Steve Jurvetson
The Boring Company Not-a-Flamethrower video
photosfromyourevent · 32 days ago
Event recap: Orange Silicon Valley Executive Summit - Orange Silicon Valley
orangesv · 47 days ago
My George H.W. Bush cufflinks arrived, worn during his 1988 Presidential race
flickr · 49 days ago
Mission Control Live: NASA InSight Mars Landing - YouTube
youtube · 54 days ago
Disco Inferno - a Rocket Fuel Firepit
youtube · 82 days ago
Disco Inferno
flickr · 82 days ago
How Future Ventures is investing in the future of connectivity as value moves to the edge | Q&A | SatelliteFinance
satellitefinance · 88 days ago
Big 3D-Printed Rocket Launch at October Skies
youtube · 89 days ago
A Rocket-Eye View of Blastoff
flickr · 101 days ago
Moore's Law and the Power of Computing of 110 Years | Investor Steve Jurvetson
youtube · 124 days ago
Baby Shower Made Manifest
youtube · 124 days ago
Tesla Model 3 Outsold All BMW Passenger Cars In US
insideevs · 135 days ago
flickr · 136 days ago
Quantum Materials Simulation: Realizing Richard Feynman's Vision
youtube · 150 days ago
Ragdoll Kitten
flickr · 152 days ago
Why Amateur Rocket Builders Flock to This Desert
nationalgeographic · 153 days ago
A Truly β€œFireside” Chat with Steve Jurvetson – KK Jain (@kk_ncnt) – Medium
medium · 177 days ago
Will ride-hailing players Uber and Lyft be more like Netflix or Blockbuster?
greenbiz · 178 days ago
Apollo 11 Prototype Flag
flickr · 183 days ago
Home · 184 days ago
cryptonomists · 193 days ago
The Incredible Elastigirl
flickr · 217 days ago
Steve Jurvetson: Forging the Future: What's Next?
youtube · 225 days ago
Steve Jurvetson β€” The Midas Touch and Mind-Bending Futures · 233 days ago
Steve Jurvetson: Super Intelligence - Harnessing Power of Iterative Algorithms Everywhere
youtube · 268 days ago
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On Collision With Jason Calacanis (Part 2)
youtube · 269 days ago
Scout becomes Fetcher and other Exciting News – Hire – Medium
medium · 276 days ago
Fetcher · 276 days ago
Superintelligence: AI Futures and Philosophy with Sam Harris
youtube · 291 days ago
SXSW Live Stream | SXSW Conference & Festivals
sxsw · 316 days ago
Super-intelligence Will Appear Before Humans Upload Consciousness to the Cloud
buzzrobot · 323 days ago
Saturn’s B ring peaks · 334 days ago
Steve Jurvetson & Jonathan Knowles at the Emerging tech panel at SVCC 2017
flickr · 335 days ago
Inside the mind of a venture capitalist
mckinsey · 380 days ago
Of course we drive EVs on Mars
flickr · 392 days ago
Creative Destruction Lab: Market for Intelligence Conference 2017: Lightning Round
youtube · 407 days ago
Richard Sutton of DeepMind & Steve Jurvetson Discuss The Future of AI
youtube · 407 days ago
Steve Jurvetson
facebook · 419 days ago
Steve Jurvetson on self-driving cars - TMC Connect 2014
youtube · 419 days ago
Steve Jurvetson
facebook · 431 days ago
Prime Minister of Canada on AI and Quantum Computing
youtube · 450 days ago
A quantum computing primer by Scott Aaronson
flickr · 458 days ago
The first e-Residency digital identity card issued outside of Europe
flickr · 460 days ago
Millions of high-security crypto keys crippled by newly discovered flaw
arstechnica · 460 days ago
Americans Hopeful This Will Be Last Mass Shooting Before They Stop On Their Own For No Reason
theonion · 473 days ago
BFR | Earth to Earth
youtube · 477 days ago
Steve Jurvetson
facebook · 478 days ago
spacex · 674 days ago
The risk-taker pushing Intel into the new world of artificial intelligence
latimes · 484 days ago
DFJ's Steve Jurvetson on the Rise of the Machines | Disrupt SF 2017
youtube · 487 days ago
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