Eric Feng
2050: The Fight for Earth
time · 4 days ago
‘The Matrix’ deepfake shows Will Smith as Neo, in the role he turned down
bgr · 7 days ago
Pokémon GO Just Had Its Best Month in Three Years, Grossing $110 Million in August
sensortower · 10 days ago
Lego plots global expansion with malls hungry for new stores
cnbc · 12 days ago
Social commerce company Pinduoduo rises above Baidu in market value
scmp · 16 days ago
Venture Capital Memes on Instagram: “This was VC2VC but I’ve deadass had a dude read me poetry one time lmao Comment the funniest thing a VC has asked you below 👇🏼”
instagram · 17 days ago
Why A-List Celebrities Are Turning Into Vloggers
vice · 17 days ago
Downloads needed to rank No. 1 on App Store is down 30+% since 2016 for apps, up 47% for games – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 20 days ago
Why Dollar Stores Are Coming to a Neighborhood Near You
ozy · 24 days ago
Target shares surge 19% as second-quarter profit jumps and earnings outlook is hiked
cnbc · 26 days ago
Kevin Smith Announces Anime ‘He-Man’ Series for Netflix
variety · 27 days ago
Apple is spending $6 billion on original shows and trying to beat Disney+ to market, reports FT
cnbc · 27 days ago
Teen goes viral for tweeting from LG smart fridge after mom confiscates all electronics
cbsnews · 32 days ago
Microsoft's strategy of cozying up to other platforms is working, so the company is extending it
cnbc · 34 days ago
Here, only the rich can escape the unbearable heat. Soon, thanks to climate change, it will be everywhere · 36 days ago
Lucky Charms Is Selling Giant-Marshmallow Bags For Just $2, Which Seems Too Good to Be True
popsugar · 37 days ago
A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir
kleinerperkins · 39 days ago
A Deadly Heat Wave After the Hottest June on Record: How the Climate Crisis Is Creating 'a New Normal'
time · 45 days ago
Fortnite star Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins is moving from Twitch to Microsoft's competing service
cnbc · 46 days ago
'Pokémon Go' has racked up 1 billion downloads
engadget · 46 days ago
Apple’s services revenue grows 13% year-over-year – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 47 days ago
How Microsoft turns an obsession with detail into micron-optimized keyboards – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 49 days ago
Online wealth advisor Betterment launches checking and savings accounts
cnbc · 54 days ago
Starbucks to license mobile technology, taking a page from Amazon's cloud playbook · 55 days ago
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The Long-Delayed American Dream Mega-Mall Finally Has An Opening Date
forbes · 59 days ago
Retail Startup Bulletin Raises $7 Million Series to Build a Platform That Connects Brands With Stores
adweek · 63 days ago
The Top Ten Best Apps For iOS 13
tapscape · 64 days ago
Netflix has now lost two of its most popular shows as old media companies flex their muscle
cnbc · 68 days ago
This Chrome extension lets you disguise Netflix as a Hangout to slack off at work
theverge · 69 days ago
GoCube | The Classic Puzzle Reinvented
getgocube · 72 days ago
Inside the conflict at Walmart that’s threatening its high-stakes race with Amazon
vox · 74 days ago
Netflix Stock Could Trade 50% Higher, Analyst Says
barrons · 79 days ago
Can Netflix, the king of subscription video, be beaten?
medium · 79 days ago
The Three-Body Problem (Remembrance of Earth’s Past #1)
goodreads · 81 days ago
NBC is removing 'The Office' from Netflix in 2021 and putting it on its new streaming service
cnbc · 82 days ago
Lessons From the VC Who's Seen It All Before
fortune · 84 days ago
Exclusive: Fintech Startup Tally Raises $50 Million to Automate People's Finances
fortune · 90 days ago
Calendar influencers? Event social network IRL raises $8M – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 93 days ago
Willo is a robot that wants to replace your toothbrush – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 95 days ago
Mary Meeker’s most important trends on the internet
vox · 97 days ago
Lance Bass Confirms 'NSYNC Will 'Sit Down This Summer to Figure' Out Possible Reunion
people · 97 days ago
If News + isn't your bag, there're other great magazine subscription apps
imore · 110 days ago
GitHub launches Sponsors, a Patreon-style funding tool for developers
theverge · 110 days ago
AT&T Has Become a New Kind of Media Giant
fortune · 112 days ago
Millennials, baby boomers, Gen X, and Gen Z share their most beloved brands
businessinsider · 113 days ago
How Disney's new Star Wars lands will help keep the magic (and profits) flowing
cnn · 116 days ago
Good food is bringing people to the mall. And they're spending more money when they get there
cnbc · 119 days ago
What does it cost to compete with Disney and Netflix? Quibi bets $2 billion
theverge · 122 days ago
A stats based look at the iTunes App Charts
medium · 159 days ago
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