Lea Verou
npmjs · 707 days ago
Release v0.4.0: All about contrast! 馃敵馃敳 路 LeaVerou/color.js
github · 710 days ago
[css-ui?] Allow `<input>` and `<select>` to be sized by contents 路 Issue #7552 路 w3c/csswg-drafts
github · 713 days ago
F.D.A. Panel Recommends Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines for Youngest Children
nytimes · 760 days ago
Home 聽|聽 web.dev
web.dev · 2073 days ago
removes outline algorithm by stevefaulkner 路 Pull Request #7829 路 whatwg/html
github · 821 days ago
Fonts for the Web: Rationale, 1996
w3 · 823 days ago
New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4
webkit · 855 days ago
Intl.ListFormat - JavaScript | MDN
developer.mozilla · 893 days ago
[css-backgrounds-4] Use cases for corner-shape 路 Issue #6980 路 w3c/csswg-drafts
github · 904 days ago
Stay alert
dev.to · 1071 days ago
The Denialist Playbook
scientificamerican · 931 days ago
Gaining security and privacy by partitioning the cache 聽|聽 Web
developers.google · 973 days ago
GitHub - zingchart/awesome-charting: A curated list of the best charting and dataviz resources that developers may find useful, including the best JavaScript charting libraries
github · 979 days ago
r/AirBnB - TIL providing full refund for guests through resolution center is a scam
reddit · 994 days ago
Put a Cow (or Goat) In Your Living Room to Improve Your Life
medium · 1002 days ago
proposal-class-fields/PRIVATE_SYNTAX_FAQ.md at master 路 tc39/proposal-class-fields
github · 1004 days ago
Autoindent inserts extra undo item, requires double undo after paste 路 Issue #30406 路 microsoft/vscode
github · 1005 days ago
The State of CSS 2021 Survey is Now Open
dev.to · 1008 days ago
angular.io app gets stuck in 鈥渓oading document鈥 state, likely due to client-server version skew 路 Issue #28114 路 angular/angular
github · 1029 days ago
Speakers announced for the W3C Workshop on Wide Color Gamut and High Dynamic Range for the Web | W3C News
w3 · 1058 days ago
Myth #13: Icons enhance usability - UX Myths
uxmyths · 1112 days ago
FinalizationRegistry - JavaScript | MDN
developer.mozilla · 1116 days ago
WeakRef - JavaScript | MDN
developer.mozilla · 1116 days ago
The Illusion of Completeness: What It Is and How to Avoid It
nngroup · 1117 days ago
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Inherit ancestor font-size, for fun and profit 鈥 Lea Verou
lea.verou.me · 1118 days ago
CSS Houdini - Vincent De Oliveira
iamvdo.me · 1135 days ago
Is the current tab active? 鈥 Lea Verou
lea.verou.me · 1149 days ago
82% of developers get this 3 line CSS quiz wrong 鈥 Lea Verou
lea.verou.me · 1152 days ago
Chapter 8: CSS | CSS-Tricks
css-tricks · 1169 days ago
New in Chrome 90 - Chrome Developers
developer.chrome · 1189 days ago
Dark mode in 5 minutes, with inverted lightness variables 鈥 Lea Verou
lea.verou.me · 1204 days ago
atom.io · 1217 days ago
Smashing Online Workshops
ti.to · 1224 days ago
[css-conditional] [css-contain] Fleshing out @container queries with single-axis containment 路 Issue #5796 路 w3c/csswg-drafts
github · 1250 days ago
Mass function overloading: why and how? 鈥 Lea Verou
lea.verou.me · 1252 days ago
Writable getters 鈥 Lea Verou
lea.verou.me · 1301 days ago
Working Group Note: CSS Snapshot 2020 | W3C News
w3 · 1302 days ago
What's Missing From CSS?
whatsmissingfromcss · 1342 days ago
Simple pie charts with fallback, today 鈥 Lea Verou
lea.verou.me · 1331 days ago
The (extremely) loud minority - Andy Bell
hankchizljaw · 1350 days ago
Ship of Theseus - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 1356 days ago
The failed promise of Web Components 鈥 Lea Verou
lea.verou.me · 1391 days ago
Ask an expert: Why is CSS . . . the way it is? 鈥 Increment: Frontend
increment · 1419 days ago
If you read one thing from me, please be this
medium · 1429 days ago
Import non-ESM libraries in ES Modules, with client-side vanilla JS 鈥 Lea Verou
lea.verou.me · 1456 days ago
CSS | 2019 | The Web Almanac by HTTP Archive
almanac.httparchive · 1709 days ago
Releasing MaVoice: A free app to vote on repo issues 鈥 Lea Verou
lea.verou.me · 1465 days ago
The Cicada Principle, revisited with CSS variables 鈥 Lea Verou
lea.verou.me · 1470 days ago
CSS Typing Effect
codepen.io · 1470 days ago
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