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Artificial Life, Koalas, and Spreadsheets: Lux Recommends #208
medium · 6 days ago
Leading robotics VCs talk about where they’re investing – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 15 days ago
New Ideas, Retired Subways, and Time Travel: Lux Recommends #207
medium · 20 days ago
Gene Editing, BASIC, and The Size of Space: Lux Recommends #206
medium · 27 days ago
Common Networks bets 5G wireless technology will replace cable internet in your home
cnbc · 30 days ago
Our Investment in Elektra Labs
medium · 30 days ago
Veo FreeMove: Bringing Together Humans and Industrial Robots for Flexible Manufacturing — Veo Robotics
veobot · 31 days ago
Special report: Twenty extraordinary women in biopharma R&D who worked their way to the top
endpts · 31 days ago
Procedural Generation with Applied Intuition and Toyota Research
medium · 32 days ago
How Virtual Reality is Augmenting Realty
nytimes · 33 days ago
Rooftop Meadows, Blade Runner, and the Internet Archive: Lux Recommends #205
medium · 34 days ago
Tempo Automation: Inside the PCB Smart Factory Where Robots Program Themselves - Verdict AI | Issue 10 | Winter 2019
verdict-ai.nridigital · 36 days ago
How Survios has navigated the rocky shoals of consumer VR
venturebeat · 38 days ago
Tech Giants Have Hijacked the Web. It’s Time for a Reboot.
wsj · 40 days ago
Humanity’s Homeland, Quantum Supremacy, and Tiny Rat Cars: Lux Recommends #204
medium · 41 days ago
Lightform LF2 and LFC | Design Tools for Projection
youtube · 45 days ago
Slime Molds, BERT, and “Hello, World”: Lux Recommends #203
medium · 48 days ago
Shiru: An Investment in the Future, One Alternative Protein at a Time
medium · 49 days ago
Auris shows off data from first-in-human study of its robotic lung biopsy platform
fiercebiotech · 50 days ago
New Breed Of Biotech Investors Show Their Hand With $10 Million Investment In London Startup LabGenius
forbes · 50 days ago
LabGenius raises $10M to use AI for protein drug discovery – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 50 days ago
Food AI, the Anthropocene, and Amazon: Lux Recommends #202
medium · 55 days ago
Vaping Lung Damage, AI-Generated Drugs, and Bio Lab OS: Lux Recommends #201
medium · 62 days ago
Can A.I. Beat Humans at Drone Racing?
fortune · 62 days ago
Want to Make a Big Bet on Oil Prices? Try Measuring Shadows
wsj · 65 days ago
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Telegram Bitcoin Rival Scores Big Win Over Facebook’s Libra
forbes · 66 days ago
Kid Jokes, Black Holes, and Bill Gates: Lux Recommends #200
medium · 69 days ago
A Serious Investment in a Serious Company: Anduril
medium · 69 days ago
Self-driving vehicle startup Zoox has expanded to Las Vegas – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 69 days ago
Facebook Deal Suggests Path Forward for Brain-Computer Tech
wsj · 75 days ago
Vanishing Birds, Personality Tests, and the Friends Writers’ Room: Lux Recommends #199
medium · 76 days ago
Matterport Announces AI Capabilities that Will Turn Smartphones into 3D Capture Devices
prnewswire · 76 days ago
Explaining the future with Fiddler Labs
medium · 79 days ago
Fiddler raises $10.2 million for AI that explains its reasoning
venturebeat · 79 days ago
Inside Zoox, a start-up building self-driving cars from scratch
cnbc · 80 days ago
Electric Eels, T-Cell Therapy, and a 3D Printed Car: Lux Recommends #198
medium · 83 days ago
Holograms, VR, AR, & the future of reality
blog.lookingglassfactory · 86 days ago
Human Languages, Medical Data, and an Economist at Burning Man: Lux Recommends #197
medium · 90 days ago
Re-investing in Applied Intuition to accelerate autonomous vehicle development
medium · 91 days ago
Applied Intuition, Whose Software Tests Self-Driving Cars, Grabs $40 Million
wsj · 91 days ago
Welcoming Caper to the Lux Family
medium · 93 days ago
New Elements, Language Rules, and Mail from Space: Lux Recommends #196
medium · 97 days ago
American Nutrition, Sneaker Capital, and The Matrix: Lux Recommends #195
medium · 104 days ago
Supernovas, Bananas, and Reading Old Books: Lux Recommends #194
medium · 111 days ago
Frontier technologies are moving closer to the center of venture investment – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 111 days ago
A new Westworld game actually delivers on virtual reality's promise
cnn · 113 days ago
MIB: Josh Wolfe, Lux Capital - The Big Picture
ritholtz · 117 days ago
Pig Kidnapping, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, and Protein Folding: Lux Recommends #193
medium · 118 days ago
Machine learning brings cell imaging promises into focus
nature · 118 days ago
Icebergs, 60 Foot Seas and 13,000 Miles Stand in the Way of a Saildrone’s Quest to Circle Antarctica | The Weather Channel
weather · 119 days ago
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