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Copycat Kings: How Three Brothers Are Cloning the Web and Making Billions · 3 days ago
Charlie O'Donnell on Instagram: “Can you put a tree on top of a convertible roof? Answered.”
instagram · 3 days ago
Opinion | Katie Hill: It’s Not Over After All
nytimes · 5 days ago
Introducing the Dad Movie Hall of Fame
theringer · 15 days ago
Will WeWork finally put our image of a "backable" founder to rest? — This is going to be BIG...
thisisgoingtobebig · 7 days ago
What's the best time of the year to raise venture capital? — This is going to be BIG...
thisisgoingtobebig · 8 days ago
Navy Awards Massive $22.2 Billion Contract for 9 New Attack Submarines
military · 9 days ago · 9 days ago
Why You Don't Get Real Feedback from VCs--and a Solution — This is going to be BIG...
thisisgoingtobebig · 9 days ago
Bill O'Reilly | The Factor Online
billoreilly · 960 days ago
President Bartlet and the Butterball Hotline
youtube · 14 days ago
Fox News guest: "Why the hell does Tucker Carlson still have a job here?"
mediamatters · 16 days ago
Instagram post by Charlie O'Donnell • Nov 21, 2019 at 10:29pm UTC
instagram · 20 days ago
PayPal to acquire shopping and rewards platform Honey for $4B – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 22 days ago
Charlie O'Donnell on Instagram: ““What time do you wanna start this sumo match?” “Whenever. I’m flexible.” #sumoandsushi”
instagram · 24 days ago
Charlie O'Donnell on Instagram: “My pillow. #dogsofinstagram”
instagram · 25 days ago
TIME 100 Next 2019: Audrey Gelman
time · 28 days ago
AuxParty - Listen to Spotify & SoundCloud with friends and coworkers | Product Hunt
producthunt · 29 days ago
The Story Behind the Design | BrainStation · 30 days ago
Giuliani considers an impeachment podcast
cnn · 31 days ago
Dev StackUp: The Tech Behind Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll
eventbrite · 31 days ago
How I Raised My Seed Round
eventbrite · 34 days ago
Investing Like a Fox: An Interview With Legendary Angel Investor John Ason
observer · 34 days ago
How to steal a billion
oversharing.substack · 36 days ago
How to Change Jobs — This is going to be BIG...
thisisgoingtobebig · 38 days ago
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Out of Surgery, Dying Activist Ady Barkan Still Waiting to Talk With Joe Biden About Medicare for All
commondreams · 43 days ago
Google Maps will now let you report speed traps on iPhone
fastcompany · 55 days ago
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Made $82 Million While Working in the White House Last Year
fortune · 66 days ago
Scoop: Trump pins Ukraine call on Energy Secretary Rick Perry
axios · 68 days ago
Biden to Trump: 'You're not going to destroy me' - Reuters TV · 70 days ago
Party line (telephony) - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 73 days ago
The Slow-Burning Success of Disney’s Bob Iger
nytimes · 81 days ago
East River Swimming Pool One Stroke Closer to Reality · 84 days ago
Accessibility as an Advantage in Venture Capital: Why Creating Value for Everyone in the Community Wins — This is going to be BIG...
thisisgoingtobebig · 85 days ago
Women in Private Practice: Challenges and Opportunities
eventbrite · 86 days ago
Ric Ocasek, Lead Singer of The Cars, Dead in NY at 75
nbcnewyork · 87 days ago
The Wing wants to fight gender bias in hiring by helping its members hire each other
vox · 92 days ago
Thoughts on WeWork — This is going to be BIG...
thisisgoingtobebig · 97 days ago
Kara Swisher on Ambition, Bad Bosses, and Having a Baby at 56
thecut · 98 days ago
Lime still wants to go public, says president Joe Kraus
open.spotify · 102 days ago
Bed Bath & Beyond hires Goldman Sachs to explore asset sales
cbsnews · 103 days ago
007, a playlist by Charlie O'Donnell on Spotify
open.spotify · 111 days ago
Report: Octavio Dotel And Luis Castillo Arrested In Narcotics Sting In Dominican Republic
deadspin · 113 days ago
Elizabeth Warren meets her lookalike at Minnesota rally: 'We need to talk!'
startribune · 113 days ago
DoorDash is still pocketing workers’ tips, almost a month after it promised to stop
vox · 113 days ago
r/buccos - Last night's brawl, Leeroy Jenkins remix
reddit · 133 days ago
New York
paulstamatiou · 143 days ago
The N.Y.C. Roots of Trump and ‘Go Back Where You Came From’
nytimes · 146 days ago
Trump Rally Crowd Launches Into ‘Send Her Back’ Chant Over Ilhan Omar
thedailybeast · 147 days ago
Make All the Asks
thisisgoingtobebig · 150 days ago
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