Ben Thompson
Playing wrong notes with Victor Wooten
youtube · 1108 days ago
Apple's M1 MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Goodbye, Fan Noise! | WSJ
youtube · 1108 days ago
Standing up for developers: youtube-dl is back - The GitHub Blog · 1110 days ago
Spotify Buys Megaphone, Spotify’s Podcast Strategy, Spotify’s Megaphone Strategy
stratechery · 1110 days ago
Intel’s Disruption, Intel vs. Apple, Additional Notes on the M1
stratechery · 1114 days ago
More on Visa-Plaid, European Commission v. Amazon, Spotify Updates
stratechery · 1116 days ago
Justice Department Sues to Block Visa Plaid Acquisition, Plaid’s Potential, Scalability and Antitrust
stratechery · 1117 days ago
What If It’s Trump?, An Update on MongoDB, An Interview with MongoDB CEO Dev Ittycheria
stratechery · 1121 days ago
Tech Under Biden, Prop 22 Passes, Uber’s Missed Monopoly
stratechery · 1122 days ago
Tech Earnings, Google’s Earnings, Apple’s China Question
stratechery · 1124 days ago
Raspberry Pi 400: the $70 desktop PC - Raspberry Pi
raspberrypi · 1124 days ago
Tech in Congress, Again; Twitter vs. the New York Post; Who Are the Refs?
stratechery · 1128 days ago
AMD Acquires Xilinx, Microsoft’s Earnings, Teams Wins
stratechery · 1129 days ago
Facebook Gaming, Facebook’s Innovation, Apple and Facebook
stratechery · 1130 days ago
Facebook and the NYU Ad Observatory, Facebook’s FTC Decrees, Tradeoffs and Politics
stratechery · 1131 days ago
An Interview Microsoft Executive Vice-President of Gaming Phil Spencer
stratechery · 1135 days ago
Volunteer in Oxford coronavirus vaccine trial dies, reportedly did not receive experimental vaccine
washingtonpost · 1135 days ago
More on iPhone, iPhone Naming, iPhone Pricing
stratechery · 1137 days ago
Twilio Acquires Segment, What is Segment, An Interview with Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson
stratechery · 1142 days ago
The iPhone 12 Event, iPhone Pro Differentiation, Additional Notes
stratechery · 1143 days ago
IBM Splits, IBM Skepticism, IBM and Antitrust
stratechery · 1145 days ago
Facebook’s Missing Monopoly, Facebook Takes Down QAnon, Facebook Versus Turkey
stratechery · 1149 days ago
Episode 189 — Bundles | Exponent · 1151 days ago
Amazon’s Hardware Event, Ring and Tesla, Luna
stratechery · 1151 days ago
Snowflake’s S-1, Snowflake vs. the Public Cloud, Snowflake’s Sales & Marketing
stratechery · 1152 days ago
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Charting a Coronavirus Infection
nytimes · 1154 days ago
Amazon One, How Amazon One Works, Good or Bad Idea?
stratechery · 1157 days ago
Coinbase’s Clarification, Spotify and Joe Rogan, A Framework for Politicization
stratechery · 1158 days ago
Widgetsmith, Apple’s Curation, Google’s Reported Clampdown
stratechery · 1159 days ago
More Facebook Leaks, The Problem With Groups, The Substack Moment
stratechery · 1163 days ago
A Texas Tycoon Throws Millions at the Covid-19 Testing Puzzle
wsj · 1163 days ago
Microsoft and ZeniMax, Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft and COVID
stratechery · 1164 days ago
More Important Than Votes
solana.substack · 1164 days ago
Exclusive: China sharply expands mass labor program in Tibet
reuters · 1165 days ago
The TikTok Deal, The Wrong Danger, TikTok Takeaways
stratechery · 1166 days ago
PS5 and Xbox, Sony’s Console, Microsoft’s Service
stratechery · 1170 days ago
Apple’s “Time Flies” Event, Apple One, Fitness+ and Peloton
stratechery · 1171 days ago
The TikTok Tick Tock, Skipping to the End Game, Trump’s Choice
stratechery · 1173 days ago
An Interview with Paul Mozur on Technology in China
stratechery · 1177 days ago
Netflix and Working-From-Home; Parents Versus Non-Parents; Apple’s COVID Manufacturing, Cont.
stratechery · 1178 days ago
TikTok Update, Microsoft and Oracle, Apple’s China Production
stratechery · 1179 days ago
The Local News Business Model
stratechery · 2397 days ago
Facebook’s iOS 14 Announcement, Understanding the IDFA, The Real Showdown
stratechery · 1191 days ago
The Final Word on the App Store (for Now), Palantir’s S-1, Alex Karp’s Letter
stratechery · 1192 days ago
Australia’s News Media Bargaining Code, Breaking Down the Code, Australia’s Fake News
stratechery · 1198 days ago
New Huawei Rules, What Now for Huawei, Apple’s Brand and China Inc.
stratechery · 1199 days ago
Apple-Epic Follow-up, A Brief History of Epic Games, Apple’s Hammer
stratechery · 1200 days ago
An Oral History of ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’
theringer · 1203 days ago
Qualcomm Follow-up, Twitter Earnings, Twitter Subscriptions?
stratechery · 1205 days ago
Qualcomm Wins on Appeal, The Opinion, Apple’s Foresight
stratechery · 1206 days ago
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