Charlie O'Donnell
Why AI Won't Be the Investment Opportunity Everyone Thinks It Is
ceonyc.substack · 440 days ago
Twitter Backed A Bunch Of Underrepresented VCs. Under Elon Musk, Itโ€™s Trying To Dump Them.
forbes · 449 days ago
Americans are Better Off Without TikTok But Banning It is Bad Policy
ceonyc.substack · 477 days ago
The Unbundling of Twitter
ceonyc.substack · 484 days ago
Joint Statement by the Department of the Treasury, Federal Reserve, and FDIC · 491 days ago
Grow Fast, Breakeven, or Die: How Moderate Cuts Will Kill Startups in 2023
ceonyc.substack · 505 days ago
Machine Learning and Schools - AVC
avc · 554 days ago
CheatGPT · 553 days ago
How to Get a Startup Job in a Tough Tech Economy
eventbrite · 554 days ago
Ex-Twitter VP Mike Davidson joins Microsoft to lead Web Experiences design and research
geekwire · 555 days ago
FTC Proposes Rule to Ban Noncompete Clauses, Which Hurt Workers and Harm Competition · 557 days ago
Southwest Is Californiaโ€™s โ€˜Unofficial Airline.โ€™ The Meltdown Has Residents Anxious.
nytimes · 564 days ago
The Year in Apps I Gave Up On
newyorker · 568 days ago
Dreidel (feat. Jules Brookes)
open.spotify · 575 days ago
Berlin Hotelโ€™s Huge Aquarium Bursts, With 1,500 Fish Inside
nytimes · 577 days ago
Childhoodโ€™s Greatest Danger: The Data on Kids and Gun Violence
nytimes · 579 days ago
How Generative AI is Going to Change Your Life and Mess Everything Up in the Process
ceonyc.substack · 585 days ago
Grammar Checker
grammarcheck · 594 days ago
I'll Fund a Startup n00b But Here's How Not to Look Like One
ceonyc.substack · 610 days ago
inside · 2697 days ago
WEEKDAY function · 627 days ago
YouTube mega-star MrBeast plots rapid expansion in merch, food and consumer goods
axios · 630 days ago
Want to Recruit Top Talent? Start Thinking of Work as a Product That You Sell.
ceonyc.substack · 636 days ago
An Early Investor's Postmortem of The Wing
ceonyc.substack · 652 days ago
Female Founder Pitch Showcase @ 5PM 09/21 -ZOOM link - Zoom · 664 days ago
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Fundraising School: B2C
eventbrite · 694 days ago
New York is roaring back from the worst of the pandemic. Why isnโ€™t San Francisco?
sfchronicle · 705 days ago
Democrats, Sinema reach deal on Inflation Reduction Act, after key changes to tax policies
washingtonpost · 711 days ago
You're Not Taking Recruiting Seriously
ceonyc.substack · 715 days ago
JD Vance casts doubt on whether divorce is right even in 'violent' marriages
rawstory · 722 days ago
The Pre-Board Board: How to Create Accountability Before You Give Away a Board Seat
ceonyc.substack · 722 days ago
Museum honoring children killed in gun violence visits Ted Cruz's home
mysanantonio · 732 days ago
How I Raised My Seed
eventbrite · 741 days ago
The Philosophy that Underpins the Right: It's Not What You Think
ceonyc.substack · 750 days ago
Krisp | Noise Cancelling App · 1887 days ago
Bill Maher Isnโ€™t a Liberal Anymore
newsletters.theatlantic · 756 days ago
The Real Villain in the Gentrification Story
theatlantic · 760 days ago
"Anti-crypto media personality" · 768 days ago
It's Time to Bring Back the AIM Away Message
wired · 776 days ago
Can Your Portfolio Company Cut Your Bad Cholesterol by More Than Half? It Can When It's Culina Health.
ceonyc.substack · 777 days ago
NY Climate Tech
nyclimatetech.substack · 782 days ago
The Suspect in a Fatal Subway Shooting Is in Police Custody
nytimes · 783 days ago
The Legs of the Stool and Why It's Tough to Compare Two Startups Raising
ceonyc.substack · 784 days ago
Justice Thomas Says Leaked Opinion Destroyed Trust at the Supreme Court
nytimes · 794 days ago
Should You Take Money from Investors Who Don't Share Your Values?
ceonyc.substack · 804 days ago
Play Powerball and Mega Millions for Free!
jackpocket · 810 days ago
Cora: Sox to miss multiple unvaccinated players at Toronto
thestar · 820 days ago
Match.comยฎ | The Leading Online Dating Site for Singles & Personals :
match · 2573 days ago
Collins to Back Jackson for Supreme Court, Giving Her a G.O.P. Vote
nytimes · 839 days ago
What do your VCs care about and does it matter?
ceonyc.substack · 855 days ago
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