Albert Wenger
DLD Conference: DLD Munich 19
dld-conference · 18 hours ago
Happy Birthday, Dori!
susandanziger · 3 days ago
JP Singh joins Blockstack PBC Board of Directors
blog.blockstack · 3 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Misunderstanding Sample Correlation (Fat Tails)
continuations · 3 days ago
On Crypto and Trust Minimization
continuations · 8 days ago
A Trip Home - Andrew Yang for President
yang2020 · 9 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Network Effects and Prices and Investment Returns, Oh My!
continuations · 10 days ago
3,000 Piece Puzzle: A Lesson in Complexity
continuations · 12 days ago
Staying Optimistic: Happy New Year!
continuations · 19 days ago
Escape The Room NYC
swarmapp · 26 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Geo-engineering Edition
continuations · 31 days ago
World After Capital: Copyright (Informational Freedom)
continuations · 33 days ago
College Hasn’t Changed Much Yet (in 30 Years)
continuations · 35 days ago
aqdevito · 36 days ago
Join The Correspondent
thecorrespondent · 37 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Leadership under Uncertainty
continuations · 38 days ago
World After Capital: Bots for All of Us (Informational Freedom)
continuations · 40 days ago
Regulation for Facial Recognition Technology
continuations · 43 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Investing, Perception Risk and Crypto
continuations · 45 days ago
Lead, B2B Marketing at goTenna · 45 days ago
World After Capital: Access to the Internet (Informational Freedom)
continuations · 46 days ago
Speech on Twitter: Platform not Publisher
continuations · 49 days ago
On-Chain versus Off-Chain Computation, Turing Completeness and Zero Knowledge Proofs
continuations · 52 days ago
World After Capital: Informational Freedom
continuations · 54 days ago
Tail Risk: China-US Relations
continuations · 57 days ago
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World After Capital: UBI as a Moral Imperative
continuations · 61 days ago
Vermont will pay some new residents $10,000 if they work remotely — here's how to do it
businessinsider · 62 days ago
World After Capital: UBI and the Labor Market
continuations · 68 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Thinking about Ruin
continuations · 79 days ago
Fiat Money, Fiat News - Epsilon Theory
epsilontheory · 79 days ago
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - Epsilon Theory
epsilontheory · 79 days ago
Voting in the Midterms: Rebuking Trump’s Tribalism and Hate
continuations · 82 days ago
Scroll | Union Square Ventures
usv · 86 days ago
World After Capital: Technological Deflation
continuations · 89 days ago
Criticism Should be Welcome: Roubini Crypto Edition
continuations · 99 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: The Trouble with Slow Risk (Climate Change)
continuations · 101 days ago
How to Start a Startup: From Idea to Innovation | Albert Wenger | Skillshare
skillshare · 102 days ago
World After Capital: Economic Freedom (Intro, Universal Basic Income)
continuations · 103 days ago
Interoperability and Competition (for Scooters, Bikes, etc)
continuations · 106 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: To Know or Not to Know?
continuations · 108 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Grit and Purpose
continuations · 115 days ago
TIFF Bell Lightbox
swarmapp · 115 days ago
turbovote · 480 days ago
Fear · 119 days ago
What Gritty Companies Look Like
hbr · 121 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Fear and Acceptance
continuations · 121 days ago
Shopify sellers can now offer on-demand 3D-printed goods via Shapeways
venturebeat · 123 days ago
World After Capital: Enhancing Freedom
continuations · 124 days ago
Tulus Lotrek
swarmapp · 125 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: The Unknowable Alternative Life
continuations · 129 days ago
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