Jan Jursa
css-tricks · 2071 days ago
The Tools of an HTML Email Workflow | CSS-Tricks
css-tricks · 2071 days ago
Casey Winters Reveals How Pinterest Perfected User Onboarding
appcues · 2076 days ago
Refreshing The Atlantic Homepage in 2017 – Building The Atlantic – Medium
medium · 2078 days ago
Tooltips: How to Design the Small But Powerful UI Pattern
appcues · 2072 days ago
Mirr.io - Turn Sketch designs into working prototypes, fast!
mirr.io · 2072 days ago
The Public Perception of Graphic Designers That Needs Fixing - Design Reviver - Web Design Blog
designreviver · 2072 days ago
Google now knows when its users go to the store and buy stuff
washingtonpost · 2076 days ago
Product Page Usability: 82% of Sites Have UX Issues (New Research Study)
baymard · 2073 days ago
Creating Usability with Motion: The UX in Motion Manifesto
medium · 2098 days ago
Why your design team should hire a writer – Dropbox Design – Medium
medium · 2084 days ago
Brand Vocabulary in the Context of UX: Key Terms Defined
nngroup · 2077 days ago
Figma: the collaborative interface design tool.
figma · 2130 days ago
How Braintree cut time spent on design critiques by 50%
blog.figma · 2077 days ago
Opinion | We Aren’t Built to Live in the Moment
nytimes · 2079 days ago
“The Style Guide Guide” | Big Medium
bigmedium · 2079 days ago
eleganthack · 2079 days ago
Design the Team You Need to Succeed
eleganthack · 2079 days ago
The Register: Sci/Tech News for the World
theregister.co.uk · 2079 days ago
Kill Google AMP before it KILLS the web
theregister.co.uk · 2079 days ago
Dynamic Icons in Sketch – uxdesign.cc
uxdesign.cc · 2080 days ago
10 years for the iPhone — What’s Next for Designers?
medium · 2080 days ago
Product Design Exercises We Use At WeWork Interviews
medium · 2081 days ago
Apple’s New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership
wired · 2084 days ago
Impressive Implementations of Mobile App Search
1stwebdesigner · 2084 days ago
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Have better career conversations with your design team with this levels framework
orgdesignfordesignorgs · 2085 days ago
How to Design New Information Environments That Don’t Suck
medium · 2098 days ago
fastcodesign · 2087 days ago
What Happens When Google Turns Artists Loose On Its Search Data
fastcodesign · 2087 days ago
Ecommerce Software - Best Ecommerce Platform Made for You - Free Trial
shopify · 2087 days ago
Polaris, Shopify’s design system
polaris.shopify · 2110 days ago
Appcues—Create Code-Free Experiences for Customer Engagement
appcues · 2088 days ago
How Travel Sites Use UI Patterns to Nudge Customers
appcues · 2088 days ago
Innovation is like Water | Cooper
cooper · 2088 days ago
The Echo Show’s killer feature is next-level FaceTime
theverge · 2091 days ago
Walking Through Design in Tokyo – uxdesign.cc
uxdesign.cc · 2090 days ago
Google’s “Fuchsia” smartphone OS dumps Linux, has a wild new UI
arstechnica · 2090 days ago
YouTube Rolls Out New Material Design Update and It’s Awesome - Hongkiat
hongkiat · 2092 days ago
Has WeChat beaten Facebook to the enterprise?
econsultancy · 2092 days ago
Why You Need Negative Buyer Personas for Better Customer Acquisition
blog.kissmetrics · 2095 days ago
How Google assesses the 'authority' of web pages
searchengineland · 2097 days ago
Hyper! Hyper!! (Über den Umgang mit Trends: Zwischen Begeisterung, Ge…
slideshare · 2094 days ago
Privacy by Default - IA Summit 2017
slideshare · 2094 days ago
AKW092 JTBD und Customer Focused Innovation
abendsinderkreativwirtschaft.de · 2095 days ago
Apple news and rumors since 1997 | AppleInsider
appleinsider · 2095 days ago
AKW091 Was ist Produktstrategie?
abendsinderkreativwirtschaft.de · 2095 days ago
AKW027 Big Data und Data Scientist. Was ist was?
abendsinderkreativwirtschaft.de · 2095 days ago
Running a “Prototalking” Session | Cooper
cooper · 2096 days ago
Jan Jursa (@iatv) • Instagram photos and videos
instagram · 2096 days ago
FreebiesMall - Download Free PSD UI Kits, Fonts, Mockups & Code Stuff
freebiesmall · 2096 days ago
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