Aaron Epstein
Brave Care, backed by Y Combinator, is an urgent care clinic just for kids – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 8 days ago
This monthly subscription offsets your personal carbon footprint
fastcompany · 11 days ago
Wren - Erase your carbon footprint
projectwren · 15 days ago
What I Learned Co-Founding Dribbble - Dan Cederholm - Medium
medium · 28 days ago
Let us reintroduce ourselves... | Brave Care
bravecare · 43 days ago
Software Buying & Renewal Management Services
vendr.co · 43 days ago
From Oakland High to Silicon Valley: Y Combinator's Domonique Fines
kqed · 82 days ago
Fintech’s Next Frontier: The $60 Billion Opportunity To Change Millennials And Their Healthcare
forbes · 91 days ago
Lively Careers
livelyme · 91 days ago
Gourmet Chef Switches From Kitchen to Food Startups
wsj · 91 days ago
A startup seeded by Silicon Valley's hottest mentorship program aims to bring the first male birth control to market
businessinsider · 108 days ago
Here are the 85+ startups that launched at YC’s W19 Demo Day 1
techcrunch · 126 days ago
Vectordash’s cloud gaming service brings crypto-miners a new revenue stream
techcrunch · 128 days ago
Updates from YC
blog.ycombinator · 137 days ago
Introducing: THE SPEEDER
youtube · 139 days ago
Speeder Pre Order | JetPack Aviation
jetpackaviation · 139 days ago
Glide helps you build mobile apps from a spreadsheet without coding
techcrunch · 161 days ago
A Standard and Clean Series A Term Sheet
blog.ycombinator · 176 days ago
Applications for YC Summer 2019 Are Open
blog.ycombinator · 179 days ago
Welcome Elizabeth, Lindsay, Aaron, Kevin, Solomon, Holly, Mia, Casey, Sachin, Rachel and Janelle
blog.ycombinator · 183 days ago
RankScience closes $1.8M seed — and now only wants to replace human SEO staff if you don’t have any
techcrunch · 288 days ago
YC Has Changed
blog.ycombinator · 298 days ago
A Sketch Workflow For Cross-Functional Teams – Building Creative Market – Medium
medium · 342 days ago
Advice for the Aspiring Self-Taught Developer – Caree Codes
blog.caree.codes · 369 days ago
Grow the Puzzle Around You
foundersatwork.posthaven · 388 days ago
Get in touch with us on Twitter
Female Founders - New York
youtube · 388 days ago
Word2vec Inspired Recommendations In Production – Building Creative Market – Medium
medium · 389 days ago
Applications for YC W19 Are Open
blog.ycombinator · 393 days ago
How to Plan an Engineering Project in 5 Easy Steps – Building Creative Market – Medium
medium · 397 days ago
Do Design Trends Really Matter? – Building Creative Market – Medium
medium · 399 days ago
Creative Market’s Core Values, and the “3 Shits” That Shape Our Culture
medium · 400 days ago
Advice for New Managers – Building Creative Market – Medium
medium · 411 days ago
YC looks to help more of its companies lock down Series A funding
techcrunch · 414 days ago
This guy started working from home, and you’ll never believe what happened next.
medium · 426 days ago
A Color Exercise for our Brand’s Illustration – Building Creative Market – Medium
medium · 432 days ago
Scaling Our Illustration System with Object Libraries
medium · 438 days ago
Process and Leverage in Fundraising
blog.ycombinator · 442 days ago
Daniella Valerio
dribbble · 452 days ago
How Creative Market's remote team launched a new product in 6 months
invisionapp · 490 days ago
Episode 31: Growing and Supporting the Design Community with Gerren Lamson
dribbble · 494 days ago
Episode 15 | Everything You Need to Know About Creative Market Pro (Featuring CEO of Creative Market Aaron Epstein)
passiveincomefordesigners · 495 days ago
14 Quotes That Inspire The Women Behind Creative Market to Pursue Their Dreams
creativemarket · 501 days ago
The cool futuristic typeface from the Black Panther ending credits
kottke · 503 days ago
Come Work With Us ~ Creative Market
creativemarket · 762 days ago
A New Home for Creative Market – Building Creative Market – Medium
medium · 530 days ago
What a Brand Designer Learned about Usability – Building Creative Market – Medium
medium · 531 days ago
Fantastic “Color Fonts” and Where To Find Them
blog.spoongraphics.co.uk · 540 days ago
Join Leap: An Online Community for Women
blog.ycombinator · 553 days ago
Learning to embrace conflict as a part of startup culture
techcrunch · 582 days ago
Re-Inventing Takeaways. Building The Marketplace for Home-cooked Food on Demand
medium · 588 days ago
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