console.dev · 957 days ago
'Spy pixels in emails have become endemic'
bbc · 957 days ago
Greening Basecamp
rework.fm · 958 days ago
Why aren't you coding? | Meeting
whyarentyoucoding · 958 days ago
Apple iPhone achieves record market share in the US as demand for flagships grows - Apple Compsmag
compsmag · 961 days ago
Firing Actors for Being Conservative Is Another Hollywood Blacklist
nymag · 961 days ago
Prepear Changes Pear Logo to Settle Trademark Dispute With Apple
macrumors · 964 days ago
The History of Cocaine and Why It's Illegal with Dr. Carl Hart
youtube · 965 days ago
CleanShot X for Mac
cleanshot · 965 days ago
Rails 6.2 is now Rails 7.0 · rails/rails@1b455e2
github · 968 days ago
r/GalaxyS21 - Some More S21 Ultra Exynos 2100 Benchmarks Similar to Anandtech
reddit · 975 days ago
Jason Fried @jasonfried
pscp.tv · 984 days ago
Hotwire, Rails NEXT, and the DHH Stack™ with David Heinemeier Hansson | Remote Ruby
remoteruby.transistor.fm · 979 days ago
Big Tech nemesis Lina Khan is gaining traction for top Biden antitrust role
vox · 982 days ago
Now HEY means business | HEY
hey · 983 days ago
github · 983 days ago
Pardon - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 985 days ago
On Writing Software Well #4: Not every model is backed by a database
youtube · 985 days ago
github · 987 days ago
From Dayton, Ohio to Donald Trump
poeticfitness.substack · 987 days ago
DuckDuckGo Traffic
duckduckgo · 1829 days ago
COVID-19 exposure on flights is more common than you think. The US doesn't share details, but Canada does
usatoday · 989 days ago
KT Tunstall - Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (Official Video)
youtube · 991 days ago
Hannah Arendt: A Life in Dark Times - Anne C. Heller
annecheller · 992 days ago
Trump Twitter ban is gift to Kremlin, Russian opposition leader warns
nbcnews · 993 days ago
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iTunes through the ages
arstechnica · 995 days ago
Case Study: Double Your App's Throughput for Free With Jemalloc
klimo.io · 997 days ago
WhatsApp gives users an ultimatum: Share data with Facebook or stop using the app
arstechnica · 998 days ago
Marauding protesters vandalize Speaker Pelosi’s office.
nytimes · 998 days ago
061: DHH - Internet Famous with Kids
parentdrivendevelopment · 999 days ago
github · 1002 days ago
Tencent games removed from Huawei app store over revenue dispute
thenationalnews · 1003 days ago
Ruby 3.0.0 Released
ruby-lang · 1011 days ago
github · 1013 days ago
github · 1013 days ago
Stimulus: A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have.
stimulus.hotwire.dev · 1014 days ago
stackoverflow.design · 1014 days ago
RubyWorld Conference 2020 日本語チャンネル
youtube · 1019 days ago
Exclusive-Facebook to move UK users to California terms, avoiding EU privacy rules
reuters · 1020 days ago
AI Chief John Giannandrea Takes Leadership of Project Titan
daringfireball · 1027 days ago
Ny måling viser stor tilslutning til coronavaccine
politiken.dk · 1028 days ago
The Majestic Monolith can become The Citadel
m.signalvnoise · 1028 days ago
Episode 272 - The Stimulus 2.0 Tutorial
driftingruby · 1028 days ago
How to use Stimulus JS 2.0's new Values and CSS Classes APIs (Example) | GoRails - GoRails
gorails · 1029 days ago
AWS outage has taken down a big chunk of the internet
theverge · 1041 days ago
Email a Dumpster Fire
daringfireball · 1041 days ago
Why Reddit will pay workers the same salary no matter where they live
cnn · 1042 days ago
State, federal antitrust lawsuits likely to challenge Facebook for buying rivals and weaponizing data
washingtonpost · 1047 days ago
#14 - David Heinemeier Hansson - CTO Basecamp, inventor of Ruby on Rails, bestselling author & Race driver
alphalist.podigee.io · 1047 days ago
Ruby 3 adds new method Hash#except | BigBinary Blog
blog.bigbinary · 1048 days ago
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