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Opinion | What Jewish Children Learned From Charlottesville
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Smart Technology to Outfit Your Home – Liza Riguerra – Medium
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Digital campaigning for first-time candidates: Answers to frequently asked questions
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The Lawyer, the Addict
nytimes · 2556 days ago
Text for Happiness. Or Sadness. Get Art Back.
nytimes · 2556 days ago
Be Part of the Story: The San Diego-Union Tribune Partners With GoFundMe
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Tech Culture Can Change – danah boyd – Medium
medium · 2565 days ago
Outfitting Your Home to Age in Place – Liza Riguerra – Medium
medium · 2565 days ago
I was an investor, she was a founder… · 2577 days ago
Here to Help: GoFundMe Happiness Agents Share Tricks of the Trade
medium · 2579 days ago
GoFundMe, now with $4B in donations from 40M donors, plots Euro expansion
techcrunch · 2591 days ago
Meet HomePod: Apple’s Voice First Platform.
readmultiplex · 2595 days ago
Everything is Fucked and I'm Pretty Sure It's the Internet's Fault
markmanson · 2597 days ago
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Meet The Echo Show: Amazon’s New Voice First Device With A Screen And A Camera.
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The Amazon Echo Look Will Transform The Closet And The Fashion Industry.
readmultiplex · 2635 days ago
Facebook Is Working On Silent Voice First Systems.
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Turn Your Bathroom into a Personal Spa-like Sanctuary
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A year ago I wrote about the coming Voice First Revolution. – multiplex
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By Meagan Floris (@meaganfloris_letteringsale) • Instagram photos and videos
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Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets
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