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No End of Computer History (Yet) | Union Square Ventures
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Digital Contact Tracing and Alerting vs Exposure Alerting · 759 days ago
Will you join Earth Day Live?
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IT'S TIME TO BUILD - Andreessen Horowitz
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Limits of Capitalism · 764 days ago
A Plan for Rapidly Ramping COVID19 Testing
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RIP John Conway
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Apple and Google are building a coronavirus tracking system into iOS and Android
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The Road Back from COVID19: Masks, Tests and Tracing For All
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Normalcy Bias: We Live in a Dynamic World (But People Donโ€™t Believe It)
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VC Backed Startups and PPP: Do You Really Need It?
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Sponsor A COVID-19 Face Shield - Shapeways
business.shapeways · 782 days ago
#Masks4All: Wear a homemade mask to slow the spread of Coronavirus · 783 days ago
Privacy, Power and the Commons
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Corporate Socialism: The Government is Bailing Out Investors & Managers Not You
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Try our latest Test Pilot, Firefox for a Better Web, offering privacy and faster access to great content โ€“ The Mozilla Blog
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Putting the Economy in Suspended Animation: A Proposal
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COVID19 Crisis, Business Advice and First Principles
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COVID-19 At Home Test Kit - Nurxโ„ข
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David @ USV | Union Square Ventures
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Joining Union Square Ventures | Union Square Ventures
usv · 796 days ago
Joining USV | Union Square Ventures
usv · 796 days ago
COVID19 Whatโ€™s Next? Innovation FTW
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COVID19: Flatten the Curve
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Sanders over Trump
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RFP: Wren is looking for projects to help end the climate crisis
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Coronavirus and World After Capital
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Birthday Wish: Contributions to Climate Crisis Collective
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Coronavirus: Privacy and Democracy
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2020 Analyst Recruiting is Complete! | Union Square Ventures
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SEC Commissioner proposes safe harbor for projects that raise funds to build decentralized networks | Coin Center
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Harvard Faculty Vote in Favor of Divestment 179-20 | News | The Harvard Crimson
thecrimson · 838 days ago
News: Skillshare-CEO: "We want to be the global leader for creative education"
burda · 843 days ago
Justworks | Union Square Ventures
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Expanding Our Network | Union Square Ventures
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More on Facial Recognition Regulation
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Wren, A Y Combinator Carbon Offset Startup, Raises $1.5M From Union Square Ventures And Paul Graham To Empower Individuals Building A Greener Planet
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Leap | Union Square Ventures
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Wren | Union Square Ventures
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Our investment in Humane Genomics โ€” 2048 Ventures · 860 days ago
CoverWallet, now an Aon company | Union Square Ventures
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Calling All Billionaires: Fund Fusion Now
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Extinction Rebellion Tech Action & Solidarity Meeting โ€” Extinction Rebellion NYC · 865 days ago
An Agenda for the 2020s: Inventing the Knowledge Age
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Pitch in to make December our best month yet!
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The 2010s: Stuck in the Past
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Cleaning Up
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Opinion | Andrew Yang is just a long shot โ€” for now
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Impeachment Vote
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