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In countries keeping the coronavirus at bay, experts watch U.S. case numbers with alarm
washingtonpost · 19 days ago
HEY - Email at its best, new from Basecamp, coming soon.
hey · 152 days ago
How the Coronavirus Will Reshape Architecture
newyorker · 20 days ago
Amazon.com: Why Are We Yelling?: The Art of Productive Disagreement eBook: Benson, Buster: Kindle Store
amazon · 25 days ago
The Ritual of Becoming (also: a secret)
fox.substack · 41 days ago
Why Solarpunk, Not Cyberpunk, Is the Future We Need Right Now
medium · 72 days ago
Textures of completion
meaningness · 77 days ago
Staying Home? Here Are 12 Great Books to Make the Most of Your Time
nextbigideaclub · 84 days ago
Adam Savage's Spot Robot Rickshaw Carriage!
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One meaningful thing
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Dr Drew @drdrew
pscp.tv · 93 days ago
Perils of the Overworld
robinsloan · 96 days ago
Between Stimulus and Response There Is a Space. In That Space Is Our Power To Choose Our Response – Quote Investigator
quoteinvestigator · 96 days ago
Pathogen Resistance
xkcd · 99 days ago
Bill Gates: Entire country needs to shut down for 6-10 weeks to effectively fight coronavirus
geekwire · 103 days ago
Something Democrats and Republicans have in common: Exaggerated stereotypes about both parties
theconversation · 136 days ago
An app can be a home-cooked meal
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The Unified Theory of Star Wars
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Notes On Metarationality
demonetizedblog · 163 days ago
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Buster's Rickshaw
buster.substack · 166 days ago
The Internet of Beefs
ribbonfarm · 173 days ago
Software, the Tough Tomato Principle, and the Great Weirdening of the World
florentcrivello · 171 days ago
Awakening from the Meaning Crisis - YouTube
youtube · 199 days ago
What's next??? - Buster's Rickshaw
buster.substack · 173 days ago
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Personally Wicked
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Tarot Cards and Tech Products
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Why Black Hole Interiors Grow Forever | Quanta Magazine
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Mythic Mode - LessWrong 2.0
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Make Better Resolutions
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Awakening from the Meaning Crisis
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What are the qualities of a wicked problem?
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How to Change Your Boss’s Mind
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Notion – Docs, Wikis, Tasks. Seamlessly in one.
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