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Andrew Braccia’s Big Bet on Slack
techcrunch · 5 days ago
30 AND UNDER: Rising stars in Los Angeles tech who find hot startup deals and manage millions of dollars
businessinsider · 171 days ago
Slow Money Crypto – Mike Maples, Jr. – Medium
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One question VCs don’t get asked enough: – arteeninLA · 209 days ago
chanceraps · 187 days ago
Is insurance a rich enough game to disrupt?
techcrunch · 190 days ago
Analysis | The World Cup is a victory for the immigrant dream
washingtonpost · 192 days ago
Watch the Apple WWDC Special Event
apple · 231 days ago
Amazon to open giant warehouse in Tucson, plans to hire more than 1,500 people
tucson · 250 days ago
Here's The First "Bohemian Rhapsody" Trailer With Rami Malek As Queen Singer Freddie Mercury
buzzfeed · 251 days ago
California's top court makes it more difficult for employers to classify workers as independent contractors
latimes · 257 days ago
The importance of high standards: Key takeaways from Jeff Bezos’ latest shareholder letter
medium · 277 days ago
Review: Beyoncé Is Bigger Than Coachella
nytimes · 280 days ago
VIDEO: Utah Family Goes Viral After Slaying LES MISERABLES Classic Number 'One Day More'
broadwayworld · 286 days ago
On social media, a troubling rush to view YouTube shooter as driven by faith
sfchronicle · 292 days ago
Goldman Sachs | Talks at GS - Dara Khosrowshahi: Uber’s Roadmap to the Future
goldmansachs · 293 days ago
Apply to Make in LA - Make in LA: Early Stage Fund and Accelerator
makeinla · 300 days ago
Flat-Earther's steam-powered rocket lofts him 1,875 feet up into Mojave Desert sky
latimes · 302 days ago
Hundreds of Start-Ups Tell Investors: Diversify, or Keep Your Money
nytimes · 307 days ago
RBG - Official Trailer
youtube · 319 days ago
The #1 reason Facebook won’t ever change · 335 days ago
2018 Los Angeles Tech Scene Presentation by Amplify.LA · 340 days ago
Auren Hoffman's answer to Would one learn more about running a business from working for a year at a VC firm (for breadth) or a startup (for depth)? - Quora
quora · 344 days ago
The Most Beautiful Coffee Shop in Every State in America | Architectural Digest
architecturaldigest · 353 days ago
The Life Figurer-Outer – Isaac Silverman – Medium
medium · 355 days ago
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Opinion | The Price I Paid for Taking On Larry Nassar
nytimes · 358 days ago
SoCal Assemblyman wants restaurants to stop serving plastic straws unless requested
la.eater · 361 days ago
NextGen10: Innovation & Technology [2018] - CSQ | Magazine, Events, Community
csq · 368 days ago
Is the Answer to Phone Addiction a Worse Phone?
nytimes · 371 days ago
This Bicycle Desk Is Healthier Than a Sitting Desk and Less of a Drag Than a Standing One
slate · 375 days ago
Eminem on His New Album, His Critics, and Hating Donald Trump
vulture · 397 days ago
Bitcoin mortgages are a thing now, but should they be?
inman · 399 days ago
Awareness is not enough – Jesse Morris – Medium
medium · 409 days ago
Here are maps showing all the major fires in Southern California
latimes · 410 days ago
First Search - Product Hunt
producthunt · 417 days ago
This Chicago Duo Sold Their Protein Bar Company for $600 Million. 6 Lessons You Can Take From Them
inc · 427 days ago
Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota
cnn · 431 days ago
Book notes #5- Hillbilly Elegy – arteeninLA · 433 days ago
Meet the group that just put more than 30 local progressives into office
vox · 434 days ago
The Noise | By Stephen Curry
theplayerstribune · 436 days ago
Top Commercial Real Estate Tech Investors
content-marketing.thenewsfunnel · 437 days ago
How To Calculate Lifetime Value - The Infographic
blog.kissmetrics · 437 days ago
Home · 438 days ago
Run for Something
runforsomething · 439 days ago
How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You've Ever Met
gizmodo · 440 days ago
And the Big Future Winners in CRE Tech Will Be…
michaelbeckermansblog · 440 days ago
Kylie Jenner Made $420 Million in 18 Months from Her Cosmetics Company, Says Kris Jenner
people · 453 days ago
What our CRE // Tech Mid-Year Report Reveals That Everyone In The Industry Should Be Paying Attention To...
michaelbeckermansblog · 454 days ago
What Improv Taught This 40-Something Mom - Los Angeles Magazine
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A Letter to Jamie Dimon – Chain
blog.chain · 462 days ago
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