Jan Jursa
The Inconvenient Truths About Getting Work Done – The Mission – Medium
medium · 2027 days ago
Analysis | Here’s every total solar eclipse happening in your lifetime. Is this year your best chance?
washingtonpost · 2028 days ago
experiencinginformation · 2028 days ago
Which Maps Do You Really Need?
experiencinginformation · 2028 days ago
Nest Founder: “I Wake Up In Cold Sweats Thinking, What Did We Bring To The World?”
fastcodesign · 2031 days ago
What does the future look like for designers? - Wake
blog.wake · 2028 days ago
Atomic Design & creativity – uxdesign.cc
uxdesign.cc · 2039 days ago
github · 2030 days ago
iPhone Bugs Are Too Valuable to Report to Apple
motherboard.vice · 2030 days ago
The Future is Imminent: 9 Design Trends for 2018 – Chase Buckley – Medium
medium · 2061 days ago
MeasuringU: Why the SUPR-Q is better than the SUS for websites
measuringu · 2041 days ago
Cirque du Soleil acquires entertainment phenomenon Blue Man Group
cirquedusoleil · 2031 days ago
Customer scrutiny leads to better products - Inside Intercom
blog.intercom · 2031 days ago
News, sport and opinion from the Guardian's US edition | The Guardian
theguardian · 2031 days ago
Elon Musk's big battery brings reality crashing into a post-truth world | Tim Hollo
theguardian · 2031 days ago
Electronic Frontier Foundation
eff · 2098 days ago
Amid Unprecedented Controversy, W3C Greenlights DRM for the Web
eff · 2031 days ago
Amazon.com: Savage T-Shirt for the Wild Ones: Clothing
amazon · 2031 days ago
Amazon.com: Good Design is Good Business UX Fan T-Shirt: Clothing
amazon · 2031 days ago
Free website annotation tool for web developers, designers | zipBoard
zipboard.co · 2031 days ago
Are You Listening To Your Users? – zipBoard
blog.zipboard.co · 2031 days ago
LastPass — An Unsolicited Redesign – Priyanka Gupta – Medium
medium · 2033 days ago
5 Surprising Things I’ve Learned About Teaching
eleganthack · 2045 days ago
Fabio Carneiro (ex MailChimp now Booking.com, NL)Email UX, Designing Emails – MOBX Mobile UX Summit
2017.mobxcon · 2033 days ago
‘I want a pony!’ – or the critical difference between user research and market research
dta.gov.au · 2033 days ago
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Amazon.com: Total Solar Eclipse 2017 T-Shirt: Clothing
amazon · 2033 days ago
Your design system is the ultimate source of truth — but why doesn’t anyone believe in it?
medium · 2034 days ago
Stanford University
stanford.edu · 2034 days ago
We make design measurable
eyequant · 2034 days ago
The Agile UX Toolkit: A modern version of Jakob Nielsen’s “discount” usability.
eyequant · 2034 days ago
Amazon.com: Total Solar Eclipse: Clothing
amazon · 2034 days ago
When Responsive Design Goes Wrong (and How to Fix it) - Design Reviver - Web Design Blog
designreviver · 2035 days ago
Don’t Use Split Buttons for Navigation Menus
nngroup · 2036 days ago
UX Research: Stop the Objections! – prototypr
blog.prototypr.io · 2039 days ago
UX Planet
uxplanet · 2036 days ago
UX is Grounded in Rationale, not Design – UX Planet
uxplanet · 2042 days ago
Amazon.com: Pegasus Horse White Origami Style: Clothing
amazon · 2036 days ago
Back off man, I'm a web developer | sonniesedge
sonniesedge.co.uk · 2037 days ago
A day without Javascript | sonniesedge
sonniesedge.co.uk · 2061 days ago
Amazon.com: Fourth July Independence Day: Clothing
amazon · 2037 days ago
Missing The Pointer – Boaz Lederer – Medium
medium · 2037 days ago
Bored Panda
boredpanda · 2037 days ago
Couple Asks Internet To Photoshop Out Shirtless Guy From Engagement Photo, Regrets It Immediately
boredpanda · 2037 days ago
Google updates its mobile Test My Site tool with more competitive analysis
searchengineland · 2041 days ago
Scrum Breakfast
scrum-breakfast · 2037 days ago
9 Questions to Create Alignment with your Customers and Stakeholders
scrum-breakfast · 2037 days ago
MeasuringU: 7 Ways to Improve the Success of Your Research
measuringu · 2037 days ago
Amazon.com: No Agenda: Clothing
amazon · 2037 days ago
Team Conflict: Four Ways to Deflate the Discord that’s Killing Your Team
alistapart · 2038 days ago
Will Evans (Chief Design Officer Semantic Foundry, USA)Organizational Design, Design Thinking – MOBX Mobile UX Summit
2017.mobxcon · 2039 days ago
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