make a city smart?
readwrite · 2024 days ago
Africa Summit 2017
worldtourismforum · 2025 days ago
Lords to probe ethics of artificial intelligence
computerweekly · 2025 days ago
Florida International University offers first bachelor’s in Internet of Things - Miami Today
miamitodaynews · 2026 days ago
The four waves of augmented reality (that Apple owns)
techcrunch · 2026 days ago
Watch Your Tweets — Regulatory Agencies Are – Glen Gilmore – Medium
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Dubai is building a solar plant that provides electricity even when there's no sun · 2027 days ago
FBI Warns Parents About The Dangers Of Connected Smart Toys
forbes · 2027 days ago
Facebook's internet drone takes flight
weforum · 2029 days ago
2 Hamptons locals started a free beach shuttle that has now given 1 million rides — and may solve a problem that even Uber can't
businessinsider · 2030 days ago
Snap is a dead stock walking
fool · 2030 days ago
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