Chamath Palihapitiya
Tensions run high as Biden administration gets earful from some panicked lawmakers over Title 42
cnn · 228 days ago
Rigorous, accurate policy analysis is underrated
slowboring · 228 days ago
Hu Jintao was very underrated
noahpinion.substack · 228 days ago
As Final Vote Nears in France, a Debate Over Islam and Head Scarves
nytimes · 228 days ago
IMF Cuts China Growth Forecast to 4.4%
wsj · 228 days ago
Obama calls for more regulatory oversight of social media giants.
nytimes · 228 days ago
Is MrBeast for Real? Inside the Outrageous World of YouTube's Cash-Happy Stunt King
rollingstone · 228 days ago
CNN+ Streaming Service Will Shut Down Weeks After Its Start
nytimes · 228 days ago
The race for a better battery starts now
vox · 228 days ago
Rivian CEO Warns of Looming Electric-Vehicle Battery Shortage
wsj · 228 days ago
How the FDA’s food division fails to regulate health and safety hazards
politico · 235 days ago
Opinion | Can the Brooklyn subway shooting sober up our politics on crime?
washingtonpost · 235 days ago
The Census Is Broken. Can AI Fix It?
wired · 235 days ago
Honda joins electric car race with $40 billion investment
cnn · 235 days ago
The Amazon Union Exposes the Emptiness of ‘Woke Capital’
theatlantic · 235 days ago
Peloton activist Blackwells Capital takes aim at new CEO, again pushes for sale
cnbc · 235 days ago
Is Substack good for the world? Is Substack worth it for writers?
noahpinion.substack · 235 days ago
Tech Talent Flocks to Young Startups as Late-Stage Valuations Tank
theinformation · 235 days ago
Can Elon Musk Buy Twitter?
wsj · 235 days ago
Sri Lanka's crisis follows similar pattern as Arab Spring, say analysts
cnbc · 242 days ago
Opinion | I’m a Conservative Professor Who Opposed Safe Spaces. I Was Wrong.
nytimes · 242 days ago
No Charges Against Police in Amir Locke Shooting
nytimes · 242 days ago
Koch Industries’ Bet on Batteries
nytimes · 242 days ago
Supreme Court Revives Trump-Era Environmental Regulation
nytimes · 242 days ago
Should the U.S. increase or decrease defense spending?
noahpinion.substack · 242 days ago
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Why So Many COVID Predictions Were Wrong
theatlantic · 242 days ago
I Tried to Put Russia on Another Path
theatlantic · 242 days ago
Weekly jobless claims fell to 166,000 last week, the lowest level since 1968
cnbc · 242 days ago asks for voluntary resignations after mass layoffs last month
fortune · 242 days ago
Trust in Media 2022: Where Americans get their news and who they trust for information | YouGov
today.yougov · 242 days ago
Live Fast, Die Young: Behind the Fall of a One-Click Wonder
theinformation · 242 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Crypto Startup Wyre Being Acquired by Payments Company Bolt for $1.5 Billion
wsj · 242 days ago
Facebook’s Ad-Tracking Loss Is Startups’ Gain
theinformation · 242 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Banks Weigh Using Zelle to Challenge Visa, Mastercard
wsj · 242 days ago
She got a job at Starbucks for access to IVF treatment. It cost more than her actual paycheck.
nbcnews · 250 days ago
What Redistricting Looks Like In Every State
projects.fivethirtyeight · 250 days ago
Why U.S. Population Growth Just Crashed to an All-Time Low
theatlantic · 253 days ago
“This Shouldn’t Happen”: Inside the Virus-Hunting Nonprofit at the Center of the Lab-Leak Controversy
vanityfair · 250 days ago
The $5 trillion in pandemic-era stimulus is more than triple Great Recession-era aid — and suggests a permanent shift in the way Congress spends
businessinsider · 250 days ago
Biden Is Expected to Tap Oil Reserves to Control Rising Gasoline Prices
wsj · 250 days ago
SEC Proposes New Disclosure Requirements for SPACs
wsj · 250 days ago
Startups Make It Easier to Get ADHD Drugs. That Made Some Workers Anxious.
wsj · 250 days ago
Solo Venture Capitalists Go Big
theinformation · 250 days ago
Elon Musk Says He’s ‘Giving Serious Thought’ to Creating a New Social-Media Platform
wsj · 250 days ago
Equinox Seeks Capital Ahead of Plans to Go Public
wsj · 250 days ago
Gopuff Plans Hundreds of Layoffs to Cut $40 Million in Costs
theinformation · 250 days ago
Stripe-Backed Fast Puts Job Cuts on the Table as It Tries to Raise Money
theinformation · 250 days ago
Why Stripe’s ‘Fast’ Horse Is Losing the One-Click Checkout Race
theinformation · 250 days ago
Antitrust Bill Targeting Amazon, Google, Apple Gets Support From DOJ
wsj · 250 days ago
Home Solar Energy Solutions - Save Money with Palmetto
palmetto · 285 days ago
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