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Pig Kidneys, Pong, and Starling Murmurations: Lux Recommends #300
lux-capital.medium · 1 day ago
‎Kauffman Fellows Podcast: Path to Conviction: Adam Goulburn, LUX Capital Partner on Conviction in VC on Apple Podcasts · 3 days ago
Saildrone Raises $100 Million to Advance Ocean Intelligence Products
linkedin · 5 days ago
Fish Tanks, Supply Chains, and TI Calculator Innovation: Lux Recommends #299
lux-capital.medium · 8 days ago
Replai Announces Funding as it Pioneers New Software Category in Customizable, AI-based Video Intelligence · 10 days ago
Matterport CEO on 3D tech's impact
youtube · 12 days ago
Venture Capitalists Are Chasing Industrial Tech Start-Ups as Supply Shocks Widen
cnbc · 12 days ago
Nine Women Shaping Venture Capital’s Today and Tomorrow
wsj · 15 days ago
Science Writing, Predicting Rainfall, and Language: Lux Recommends #298
lux-capital.medium · 15 days ago
Ancient Footprints, Gene-Editing, and a Crypto-Trading Hamster: Lux Recommends #297
lux-capital.medium · 22 days ago
Mini-CRISPR, a Chinese Moon Base, and Reservoir Computing: Lux Recommends #296
lux-capital.medium · 29 days ago
Brain-Inspired AI, the Math of Cities, and Neuron Complexity: Lux Recommends #295
lux-capital.medium · 36 days ago
Aim Lab maker Statespace raises $50M for game and health performance training
venturebeat · 38 days ago
Eyeing Opportunities, Investors Begin Looking More Closely At Deep Tech
news.crunchbase · 38 days ago
The 50 most important VCs in New York, according to other VCs
businessinsider · 43 days ago
Artificial Cells, Gene Therapy, and Ancient Roman Humor: Lux Recommends #294
lux-capital.medium · 43 days ago
Foundation Medicine, Science 37 Partner to Develop Home-Based Clinical Trial Model
precisiononcologynews · 45 days ago
Supply Chains, Pluto, and Rare-Book Thieves: Lux Recommends #293
lux-capital.medium · 50 days ago
Disney Robots, Magic Windows, and Earth’s Biomass: Lux Recommends #292
lux-capital.medium · 57 days ago
Animal PTSD, a Book Thief, and Twin Shipwrecks: Lux Recommends #291
lux-capital.medium · 64 days ago
Circadian Diets, the Adirondack Chair, and a LEGO Space Computer: Lux Recommends #290
lux-capital.medium · 71 days ago
Rocket Lab and space factories start-up Varda sign deal for three spacecraft
cnbc · 73 days ago
Space Elevators, Geofoam, and Time Crystals: Lux Recommends #289
lux-capital.medium · 78 days ago
Soil Science, Simulating Worlds, and English Spelling: Lux Recommends #288
lux-capital.medium · 85 days ago
Space start-up Varda, founded by SpaceX and Founders Fund veterans, aims to build factories in orbit
cnbc · 86 days ago
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Machine Learning, Designer DNA, and Schooling Robots: Lux Recommends #287
lux-capital.medium · 92 days ago
Matterport And Gores Holdings VI Announce Closing of Business Combination
prnewswire · 93 days ago
Meet The Immigrant Entrepreneurs Who Raised $350 Million To Rethink U.S. Primary Care
forbes · 94 days ago
Crowd-safety firm backed by Bill Gates and Peyton Manning makes Wall Street debut
cnn · 96 days ago
Fractal Genes, Solutionism, and Alien Megastructures: Lux Recommends #286
lux-capital.medium · 99 days ago
Getting the $1,500 Snoo bassinet was the best parenting decision I've made
insider · 100 days ago
Game Industry – Las Vegas Sports Betting – Top Sportsbook · 102 days ago
Protein Degradation, Social Mitochondria, and Multiparty Democracy: Lux Recommends #285
lux-capital.medium · 106 days ago
Radio Waves, Asteroids, and Fake Humans: Lux Recommends #284
lux-capital.medium · 113 days ago
Vegetables, Fast Grants, and a Humpback Whale: Lux Recommends #283
lux-capital.medium · 120 days ago
The 10 Hottest Semiconductor Startups Of 2021 (So Far)
crn · 123 days ago
Anduril Raises $450 Million in Series D Funding
medium · 128 days ago
Why investors are backing this former Facebook manager's 'explainable A.I.' startup
fortune · 128 days ago
Microchip Design, Netflix Personalization, and Facial Recognition: Lux Recommends #282
lux-capital.medium · 134 days ago
Everything Is Overcomplicated
theatlantic · 137 days ago
Strateos Closes $56 Million Series B Financing to Accelerate the Roll-Out of its SmartLab of the Future Platform · 137 days ago
Lux Capital raises $800 million for its first opportunity fund
axios · 142 days ago
A Quantum Crossword, Peak Culture, and Map of the Internet: Lux Recommends #280
lux-capital.medium · 148 days ago
Superhistory, Living in a Sci-Fi Novel, and a Soviet Mystery: Lux Recommends #279
lux-capital.medium · 155 days ago
Crossword AI, Trees, and Oregon Trail: Lux Recommends #278
lux-capital.medium · 162 days ago
Ignored, Obscure, Obscure, Obscure · 163 days ago
Sohn 2021 | Josh Wolfe in conversation with Bob Nelsen
youtube · 164 days ago
Human Life Span, Robot Surgeons, and a Chlorine Shortage: Lux Recommends #277
lux-capital.medium · 169 days ago
Science 37 to Become Publicly Listed via Merger with LifeSci Acquisition II Corp., Powering the Clinical Trial Operating System of the Future
businesswire · 169 days ago
Dyno raises $100 million to bring artificial intelligence to gene therapy
statnews · 170 days ago
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