Ben Thompson
Shop Pay on Google and Facebook, Shopify’s Evolution, The E-Commerce Shift
stratechery · 898 days ago
Starfield, an Xbox Exclusive; Xbox Cloud Gaming; New Consumer Paradigms
stratechery · 900 days ago
ShazamKit and Weather, iOS 15’s New Privacy Approach, Mail Privacy Protection and Newsletters
stratechery · 905 days ago
Passport Update, F8 Refresh, Trump Ends Blog
stratechery · 907 days ago
stratechery · 911 days ago
App Store Arguments
stratechery · 918 days ago
Amazon Buys MGM, The Streaming Opportunity, Anti-Monopoly vs. Antitrust
stratechery · 918 days ago
Apple Ads and the Anti-Steering Argument, Additional Follow-up
stratechery · 919 days ago
Luka! Plus: The Bucks and Big Tech Craziness With Ben Thompson. Plus: Three Decades of Counting Crows With Adam Duritz.
open.spotify · 919 days ago
Checking Facts Even If One Can't
theinsight · 920 days ago
Snap Partner Summit, Spectacles AR, Scan and Minis
stratechery · 921 days ago
Twitter previews Ticketed Spaces, says it’ll take a 20 percent cut of sales
theverge · 924 days ago
An Interview with Google CEO Sundar Pichai
stratechery · 925 days ago
Google IO: Google’s Reality, Workspace and Smart Canvas, Wear + Tizen
stratechery · 926 days ago
AT&T’s Original Bad Deal, Discovery + WarnerMedia, The Streaming Landscape
stratechery · 928 days ago
Quick Tabs · 931 days ago
An Interview with Brad Stone about Amazon Unbound
stratechery · 932 days ago
AWS CloudFront Functions, AWS’s Data Residency Whitepaper, Muddles and Mirages
stratechery · 933 days ago
Apple robbed the mob's bank | Mobile Dev Memo
mobiledevmemo · 934 days ago
Roku’s Earnings, Roku and YouTube’s Streaming Ads, Roku and YouTube’s Dispute
stratechery · 935 days ago
Market Making and Time Horizons, Clubhouse Struggling, What Did I Get Wrong?
stratechery · 939 days ago
Facebook Earnings; ATT’s Impact; COVID, VR/AR, and Optionality
stratechery · 941 days ago
Epic v. Apple Trial Begins, EU Files Statement of Objections, Who Owns the App?
stratechery · 942 days ago
Fearing Spotify?, Apple’s Earnings, Margins and Chips
stratechery · 946 days ago
Netflix Earnings, Competition and Buybacks, Sony Signs Netflix Deal
stratechery · 949 days ago
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A Foreign Policy Disaster in the Making - Marginal REVOLUTION
marginalrevolution · 953 days ago
App Stores in Congress, Apple’s Arguments, Meta Points
stratechery · 953 days ago
Facebook’s Audio Announcements, Facebook and Creators
stratechery · 955 days ago
The European Super League, Apple Music’s Letter to Artists
stratechery · 956 days ago
Why has nuclear power been a flop?
rootsofprogress · 958 days ago
Clubhouse Enables Creator Payments, Artists and Cultists, An Interview with Nathan Hubbard
stratechery · 960 days ago
Nvidia Grace, GPU Use Cases, ARM and Integration
stratechery · 961 days ago
Microsoft Buys Nuance, Understanding Nuance, In the Loop
stratechery · 962 days ago
Google Versus Oracle, Copyright and APIs, Copyright Tradeoffs
stratechery · 969 days ago
Mark Liu at TSIA, TSMC’s $100 Billion, Economics Versus Politics
stratechery · 970 days ago
An Interview with Dan Wang About China, the U.S., and Technology
stratechery · 974 days ago
Spotify Acquires Locker Room, Anchor Versus Clubhouse, Spotify’s Threat
stratechery · 975 days ago
Xinjiang and Nike, China Versus H&M, Apple’s Position in China
stratechery · 976 days ago
Congress and Misinformation, Children and Social Media, Zuckerberg Clarifies 230 Stance
stratechery · 977 days ago
Episode 193 — Sovereign Podcasters | Exponent · 980 days ago
Intel Questions, Facebook Pulls Up the Ladder
stratechery · 981 days ago
Intel Unleashed, Gelsinger on Intel, IDM 2.0
stratechery · 982 days ago
Horft ofan í augað · 984 days ago
What “disruptive” actually means
jasoncrawford · 987 days ago
Google Goes to 15%, Taxes and Monopolies, The CAID
stratechery · 989 days ago
A Pandemic Year, Coronavirus and Information, Zeynep Tufekci Cuts Through
stratechery · 995 days ago
Roblox vs. Second Life (and Minecraft), The Creativity Era, Roblox’s Business
stratechery · 996 days ago
The Roblox Microverse
stratechery · 997 days ago
The NFL’s New Rights Deals, Amazon’s Rumored Deal, Post-Pandemic Sports
stratechery · 998 days ago
Google’s Ad Announcement, The Privacy Sandbox, Google’s Advantage
stratechery · 1002 days ago
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