Manu Kumar
This is the best explanation of gerrymandering you will ever see
washingtonpost · 8 hours ago
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Apple has a history of choosing cash over startups
techcrunch · 19 hours ago
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That Net Neutrality Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal Was Written By a Comcast Attorney
theintercept · 2 days ago
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First-Degree Murder Charge Against Man Who Drove Into Charlottesville Demonstrators
npr · 3 days ago
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Heeding Bannon in Alabama election, Trump gambles and loses
washingtonpost · 5 days ago
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Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T are trying to kill net neutrality, again.
battleforthenet · 220 days ago
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Toronto, Meet Your New Ride
blog.lyft · 5 days ago
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feld · 5 days ago
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Lyft x Guild: Supporting Drivers’ Education
blog.lyft · 6 days ago
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Recycling Chaos In U.S. As China Bans 'Foreign Waste'
npr · 7 days ago
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More women plan to run for Congress than ever before
axios · 7 days ago
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Amazon Is Filled With Sketchy Reviews. Here’s How to Spot Them
nymag · 10 days ago
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TIME Person of the Year 2017: The Silence Breakers
time · 11 days ago
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Lyft Increases Financing Round to $1.5 Billion
blog.lyft · 12 days ago
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"The public has a right to know": Fracking companies don't have to disclose chemicals linked to health concerns
marketplace · 13 days ago
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Virtual reality helps caregivers ease anxiety for young patients · 13 days ago
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HEIF: Everything you need to know about the JPEG-killing image format
cultofmac · 14 days ago
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MacOS Update Accidentally Undoes Apple's "Root" Bug Patch
wired · 16 days ago
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Wine Robots Are Rolling Into Europe’s Swankiest Vineyards
technologyreview · 16 days ago
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Riding with Lyft President John Zimmer: We can be the biggest in the U.S.
usatoday · 18 days ago
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Time Inc. Sells Itself to Meredith Corp., Backed by Koch Brothers
nytimes · 21 days ago
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Black Friday Background Checks Reportedly Soar To Record High
npr · 21 days ago
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Sugar Industry Long Downplayed Potential Harms
nytimes · 25 days ago
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Report claims sugar industry hid connection to heart disease for decades
washingtonpost · 25 days ago
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Ajit Pai and the FCC want it to be legal for Comcast to block BitTorrent
theverge · 25 days ago
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Trump's FCC Is About to Destroy Net Neutrality, and a Democratic Commissioner Is Calling Foul
slate · 25 days ago
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Sanitation · 28 days ago
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