Ben Thompson
Interoperability Defined, AppLovin Files S-1, The Facebook-Shopify Value Chain
stratechery · 1003 days ago
Opinion | A Better Way to Think About Conspiracies
nytimes · 1004 days ago
Twitter’s Analyst Day, The Interest Graph, Super Follows
stratechery · 1005 days ago
The Automotive Chip Shortage, Cheap and Complex, A Useful Crisis
stratechery · 1009 days ago
More from Daniel Ek; Creation, Consumption, and Clubhouse; Facebook and Australia, Continued
stratechery · 1010 days ago
The Clubhouse App and the Rise of Oral Psychodynamics
zeynep.substack · 1014 days ago
Spotify Stream On, Spotify’s Advertising Play, Additional Notes on Stream On
stratechery · 1011 days ago
Nonfungible Tokens, NBA Top Shot, The Creation of Consumption
stratechery · 1012 days ago
Kevin Rudd says Australian politicians ‘frightened’ of ‘Murdoch media beast’ in Senate inquiry
theguardian · 1014 days ago
Mistakes and Memes
stratechery · 1014 days ago
Episode 192 — The Australian Perspective | Exponent · 1015 days ago
Google Makes Deal With News Corp, Facebook Blocks News in Australia, Microsoft’s Cynicism
stratechery · 1016 days ago
⏰ Ben Thompson (Stratechery) on Good Time - Good Time
joinclubhouse · 1017 days ago
ClubHouse and AirPods; Twitter, Meerkat, and Clubhouse; Clubhouse Monetization
stratechery · 1018 days ago
Mistakes, Memes, and Foreign Ground; Coronavirus Context; The New York Times and the China Model
stratechery · 1024 days ago
Google Earnings, Google’s Response to ATT, Google Cloud Losses
stratechery · 1026 days ago
An Interview with Eric Seufert about Apple, Facebook, and Mobile Advertising
stratechery · 1030 days ago
Facebook’s Earnings, Zuckerberg vs. Cook, Apple and Facebook Parallels
stratechery · 1032 days ago
Vaccine Rollout Gives U.K. a Rare Win in Battling Pandemic
nytimes · 1035 days ago
Apple Earnings, An Interview with Jay Goldberg About Chips and Intel
stratechery · 1037 days ago
Twitter Acquires Revue, Twitter’s Opportunity, Twitter’s Achilles Heel
stratechery · 1039 days ago
Clubhouse is a Unicorn(?); Clubhouse Versus Podcasts; Monetization, Moderation, and Monopoly
stratechery · 1040 days ago
Pluto | Create your virtual world in one click. · 1044 days ago
Netflix’s Increased Subscribers, Netflix’s Decreased Costs, Elastic Changes License
stratechery · 1044 days ago
Intel Follow-up, Qualcomm Buys Nuvia, Netflix Earnings
stratechery · 1045 days ago
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‎Conversations with Tyler: Noubar Afeyan on the Permission to Leap on Apple Podcasts · 1046 days ago
Thousands of Covid-19 vaccines winding up in the trash
nbcnews · 1048 days ago
Vaccines Are Not Like Emergency Rations! - Marginal REVOLUTION
marginalrevolution · 1049 days ago
The WhatsApp Kerfuffle, Comparing Messaging Services, Network Effects
stratechery · 1051 days ago
Two Crises, Tech’s Costs, Looking Forward
stratechery · 1052 days ago
Facebook and Twitter Suspend Trump, Parler Suspended Everywhere, Context and Culture
stratechery · 1054 days ago
Not Easy, Not Unreasonable, Not Censorship: The Decision To Ban Trump From Twitter
techdirt · 1056 days ago
Trump and Twitter
stratechery · 1056 days ago
Episode 191 — Facebook, Twitter, and Trump | Exponent · 1057 days ago
Facebook and Apple, Continued; Facebook’s iOS 14 Changes; Georgia and Tech
stratechery · 1059 days ago
Substack and the Media, The Substack Opportunity, Substack’s Business Challenges
stratechery · 1061 days ago
Op-Ed: Conor Friedersdorf: Time is ripe in California for the Avocado Party
latimes · 1073 days ago
The 2020 Stratechery Year in Review
stratechery · 1074 days ago
Opendoor: A Startup Worth Emulating
stratechery · 2411 days ago
Google Sued by States, Ranking the Cases, Fantasy Basketball and Silver Linings
stratechery · 1079 days ago
Context Collapse, Circles and Timing, Facebook’s Missing Platform
stratechery · 1080 days ago
Disney’s Investor Day, Disney+ as Harvester, Disney’s Optionality
stratechery · 1082 days ago
China’s Xi Ramps Up Control of Private Sector. ‘We Have No Choice but to Follow the Party.’
wsj · 1085 days ago
Facebook Sued by FTC and States, The FTC’s Case, Antitrust and Politics
stratechery · 1086 days ago
WarnerMedia to Stream Movies First Day, AT&T Versus HBO, Self-Disruption
stratechery · 1089 days ago
An Interview With Stripe President John Collison
stratechery · 1093 days ago
Salesforce Acquires Slack, Salesforce’s Reasoning, Salesforce’s Opportunity
stratechery · 1094 days ago
A Sixth Lesson from Dave Chappelle; Facebook and Apple, Continued; Facebook Acquires Kustomer
stratechery · 1095 days ago
An Interview with BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti
stratechery · 1102 days ago
More on the App Store, Hard Mode Follow-Up, Airbnb’s Complicated Costs
stratechery · 1107 days ago
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