David S. Rose
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How to Angel Invest: Where to Find Deals
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Meet the Meeting Owl by Owl Labs | Intelligent 360°All-in-One Video Conferencing Hardware
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7 Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn From Tech Startups
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A Maverick Candidate’s Message to Scholarly Groups: Elect More Adjuncts
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#54: The Patriarch of 'Silicon Alley' - David Rose
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10 Pointers for your Startup Pitch + Online Conversations
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David S. Rose on LinkedIn: “#”
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Pay Your Rent by Credit Card With Just a 1.5% Fee
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David S. Rose's answer to What does David S. Rose think about the Uber acquisition of Jump Bike? - Quora
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Uber acquires bike-share startup JUMP
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Sign the Petition
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How to pitch to a VC
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I'm David S. Rose, serial entrepreneur and angel investor. AMA! • r/startups
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How Analytics is Changing Angel Investing, with Gust CEO David S. Rose
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Just Starting Out? Avoid These 5 Startup Mistakes. You're Welcome
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Deep-pocketed investors are backing dockless cycles that could challenge Citi Bike
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