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GV leads $8.5 million funding into open source ecommerce platform Reaction Commerce
venturebeat · 1861 days ago
Using RBAC, Generally Available in Kubernetes v1.8
blog.kubernetes.io · 1863 days ago
Data Migration Made Easy: Bulk Ingest from CSV
cockroachlabs · 1867 days ago
How Google’s Quantum Computer Could Change the World
wsj · 1877 days ago
CockroachDB 1.1 Released: Production Made Easy
cockroachlabs · 1881 days ago
Meet the 30 biotech leaders under 40 who are searching for breakthrough treatments and shaping the future of medicine
businessinsider · 1884 days ago
GitLab raises $20M Series C round led by GV
techcrunch · 1884 days ago
Real Transactions are Serializable
cockroachlabs · 1902 days ago
Why we started CoreOS | CoreOS
bit.ly · 1908 days ago
Manage Kubernetes Clusters on AWS Using CoreOS Tectonic | Amazon Web Services
aws.amazon · 1910 days ago
CoreOS launches Tectonic 1.7.1 with support for Microsoft Azure cloud | CoreOS
bit.ly · 1937 days ago
CoreOS Tectonic brings enterprise Kubernetes to Microsoft Azure | CoreOS
bit.ly · 1937 days ago
Why the Kubernetes Kids can't hurt Bezos' Amazon beast
theregister.co.uk · 1960 days ago
Open Container Initiative Specifications are 1.0 | CoreOS
bit.ly · 1966 days ago
Girls set AP Computer Science record…skyrocketing growth outpaces boys
medium · 1967 days ago
Marketing data startup Segment raises $64M
techcrunch · 1972 days ago
Amazon’s New Customer
stratechery · 1996 days ago
github · 1996 days ago
Harvard Business School and Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences launch new joint master’s degree program
seas.harvard.edu · 2002 days ago
etcd 3.2 now with massive watch scaling and easy locks | CoreOS
coreos · 2006 days ago
Why CoreOS Builds with Open Source | CoreOS
coreos · 2007 days ago
Deploy CockroachDB on AWS EC2 | Cockroach Labs
cockroachlabs · 2007 days ago
Dancing at the Lip of a Volcano: The Kubernetes Security Process - Explained
blog.kubernetes.io · 2028 days ago
Mitchell Baker, Champion for a Better Web and Internet Standards, Joins CoreOS Board | CoreOS
coreos · 2030 days ago
CockroachDB 1.0 is Production-Ready
cockroachlabs · 2036 days ago
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Cockroach Labs announces $27M Series B and enterprise tier for its reliable database
techcrunch · 2036 days ago
Taking some old advice – Jake Knapp – Medium
medium · 2037 days ago
cockroachlabs · 2045 days ago
Surgeon general dismissed, replaced by Trump administration
usatoday · 2054 days ago
Federated Learning: Collaborative Machine Learning without Centralized Training Data
research.googleblog · 2070 days ago
Ever Heard of the Startup Deis? Well, Microsoft Certainly Did
wired · 2066 days ago
Slack Gives Back to K8s and CNCF Community - Cloud Native Computing Foundation
cncf.io · 2105 days ago
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