Sameer Gulati Joins Plastiq Leadership Team as Chief Operating Officer
plastiq · 1690 days ago
Advice On How To Spot A Good Interviewer vs A Good Hire
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Jumbo is a powerful privacy assistant for iOS that cleans up your social profiles
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Are MBA Founders More Diverse? - NextView Ventures
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Going Beyond the “Founder Show” · 1717 days ago
Doubling Down – Melody Koh – Medium
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Making Your First Analytics Hire – Better Everyday · 1744 days ago
Exploring The Everyday: Better Meat For a Better Future · 1751 days ago
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Optimus Ride deploys more self-driving vehicles
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Apps we love that help you get offline - Elefint
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Seed Fundraising Is No Longer A Local Game
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When Your Fundraising Goes Wrong – Better Everyday · 1810 days ago
The Founder/Investor Honeymoon – Better Everyday · 1815 days ago
Some startups leave Boston, go west, and never look back. But this one is returning - The Boston Globe
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The Seed Funding Market Is Less Crowded Than You Think
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NextView's Pitch to Founders
slideshare · 1837 days ago
Plastiq raises $27M at 2X+ value to let you pay for anything on credit
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Chasing Markups – rob go – Medium
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Pre-funding Hiring Tips From A VC - The Drafted Blog · 1843 days ago
Should Every Company Have a “Singles” or “Prime” Day? · 1845 days ago
What’s the difference between “No” vs. “Not Yet” from a VC? · 1851 days ago
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Properly Raises $1.5M So That You Can Sell Your House in Less Than 3 Weeks
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Meet our Newest Investment: Properly - NextView Ventures
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Nobody Announces their Seed Round Anymore and That’s a Mistake · 1864 days ago
OG Unicorns — Where Are They Now? – Better Everyday · 1871 days ago
Why Devoted Health – Ed Park – Medium
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Mediasmart in native tie-up with TripleLift | Mobile Marketing Magazine
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No. 286: The DTC Fitness Brand
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VC Partner Sweet Spot: The Always-Sometimes-Never Rules for Pitching the Right Investor · 1906 days ago
Winners and losers in the longest U.S. bull market ever
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The Nudge is a planner app packaged as an SMS subscription service
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Why We Invested in The Nudge - NextView Ventures
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