Albert Wenger
The Trouble with Emoji
continuations · 1 day ago
10x Engineers
continuations · 5 days ago
Blockstack Token Sale Becomes the First SEC-Qualified Offering in U.S. History
blog.blockstack · 12 days ago
SEC Clears Blockstack to Hold First Regulated Token Offering
wsj · 12 days ago
Cartoon Humor Test for AGI
continuations · 13 days ago
US Women’s Soccer and Systemic Inequality
continuations · 15 days ago
Happy 4th of July: Climate Change
continuations · 19 days ago
Our Policies - Andrew Yang for President
yang2020 · 127 days ago
Babylon Berlin
continuations · 27 days ago
Resist Trump's Return to Cruelty
continuations · 29 days ago
Joining the Libra Association
continuations · 35 days ago
Timing of World After Capital: An Echo of Keynes?
continuations · 36 days ago
On Edge | · 50 days ago
Vacation Insights
continuations · 42 days ago
How To Make Sure It's Never Lonely At The Top
forbes · 54 days ago
BREAKING: Andrew cracks Top 10 in CNN rankings - Andrew Yang for President
yang2020 · 61 days ago
Yang2020 New Goal: Raise $3.5M by June 30th
secure.actblue · 61 days ago
Blogging Break
continuations · 63 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Valuations and Inflation Risk
continuations · 76 days ago
World After Capital: Plan for Part Four
continuations · 78 days ago
A Brief Note on Email Introductions
continuations · 80 days ago
Current IPO Crop
continuations · 81 days ago
Interoperability = Privacy + Competition - Public Knowledge
publicknowledge · 81 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Pascal’s Wager and Impeachment
continuations · 90 days ago
World After Capital: Taking Responsibility (Intro)
continuations · 92 days ago
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Learning about Leaders ... from the Organizations they Build
continuations · 95 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Learning from Notre Dame
continuations · 97 days ago
Watch Andrew Yang
continuations · 98 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Are Our Phones Listening To Us?
continuations · 104 days ago
World After Capital: Psychological Freedom (Fin)
continuations · 106 days ago
AI Ethics Are Hard
continuations · 109 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Working for a Startup
continuations · 111 days ago
Top Democrat Proposes Annual Tax on Unrealized Capital Gains
wsj · 112 days ago
World After Capital: Freedom to Share
continuations · 113 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Mueller Report Edition (Hindsight Bias)
continuations · 118 days ago
Enough MEPs Say They Mistakenly Voted For Articles 11 & 13 That The Vote Should Have Flipped; EU Parliament Says Too Bad
techdirt · 118 days ago
Progress through Positive Memes!
continuations · 122 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: When Small Numbers Matter (Aircraft Safety)
continuations · 125 days ago
World After Capital: Freedom to Learn
continuations · 126 days ago
Let big data unlock the secrets of our bodies | Ida Tin
theguardian · 128 days ago
Shitposting, Inspirational Terrorism, and the Christchurch Mosque Massacre - bellingcat
bellingcat · 130 days ago
The Power and Danger of the Meme of Suppressed Truth
continuations · 130 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: Fooled by Small Numbers
continuations · 132 days ago
World After Capital: Freedom from Wanting
continuations · 133 days ago
Free Solo (Movie Review)
continuations · 137 days ago
City Cinemas Village East
swarmapp · 138 days ago
Uncertainty Wednesday: The Base Rate Fallacy and Why Hiring is Hard
continuations · 139 days ago
Susan Danziger ’86 creates video tools to connect people
medium · 140 days ago
World After Capital: Psychological Freedom (Intro)
continuations · 141 days ago
Status as a Service (StaaS)
eugenewei · 143 days ago
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