Elon Musk
We’re Going To Enjoy This Cocaine-Fueled Mason Jar Rocket Ride For As Long As It Lasts
theonion · 2302 days ago
Meet Gwynne Shotwell, the Woman Who Could Take Us to Mars
marieclaire · 2302 days ago
Tesla creates a ‘tiny house’ to feature its energy products
electrek.co · 2309 days ago
OpenAI + Dota 2
youtube · 2312 days ago
Dota 2
blog.openai · 2312 days ago
OpenAI at The International
openai · 2312 days ago
Change My View (CMV) • r/changemyview
reddit · 2464 days ago
Monty Python's Argument Clinic
youtube · 2318 days ago
After Delays, SpaceX and Boeing Aim to Launch Astronauts Next Year
popularmechanics · 2320 days ago
Reviewers of Tesla’s Newest Vehicle Are Unanimous: “The Model 3 Has No Competition”
futurism · 2322 days ago
Why the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Just Might Work
popularmechanics · 2323 days ago
Driving Tesla’s Model 3 Changes Everything
bloomberg · 2324 days ago
Exclusive: Tesla Model 3 First Drive Review - Motor Trend
motortrend · 2326 days ago
Tesla Project Loveday Contest Entry!
youtube · 2326 days ago
"Spaceships. For Earth." Tesla Commercial 2017 #projectloveday
youtube · 2326 days ago
Sonja's SUPER QUICK Tesla Fan Video! | Tesla Project Loveday
youtube · 2326 days ago
tesla · 2327 days ago
There are some amazing Tesla 'Project Loveday' commercials being made
teslarati · 2328 days ago
Project Loveday | Finalists - YouTube
youtube · 2328 days ago
Britain to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040
theguardian · 2328 days ago
Gutted Tesla TROLLS the Streets!
youtube · 2329 days ago
The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 1 - Wait But Why
waitbutwhy · 2330 days ago
Why Elon Musk Spends 80 Percent of His Time on This 1 Activity
inc · 2330 days ago
SpaceX skipping Red Dragon for "vastly bigger ships" on Mars, Musk confirms
teslarati · 2333 days ago
New MIT Study Suggests Sonic The Hedgehog Might Be Living In Computer Simulation
theonion · 2336 days ago
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Tesla Welcomes Linda Johnson Rice and James Murdoch as New Independent Directors to its Board
tesla · 2337 days ago
Mars Curiosity Descent - Ultra HD 30fps Smooth-Motion
youtube · 2339 days ago
Monty Python - Woody and tinny words
youtube · 2342 days ago
Freedom 5000 Team sets New Tesla EV Cannonball Record !
youtube · 2343 days ago
Tesla’s Skid Is Coming at the Worst Time
wsj · 2347 days ago
Charlie bit my finger - again !
youtube · 2347 days ago
Tesla to build world's largest lithium ion battery in Australia - BBC News
bbc.co.uk · 2348 days ago
Tesla Powerpack to Enable Large Scale Sustainable Energy to South Australia
tesla · 2348 days ago
Chinese rocket fails after liftoff
cnn · 2352 days ago
Explained: Greenhouse gases
universal-sci · 2362 days ago
We'd like one of these for here on Earth. NASA's new mobile Mars laboratory concept rover
universal-sci · 2362 days ago
New Tesla Model S hypermiling record: over 900 km (560 miles) on a single charge
electrek.co · 2364 days ago
Spaceballs - l am your father [HQ]
youtube · 2366 days ago
Tesla Service Center rescues trapped kitten
youtube · 2367 days ago
Kitten stuck in my Model X rear bumper!
youtube · 2367 days ago
Elon Musk Publishes Plans for Colonizing Mars
scientificamerican · 2368 days ago
Air Force budget reveals how much SpaceX undercuts launch prices
arstechnica · 2369 days ago
Tesla Model X the First SUV Ever to Achieve 5-Star Crash Rating in Every Category
tesla · 2372 days ago
Learning from Human Preferences
blog.openai · 2372 days ago
Watch the first Tesla Model X crash tests – 5 stars expected in every category
electrek.co · 2372 days ago
A SpaceX engineer and marine biologist explain how they got picked to be NASA astronauts
theverge · 2375 days ago
Who Killed the Electric Car? - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 2376 days ago
Eric Idle - "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" - STEREO HQ
youtube · 2376 days ago
More Bets Against Tesla Than Any Other Company
investopedia · 2376 days ago
CRS-11 | Landing aerial footage
youtube · 2378 days ago
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