Ethan Marcotte
COVID19 Tracker
covidtracking · 1585 days ago
Tartine’s Founder Appears to Be Showing Off Anti-Union Merch on Instagram
sf.eater · 1587 days ago
The Fight Goes On
medium · 1591 days ago
you could call that a burnout cure
annehelen.substack · 1595 days ago
A Diagram of Occupy Sandy | Urban Omnibus
urbanomnibus · 1595 days ago
WATCH: Javelina caught speeding in Arizona
kold · 1600 days ago
Donate to support Warren for President
secure.actblue · 1601 days ago
Kyle MacLachlan on TikTok
tiktok · 1601 days ago
Google Engineers, Uber Drivers, and the Voices of a New Tech Labor Revolution
onezero.medium · 1601 days ago
Data Breach, by Mute City
mute-city.bandcamp · 1612 days ago
With great tech, comes great responsibility
foundation.mozilla · 1632 days ago
adactio · 1633 days ago
A web version of Mozilla’s “With Great Tech Comes Great Responsibility.” —
ethanmarcotte · 1634 days ago
How this black UPS worker challenged powerful union leaders in Philly, and won
inquirer · 1635 days ago
Cross-Cultural Design by Senongo Akpem
abookapart · 1635 days ago
New Adventures 2019 - Paul Jardine Web Design · 1636 days ago
This Is the Backstory You Need to Understand Cats (2019) - Electric Literature
electricliterature · 1639 days ago
We Need Sanders and Warren to Cooperate in the Primary
inthesetimes · 1643 days ago
Greta Gerwig on the Lives of Little Women—And Why “Male Violence” Isn’t All That Matters
vanityfair · 1644 days ago
A new adventure. —
ethanmarcotte · 1646 days ago
The hoof and the horse. —
ethanmarcotte · 1649 days ago
The Mane Quest
themanequest · 1648 days ago
New Adventures climate impact commitment
newadventuresconf · 1651 days ago
Thousands of Google’s cafeteria workers have unionized
vox · 1656 days ago
The Accidental Side Project
24ways · 1664 days ago
Get in touch with us on Twitter
Drop me a line. —
ethanmarcotte · 1667 days ago
Getting to work. —
ethanmarcotte · 1668 days ago
How Nava picks government work
blog.navapbc · 1669 days ago
Twitter. It's what's happening.
twitter · 2695 days ago
When Is a Bird a ‘Birb’? An Extremely Important Guide
audubon · 1674 days ago
Developers join call for GitHub to cancel its ICE contract
latimes · 1683 days ago
Tactus Ensemble presents Gloria in Excelsis Deo · 1684 days ago
Girl Yelling at a Data Dog
neatoshop · 1687 days ago
Google Hires Firm Known for Anti-Union Efforts
nytimes · 1697 days ago
Sponsor @Wilto on GitHub Sponsors
github · 1697 days ago
Filament Group, Inc. | User Interface Design & Responsive, Accessible, Resilient Web Development | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
filamentgroup · 1708 days ago
Allen Tan to Join ProPublica as Editorial Experience Designer — ProPublica
propublica · 1718 days ago
The World-Wide Work. —
ethanmarcotte · 1721 days ago
“The World-Wide Work.” – dirtystylus
dirtystylus · 1731 days ago
Indelible Lines — Jeremy Wagner · 1739 days ago
Supreme Court Won’t Hear Domino’s Pizza Website Access Dispute
news.bloomberglaw · 1741 days ago
Like a Good Neighbor.
medium · 1742 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg Told Facebook Employees the Government Can't Break Up Big Tech for 1 Reason
inc · 1745 days ago
Vox Media Design
design.voxmedia · 1745 days ago
Nozlee Samadzadeh - Sewist’s statement
nozleesamadzadeh · 1753 days ago
Why Greta Makes Adults Uncomfortable
theatlantic · 1755 days ago
What To Know About Friday’s Youth Climate Strike In Boston
wbur · 1759 days ago
Kickstarter Has Fired Two Union Organizers in Eight Days
slate · 1766 days ago
MIT Media Lab founder: I would take Jeffrey Epstein’s money today
technologyreview · 1774 days ago
Power In A Union - The Mountain Goats
youtube · 1777 days ago
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