Mike Beltzner
Black Lives Matter and America’s long history of resisting civil rights protesters
washingtonpost · 1890 days ago
Man cuts hijab off girl in Scarborough, police say | Toronto Star
thestar · 1780 days ago
27 Styles of Rapping
youtube · 1786 days ago
Mike Beltzner
facebook · 1788 days ago
Donald Trump made 25 false claims in his latest New York Times interview | Toronto Star
thestar · 1794 days ago
Google Maps’s Moat
justinobeirne · 1804 days ago
Facebook Spaces
facebook · 2049 days ago
Trump’s Lies vs. Obama’s
nytimes · 1806 days ago
Internet Food Guru J. Kenji Lopez-Alt Opening Real Life Beer and Sausage Hall
sf.eater · 1985 days ago
Opinion | ‘Intelligent’ Policing and My Innocent Children
nytimes · 1820 days ago
github · 1822 days ago
::bholley - Boiling the Ocean, Incrementally - How Stylo Brought Rust and Servo to Firefox
bholley · 1825 days ago
Last Week Tonight - And Now This - More Of CBS This Morning's Awkward Sex Talk
youtube · 1833 days ago
The Republican tax bill has a provision that would end a headache for private jet owners
businessinsider · 1835 days ago
An Alabama Robocall Invokes Ugly Tropes
theatlantic · 1838 days ago
Louis C.K.’s Powerful Army of Celebrity Enablers
thedailybeast · 1843 days ago
Is Facebook listening to your conversations? Probably not, tech expert says
ctvnews.ca · 1846 days ago
As an American, MRW someone asks me if I've heard about "the shooting"
imgur · 1848 days ago
Expo: Towards Rapid VR Prototyping – Shopify VR – Medium
medium · 1853 days ago
Haunted Elevator (ft. David S. Pumpkins) - SNL
youtube · 1978 days ago
No, of that I’m innocent.
scobleizer.blog · 1859 days ago
BURGER KING | Bullying Jr.
youtube · 1859 days ago
Oculus Go solves VR's two biggest problems
mashable · 1873 days ago
25 years later, Star Control 2 is getting a direct sequel
pcgamer · 1874 days ago
Men Must Step Up to Change the Hollywood Culture That Enabled Harvey Weinstein (Opinion)
variety · 1875 days ago
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Improving Enforcement and Transparency of Ads on Facebook | Facebook Newsroom
newsroom.fb · 1882 days ago
Kaepernick Meets With Veteran Nate Boyer, Then Kneels During Anthem - Under the Radar
undertheradar.military · 1888 days ago
Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js
code.facebook · 1892 days ago
Kushner used private email to conduct White House business
politico · 1890 days ago
George Clooney Opens Up About Why Hillary Clinton Lost: ‘I Never Saw Her Elevate Her Game’
thedailybeast · 1890 days ago
Donald Trump makes 16 false claims at Alabama rally | Toronto Star
thestar · 1891 days ago
North Korea is likely to fire more missiles after Trump’s speech, experts say
washingtonpost · 1893 days ago
Uber Is Sorry for ‘Wife Appreciation Day’ Promo
thecut · 1894 days ago
Facebook Careers
facebook · 1896 days ago
Is Apple About to Accidentally Kill Government as Platform?
medium · 1896 days ago
Updates to our ad targeting | Facebook Newsroom
newsroom.fb · 1899 days ago
Inside Trump's dalliance with Democrats
politico · 1900 days ago
How An Apple Vet Helped Solve One Of VR’s Biggest Problems–For Facebook-Owned Oculus
fastcodesign · 1903 days ago
Binging with Babish: Parks & Rec Burger Cookoff
youtube · 1905 days ago
Survey: 9 percent call neo-Nazi views acceptable
thehill · 1923 days ago
Inside a super fast CSS engine: Quantum CSS (aka Stylo)
hacks.mozilla · 1923 days ago
ISS photobomb
imgur · 1924 days ago
Thousands join anti-racist demonstration at Vancouver City Hall, dwarfing original anti-immigration rally
bc.ctvnews.ca · 1926 days ago
A 2:15 Alarm, 2 Trains and a Bus Get Her to Work by 7 A.M.
nytimes · 1928 days ago
The real story behind all those Confederate statues
motherjones · 1928 days ago
Analysis | Now you can see what Donald Trump sees every time he opens Twitter
washingtonpost · 1928 days ago
The Eclipse Conspiracy
theatlantic · 1929 days ago
Amateur Sleuths Aim to Identify Charlottesville Marchers, but Sometimes Misfire
nytimes · 1931 days ago
Nazis Don't Seem to Understand How Free Speech Works
gq · 1931 days ago
"I'm a woman in computer science. Let me ladysplain the Google memo to you."
vox · 1934 days ago
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