Greg Emerson
If Facebook stops putting news in front of readers, will readers bother to go looking for it?
niemanlab · 1837 days ago
This kid just keeps going at it. Beats the hell out of himself but finally nails a backflip. • r/ChildrenFallingOver
reddit · 1842 days ago
Media Euphemisms For 'Racist' Are Stupidly Tinged
huffingtonpost · 1849 days ago
Uber’s Secret Tool for Keeping the Cops in the Dark
bloomberg · 1850 days ago
The GOP's Tax Bill Kicks Puerto Rico When It's Down
huffingtonpost · 1872 days ago
North Korea Is Suspected in Bitcoin Heist
wsj · 1872 days ago
Apple has finally turned on its podcast analytics feature
recode · 1878 days ago
Generation Screwed
highline.huffingtonpost · 1878 days ago
Minnie Driver: men like Matt Damon 'cannot understand what abuse is like'
theguardian · 1876 days ago
SpaceX Successfully Launches Reused Booster for NASA, a First
wsj · 1877 days ago
Live Alabama Election Results: Roy Moore and Doug Jones Compete for Senate Seat
nytimes · 1880 days ago
The First Women in Tech Didn’t Leave—Men Pushed Them Out
wsj · 1882 days ago
'Maybe Putin is right': Roy Moore remark on same-sex marriage resurfaces
theguardian · 1882 days ago
Official Toll in Puerto Rico: 62. Actual Deaths May Be 1,052.
nytimes · 1883 days ago
Matt Davies' political cartoons - Newsday
projects.newsday · 2019 days ago
Charlie Rose Accused Of Sexually Harassing And Groping Women
huffingtonpost · 1902 days ago
Exclusive: NYT White House correspondent Glenn Thrush’s history of bad judgment around young women journalists
vox · 1902 days ago
The Washington Post on Reddit surprises users with its non-promotional, ultra helpful presence
niemanlab · 1914 days ago
News Corp Tops Revenue Estimates as Every Division Sees Gains
wsj · 1912 days ago
What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer
nytimes · 1915 days ago
Can You Keep Your Meeting to Five Minutes?
wsj · 1915 days ago
Rand Paul Faces Prolonged Absence From the Senate
wsj · 1916 days ago
“How to Fix Facebook” — First: Don’t assume it’s broken. Second: Break up its features
medium · 1916 days ago
Vol. 30, No. 10: Lowbrow Language
blogs.wsj · 1916 days ago
Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of the world elite's hidden wealth
theguardian · 1917 days ago
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Dustin Hoffman Sexually Harassed Me When I Was 17 (Guest Column)
hollywoodreporter · 1922 days ago
‘A Chuck Schumer beauty’: Trump and allies gin up a new culprit for New York terrorist attack
washingtonpost · 1922 days ago
iPhone X: How We Tested (and Tricked) FaceID
wsj · 1922 days ago
The Gender Pay Gap Happened to Me. Now What?
lennyletter · 1922 days ago
Google CEO makes fixing hamburger emoji his top priority
theverge · 1923 days ago
How leading American newspapers got people to pay for news
economist · 1924 days ago
People Are Dying Because of Ignorance, not Because of Opioids
scientificamerican · 1926 days ago
The Guardian Mobile Lab’s latest experiment targets public transit commuters with an offline news app
niemanlab · 1927 days ago
Unsinkable Astros Down Dodgers in Epic Thriller
wsj · 1927 days ago
Political Guardrails Gone, a President’s Somber Duty Skids Into Spectacle
nytimes · 1931 days ago
The New York Times wants to hire a journalist to travel the world
nytimes · 1930 days ago
Google matches Apple by reducing Play Store fee for Android app subscriptions
theverge · 1933 days ago
In the Elevator With Arianna Huffington
wsj · 1933 days ago
In the Elevator With Levi's CEO and His Connected Jacket
wsj · 1933 days ago
The Soviet Military Program that Secretly Mapped the Entire World
news.nationalgeographic · 1937 days ago
Google is really good at design
theoutline · 1941 days ago
Apple is really bad at design
theoutline · 1953 days ago
Scientists find gold worth $2 million in Swiss sewage
money.cnn · 1941 days ago
How Dropbox Onboards New Users | User Onboarding
useronboard · 1949 days ago
Three Women Have Accused Harvey Weinstein Of Rape In A New Yorker Exposé
buzzfeed · 1943 days ago
Good Things Come to Those Who Don't Wait
youtube · 1944 days ago
'Harvey Weinstein's Media Enablers'? The New York Times Is One of Them
thewrap · 1945 days ago
KEYNOTE: When Satire Is the Most Effective Political Coverage - ONA17
ona17.journalists · 1946 days ago
[Unconference] Engaging Your Audience With Audience Engagement: Beyond the Buzzword - ONA17
ona17.journalists · 1947 days ago
Expanding the Medium Partner Program – 3 min read
blog.medium · 1992 days ago
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