Elad Gil
Business Exodus From California Is More Troubling Than Sanctuary Policies
chiefexecutive · 328 days ago
Charles Schwab: Another Fortune 500 Company Leaves California
forbes · 328 days ago
'0% Success': Why Blockchain Apps Just Aren’t Taking Off - CoinDesk
coindesk · 330 days ago
Problem-solving males become more attractive to female budgerigars
science.sciencemag · 331 days ago
Interesting Markets: 2019 Edition
blog.eladgil · 334 days ago
Opinion | Why 2018 Was the Best Year in Human History!
nytimes · 336 days ago
China Lands Spacecraft on Far Side of Moon
nytimes · 339 days ago
Photographer Recreates Iconic Portraits Using John Malkovich as His Model
mymodernmet · 340 days ago
Where to Go After Product-Market Fit: An Interview with Marc Andreessen
a16z · 501 days ago
Top 10 books that changed how I think in 2018 – Ross Sheil – Medium
medium · 340 days ago
How to recognize fake AI-generated images – Kyle McDonald – Medium
medium · 366 days ago
16(x4) Books We Read Winter 2018
a16z · 348 days ago
Land of the “Super Founders“— A Data-Driven Approach to Uncover the Secrets of Billion Dollar…
medium · 367 days ago
Opinion | Fed Tightening? Not Now
wsj · 354 days ago
Femstreet’s last minute holiday gift guide – Femstreet – Medium
medium · 355 days ago
Geeta Iyengar - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 357 days ago
The second cohort of Emergent Ventures winners - Marginal REVOLUTION
marginalrevolution · 359 days ago
Book of the Civilized Man - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 359 days ago
With $18 million in new funding, Spring is speeding up our engine for discovering aging therapies
medium · 362 days ago
TimesMachine: Monday December 8, 1941 - NYTimes.com
timesmachine.nytimes · 366 days ago
World Begins Another Day At Mercy Of 19-Year-Old Estonian Hacker
theonion · 374 days ago
Peeling Back the Paint to Discover Bruegel’s Secrets
nytimes · 374 days ago
Fuse 1 – Formlabs
formlabs · 920 days ago
Amazon.com: Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again eBook: Eric Topol: Kindle Store
amazon · 376 days ago
Who Is Michael Ovitz?
highlighter.app · 376 days ago
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Airtable, maker of a coding platform for non-techies, raises $100M at a $1.1B valuation
techcrunch · 388 days ago
Police arrest suspected thief who looks like Ross from Friends
theguardian · 390 days ago
SAP to buy Qualtrics for $8 billion
axios · 391 days ago
How to Do a Reorganization the Right Way
entrepreneur · 398 days ago
Chongqing - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 405 days ago
23 Inspiring Books Everyone Who Wants to Succeed Should Read
inc · 407 days ago
Introducing Rippling For Accountants
rippling · 409 days ago
Commentary: Who’s Going to Make the Most Money Off the A.I. Wave?
fortune · 410 days ago
Thrive VI – Thrive Capital – Medium
medium · 411 days ago
Founders, want to solve the housing crisis? Invite people to vote
josephwalla · 412 days ago
20VC: Scalar Capital's Linda Xjie on Who Will Win The Smart Contract War, The Future of Exchanges: Centralised or Decentralised & The Pros and Cons of Differing Privacy Coins - The Twenty Minute VC
thetwentyminutevc · 412 days ago
20VC: First Round's Phin Barnes on How The Best Founders Optimize for Learning Per Dollar Spent, What Makes A Truly Special Founder/VC Relationship and Why Pattern Recognition is Another Term For Intellectual Laziness - The Twenty Minute VC
thetwentyminutevc · 418 days ago
Watch CBS This Morning: "Blitzscaling" today's massive companies - Full show on CBS All Access
cbs · 422 days ago
Healthy mice from same-sex parents have their own pups
nature · 423 days ago
Break Your Sugar Addiction in 10 Days
health.clevelandclinic · 431 days ago
YC Has Changed
blog.ycombinator · 436 days ago
Chief of Staff to Eventbrite Chairman & Co-Founder Kevin Hartz
medium · 437 days ago
Stripe Opens New Engineering Hub in Singapore
stripe · 437 days ago
International Fixed Calendar - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 438 days ago
Conversations Versus Interviews – AVC
avc · 440 days ago
As the SpaceX steamroller surges, European rocket industry vows to resist
arstechnica · 441 days ago
Inside the eight desperate weeks that saved SpaceX from ruin
arstechnica · 441 days ago
Manta Rays Jumping
youtube · 443 days ago
Columbian exchange - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 443 days ago
World Poverty Falls Below 750 Million, Report Says
wsj · 443 days ago
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