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mrcoryscookies · 229 days ago
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Open Up About Their 'Emotional' Wedding: 'It Was All Tears'
people · 230 days ago
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show can’t escape controversy as performer slams ‘lack of inclusivity’
washingtonpost · 232 days ago
What drone rental is right for you? – Omni Rentals Blog
blog.beomni · 236 days ago
Facebook employees blame Sheryl Sandberg for company's downfall
adage · 238 days ago
EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies
technologyreview · 239 days ago
Matthew McConaughey Wants to Make You Fall Asleep, Partners With Calm App
variety · 244 days ago
Thousands Of Fire Evacuees To Spend The Holiday Without Homes
npr · 244 days ago
Touch Base - VC Trading Cards
vctradingcards · 267 days ago
Stan Lee Breaks His Silence: Those I Trusted Betrayed Me
thedailybeast · 253 days ago
Stan Lee Dead at 95
tmz · 253 days ago
Getty Villa and Center Safe from Fires; Villa Closed until Further Notice to Support Emergency Response · 253 days ago
IRL Glasses - See everything except for screens | Product Hunt
producthunt · 283 days ago
Hello World. A Pitch Competition from Nowhere, USA
eventbrite · 262 days ago
ポケモンGO台南イベントは超大盛況!Safari Zone in Tainanは環境も電波も屋台も最高だった - Engadget Japanese
japanese.engadget · 262 days ago
Nude waterpark for adults set to open in Lake Louise | CBC Radio · 268 days ago
Download Browser with Adblocker for Mobile & Desktop | Brave Browser
brave · 277 days ago
Founders Fund Partner Cyan Banister on Kanye West, Elon Musk, and the Value of Independent Thought
fortune · 278 days ago
Canada is about to legalize marijuana. How did that happen? Justin Trudeau, for starters - Los Angeles Times
latimes · 279 days ago
KANYE WEST @kanyewest · 282 days ago
Kahoot, the educational gaming startup, has raised another $15M, now at a $300M valuation
techcrunch · 286 days ago
Tokyo may have found the solution to soaring housing costs
vox · 287 days ago
$1.3M Banksy Artwork “Self-Destructs” at Auction
hyperallergic · 290 days ago
Visa and Postmates are partnering for gig economy payments
businessinsider · 292 days ago
Intermedia Labs: The 50 Most Genius Companies of 2018
time · 292 days ago
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The Age That Women Have Babies: How a Gap Divides America
nytimes · 352 days ago
'The Wolf of Wall Street' Was Financed With Stolen Money, Producers Forced to Pay Feds $60 Million
maxim · 293 days ago
The Grievance Studies Scandal: Five Academics Respond - Quillette
quillette · 293 days ago
AARP to Take On Ageism, Enlists Former Ad Executive Cindy Gallop
wsj · 294 days ago
Kanye West’s baffling 13th Amendment Twitter outburst: Maybe not so baffling after all
washingtonpost · 294 days ago
Google, Apple, and IBM drop college degree requirement
producthunt · 334 days ago
What Black Americans Lost by Aligning With the Democrats
theatlantic · 296 days ago
Kanye West Apologizes For Saying Slavery Was 'a Choice'
billboard · 296 days ago
In-car commerce startup Cargo raises $22 million led by Founders Fund
techcrunch · 298 days ago
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change · 309 days ago
How This Teenage Hacker Became an Unlikely Star of London Fashion Week
vogue · 309 days ago
Introducing Hello World: A Pitch Competition from Nowhere, USA
medium · 312 days ago
Cyan Banister @cyantist · 312 days ago
Cyan Banister @cyantist · 312 days ago
DNA Lounge: Audio and Video Webcasts
dnalounge · 312 days ago
Memo to the Silicon Valley boys’ club: Arlan Hamilton has no time for your BS
fastcompany · 313 days ago
Celebrating World Cleanup Day, Locally and Around the World - Niantic
nianticlabs · 313 days ago
NYC Prosecutors Drop 3,000 Weed Cases
reason · 313 days ago
The Rise of AR, Summer Adventures and Updates for the Fall - Niantic
nianticlabs · 315 days ago
Cyan Banister (Founders Fund) tells her surprising origin story
youtube · 318 days ago
Nima launches food sensor to detect peanuts
techcrunch · 318 days ago
How Did I Get Here by Cyan Banister (Founders Fund) | Disrupt SF 2018
techcrunch · 321 days ago
Opinion | I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration
nytimes · 321 days ago
Kim Kardashian working to free another convicted felon
pagesix · 321 days ago
Geoffrey Owens of 'The Cosby Show': 'No one should feel sorry for me' for Trader Joe's job
usatoday · 322 days ago
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