Ben Blumenfeld
The 'Future Book' Is Here, but It's Not What We Expected
wired · 29 days ago
Statement From Victoria Davis, JUUL Labs Senior Director of Communications, Regarding Surgeon General Advisory: – JUUL Newsroom
newsroom.juul · 28 days ago
Flow Kit
moxxly · 49 days ago
Long Humanity – Aleph · 60 days ago
Going Pro – Design Insights from Designer Fund Bridge – Medium
medium · 73 days ago
Kyrsten Sinema takes the lead in Arizona Senate race
msnbc · 74 days ago
Florida man arrested over US mail-bomb spree targeting Trump critics
timesofisrael · 87 days ago
Hummingbird Raises $3 Million to Modernize Anti-Money Laundering · 91 days ago
Discover DesignBetter.Co · 531 days ago
Little Partisan Agreement on the Pressing Problems Facing the U.S. | Pew Research Center
people-press · 98 days ago
Amir and Jake are creating again. | Patreon
patreon · 98 days ago
Welcome to Heartbeat – Heartbeat Health – Medium
medium · 105 days ago
Framer X + React: Diversity Initiative – Framer
blog.framer · 108 days ago
Co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger announce Adam Mosseri as new Head of Instagram
instagram-press · 112 days ago
votesaveamerica · 157 days ago
Join us for The Business Impact of Design on September 12th - Designer Fund
designerfund · 146 days ago
Football as Football
footballasfootball · 155 days ago
Live updates · 179 days ago
Proud to be the 119th 😎 on @BackerKit for Within: A magazine about leadership for women in design/tech. Thanks @gowithinco
within-magazine.backerkit · 186 days ago
Harry Potter in Minecraft - Hogwarts - The Floo Network (+ download)
youtube · 190 days ago
Our Answers to the Most Popular Interview Questions from Product Designers
medium · 237 days ago
Loupe. A conference by Framer.
framer · 242 days ago
Some quick thoughts from the 3rd annual RAISE conference
medium · 253 days ago
Editorial: Chronicle Recommends: London Breed for San Francisco Mayor
sfchronicle · 283 days ago
Designer Q&A: Camellia Neri’s five catalysts for creativity
blog.figma · 284 days ago
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Stripe Billing
stripe · 291 days ago
8 Design Principles at Framer
framer · 291 days ago
Israel reaches landmark deal with UN to resettle almost half of African migrants
timesofisrael · 294 days ago
Startup Jobs – Koen Bok – Medium
medium · 300 days ago
Pay Attention To The Package – AVC
avc · 323 days ago
How to Buy a Gun in 15 Countries
nytimes · 325 days ago
Opinion | Can Women Be Trusted on Abortion? Two Men Weigh In
nytimes · 328 days ago
Alt-right leaders can no longer spread disinformation on Medium
theoutline · 334 days ago
Analysis | This photo of Trump’s notes captures his empathy deficit better than anything
washingtonpost · 334 days ago
Stripe: Environment
stripe · 340 days ago
Sheldon Adelson, we have things to discuss
blogs.timesofisrael · 348 days ago
Mixmax raises $10.35M to improve email
techcrunch · 349 days ago
An Inside Look at Framer’s 2017 – Framer
blog.framer · 355 days ago
AND CO is Joining Fiverr—And the App is Now FREE! · 361 days ago
Bo Burnham - Can't Handle This (Kanye Rant) - MAKE HAPPY Netflix [HD]
youtube · 403 days ago
Introducing Versioning & Sketch Sync – Wake
blog.wake · 434 days ago
Building your go-to interactive design tool – Framer
blog.framer · 440 days ago
10 Design Leaders On How To Change Their Male-Dominated Industry
fastcodesign · 444 days ago
The Future of Design Entrepreneurship - Designer Fund
designerfund · 452 days ago
Capital-as-a-Service: A New Operating System for Early Stage Investing
medium · 453 days ago
Brown signs bill to allow some cities to fast-track shelters for homeless
sfgate · 463 days ago
Moxxly Acquired to Redesign the Breast Pump Experience - Designer Fund
designerfund · 466 days ago
Rivet Ventures Puts Women at the Helm
wsj · 468 days ago
Heather Phillips on LinkedIn: "After two amazing years at…
linkedin · 476 days ago