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Episode #7 - What makes a great product manager with Facebook PM Brad Dickason
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Brad Dickason on LinkedIn: When you join a new company, slow down and learn. I consistently | 23 comments
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Run The World Events · 709 days ago
Don't set vision, set direction.
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Do one thing well
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Build Great Products
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Suicide of Kurt Cobain
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Signs Baseball Bat Scene
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Downtown 80s Neon Pink Loft w/ Bed and Bathtub in Los Angeles
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Coinbase Seed Round Pitch Deck
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How to manage your manager
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LIVE MUSIC VIDEO: Flashmen perform "As The Night Rolls On" L
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Electric Youth - Without You
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Mike Khoury
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Lucas Smarker
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Bad Robot Games
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Social Thinkers vs. Solo Thinkers
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Three Types Of Startup Advisors You Might Not Have Thought About (But Which Will Help You Win)
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How great hardware and software teams ship
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Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train (State Azure Cover)
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Game Design Patterns for Building Friendships
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Classic Game Postmortem: 'Ultima Online'
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Movement Brooklyn
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Winamp2-js β€’ Winamp in your browser
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