Veronica Belmont
Created with Adobe Spark Post
spark.adobe · 4 days ago
San Francisco mayor endorses Bloomberg
thehill · 26 days ago
Giants hire first woman to a major-league coaching staff: Alyssa Nakken
sfchronicle · 33 days ago
Admit It: You Have a Box of Cords You’ll Never, Ever Use Again
wsj · 40 days ago
The Witcher Franchise Familiariser (updated)
thewertzone.blogspot · 60 days ago
Head of Digital Engagement - The Royal Household
theroyalhousehold.tal · 62 days ago
Adobe MAX 2019 – The Creativity Conference | November 2–6, 2019
max.adobe · 106 days ago
Hellvetica.ttf | Kern in hell
hellveticafont · 112 days ago
"Boop" If You Like Repeat Grids by Howard Pinsky
cottonbureau · 112 days ago
Google is making a "spectrum of bets" on Stadia content · 117 days ago
100+ Tools & Resources to Make Content Creation Easier
columnfivemedia · 137 days ago
Inspirational Poster Kitten Falls To Death After 17 Years
theonion · 139 days ago
Search Twitter - loop "talk to the hand"
twitter · 146 days ago
Never view a task as beneath you – Interview with Larissa Rocha, Employee No.1 at Brex
elpha · 154 days ago
Make Social Graphics, Short Videos, and Web Pages To Stand Out—In Minutes | Adobe Spark
spark.adobe · 154 days ago
r/WTF - Removing an underground wasp nest
reddit · 206 days ago
How to Design a Grid Takeover for Your Instagram Feed | Adobe Spark
blog.adobespark · 208 days ago
Probably don’t download FaceApp but also definitely don’t panic about it
vox · 215 days ago
Whip Your Marketing Into Shape in 10 Days with Spark's Creative Fitness Challenge! | Adobe Spark
blog.adobespark · 224 days ago
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facebook · 225 days ago
AI Can Now Detect Deepfakes by Looking for Weird Facial Movements
vice · 239 days ago
San Francisco Tech Bros' Fav New App: Motherly
youtube · 251 days ago
Opinion | Smash the Wellness Industry
nytimes · 253 days ago
Tommy Wiseau® – American Actor | Writer | Director | Fashion Designer
tommywiseau · 254 days ago
Wake Up, White San Francisco
thebolditalic · 273 days ago
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Veronica Belmont, are you happy?
soundcloud · 293 days ago
Creative Types by Adobe Create
mycreativetype · 300 days ago
List: E-mail Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying to Give Out Over the Phone
mcsweeneys · 330 days ago
Bodega + Moro on Instagram: “This is definitely Bodega’s current mood. #sideeye #muttsofinstagram #poundpuppy #goldenretriever #labradorretriever #newpuppy #goldador…”
instagram · 334 days ago
r/funny - As opposed to?
reddit · 366 days ago
4 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019 | Adobe Spark
blog.adobespark · 383 days ago
Introducing Begin Data: DynamoDB made ridiculously easy!
blog.begin · 391 days ago
CES Gave A Sex Toy An Award, And Then Disqualified It…Because It’s A Sex Toy
buzzfeednews · 403 days ago
The Brick Double-Domino Effect Explained
youtube · 406 days ago
Design Your Own Holiday Cards with Adobe Spark Post
iamclaudius · 433 days ago
The 100 Best Pens, As Tested by Strategist Editors
nymag · 446 days ago
6 Actors to Play David Bowie (All At Once)
v1.escapistmagazine · 464 days ago
CalTopo - Backcountry Mapping Evolved
caltopo · 466 days ago
audible · 469 days ago
Bay Nature: Will It Rain This Winter? The Models Say ... Whoa
baynature · 474 days ago
The First Good Omens Trailer Is Here to Drag You to Hell
io9.gizmodo · 500 days ago
Download a Free Ebook of All The Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders Before Sept. 22, 2018!
tor · 518 days ago
#dearMoon 001_Project Movie
youtube · 519 days ago
Here I Am - from the Dumplin' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
open.spotify · 522 days ago
Geek of the Week: Girls Who Code find the right role model in Adobe software engineer Rebecca Gold
geekwire · 532 days ago
Goats Like It When You Smile at Them, Extremely Heartwarming Study Says
thecut · 537 days ago
‘Veronica Mars’ Revival Series Near Deal At Hulu With Kristen Bell Reprising Role
deadline · 546 days ago
Episode 141: Neko Case
songexploder · 564 days ago
Kari Byron Shares Her Fierce Females Reading List (Exclusive) | Nerdist
nerdist · 595 days ago
IRL Podcast IRL Podcast: The Grand Bargain
irlpodcast · 596 days ago
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