Charlie O'Donnell
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Made $82 Million While Working in the White House Last Year
fortune · 7 days ago
Scoop: Trump pins Ukraine call on Energy Secretary Rick Perry
axios · 8 days ago
Biden to Trump: 'You're not going to destroy me' - Reuters TV · 11 days ago
Party line (telephony) - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 14 days ago
The Slow-Burning Success of Disney’s Bob Iger
nytimes · 21 days ago
East River Swimming Pool One Stroke Closer to Reality · 24 days ago
Accessibility as an Advantage in Venture Capital: Why Creating Value for Everyone in the Community Wins — This is going to be BIG...
thisisgoingtobebig · 25 days ago
Women in Private Practice: Challenges and Opportunities
eventbrite · 26 days ago
Ric Ocasek, Lead Singer of The Cars, Dead in NY at 75
nbcnewyork · 28 days ago
The Wing wants to fight gender bias in hiring by helping its members hire each other
vox · 32 days ago
Thoughts on WeWork — This is going to be BIG...
thisisgoingtobebig · 38 days ago
Kara Swisher on Ambition, Bad Bosses, and Having a Baby at 56
thecut · 38 days ago
Lime still wants to go public, says president Joe Kraus
open.spotify · 43 days ago
Bed Bath & Beyond hires Goldman Sachs to explore asset sales
cbsnews · 43 days ago
007, a playlist by Charlie O'Donnell on Spotify
open.spotify · 51 days ago
Report: Octavio Dotel And Luis Castillo Arrested In Narcotics Sting In Dominican Republic
deadspin · 53 days ago
Elizabeth Warren meets her lookalike at Minnesota rally: 'We need to talk!'
startribune · 54 days ago
DoorDash is still pocketing workers’ tips, almost a month after it promised to stop
vox · 54 days ago
r/buccos - Last night's brawl, Leeroy Jenkins remix
reddit · 73 days ago
New York
paulstamatiou · 84 days ago
The N.Y.C. Roots of Trump and ‘Go Back Where You Came From’
nytimes · 87 days ago
Trump Rally Crowd Launches Into ‘Send Her Back’ Chant Over Ilhan Omar
thedailybeast · 88 days ago
Make All the Asks
thisisgoingtobebig · 91 days ago
Social Media and Thought Leadership for Founders
thisisgoingtobebig · 98 days ago
What’s Cuter Than a Baby Cheetah? A Baby Cheetah With Its Puppy Pal
wsj · 107 days ago
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UI Developer/Engineer - Artemis - Career Page
artemis.applytojob · 115 days ago
Thoughts on my Wedding Day
thisisgoingtobebig · 122 days ago
High heels at work are necessary, says Japan's labour minister
theguardian · 130 days ago
Why New York Can’t Have Nice Things
nymag · 132 days ago
Opinion: Our City Is Safer Than Ever, But The Citizen App Makes People Think It's A Hellscape
buzzfeednews · 136 days ago
Hermetia illucens - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 144 days ago
Having a Library or Cafe Down the Block Could Change Your Life
theatlantic · 146 days ago
Tiny Checks
thisisgoingtobebig · 147 days ago
Harry Doyle Post Game Wrap-Up
youtube · 148 days ago
Opinion | I own the Red Hen restaurant that asked Sarah Sanders to leave. Resistance isn’t futile.
washingtonpost · 153 days ago
The Uber that Never Was
thisisgoingtobebig · 154 days ago
The Terribleness of On Demand: Why I Backed Journey Meditation
thisisgoingtobebig · 159 days ago
Certainty on Demand: How Labor Platforms are Moving to Higher Order Work
thisisgoingtobebig · 189 days ago
Feeling This: The New York Mets Haven’t Blown It Yet
gq · 191 days ago
In the Hall of the Mountain King
open.spotify · 192 days ago
The Streets Were Never Free. Congestion Pricing Finally Makes That Plain.
nytimes · 192 days ago
Venture Capital for Startups: Fundraising Advice for Founders
eventbrite · 201 days ago
MLB.TV Out-of-Market Packages
mlb · 200 days ago
USA player ends Special Olympics game with remarkable 75-foot buzzer-beater
ftw.usatoday · 201 days ago
Jacob deGrom extension with Mets
mlb · 201 days ago
The Smartest Most Unsympathetic Guys in the Room: Tech's Responsibility Going Forward
thisisgoingtobebig · 208 days ago
The Achilles Heel of Startup Ecosystems
thisisgoingtobebig · 210 days ago
Bel-Air (2019) | Official Trailer (4K)
youtube · 211 days ago
The Anthemic Allure Of 'Dixie,' An Enduring Confederate Monument
npr · 213 days ago
Three Exercises Every First Time Venture Fund Needs to Work Through
thisisgoingtobebig · 214 days ago
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