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Following Coinbase's direct listing, Initialized Capital bulks up with a new partner
initialized-parul-coinbase-ipo-stock-gary-tan-alexis-ohanian-2021 · 141 days ago
Why YC
paulgraham · 145 days ago
Teams are adaptive systems: 12 principles for effective management
gumroad · 146 days ago
JPMorgan Says Ethereum Upgrades Could Jumpstart $40 Billion Staking Industry
forbes · 154 days ago
Level up your friends like billionaires do. Here's how to do it.
youtube · 154 days ago
Around for iOS & Android - Video calls for the future of remote work, now on mobile | Product Hunt
producthunt · 155 days ago
How to Work Hard
paulgraham · 157 days ago
The Method of Loci: Build Your Memory Palace · 155 days ago
Coinbase Debuts Savings Product With 4% APY on USDC Deposits - CoinDesk
coindesk · 156 days ago
The Metrics You Need To Raise a Series A
blog.initialized · 156 days ago
Facebook is not worth $33,000,000,000
signalvnoise · 559 days ago
Boudin asks state to take the case of S.F. school board recall petition theft
sfchronicle · 157 days ago
How To DESIGN EVERYTHING if you don't know ANYTHING | Design for Startups | Office Hours Ep. 1
youtube · 158 days ago
4 Reasons Why Co-Founders Leave — and How Unresolved Conflict Fuels Them
blog.initialized · 158 days ago
See reality as it is first, before you try to bend it — The Stockdale Paradox
youtube · 161 days ago
Garry Tan and His Most Vulnerable Conversation Yet - Best of The Quest #2
youtube · 163 days ago
Interview: Marc Andreessen, VC and tech pioneer
noahpinion.substack · 164 days ago
The rise and importance of Secret Congress
slowboring · 165 days ago
How come there's no known recording of George Orwell's voice? in The AnswerBank: Arts & Literature · 167 days ago
Tour of our 250k line Clojure codebase
tech.redplanetlabs · 169 days ago
Do It Yourself. Here's how REAL movements start, then change the world.
youtube · 169 days ago
Travels with Chesa
eyeonsf · 173 days ago
Seven Seven Six, Alexis Ohanian’s New VC Firm, Launches With $150 Million And A Promise To Shake Things Up
forbes · 176 days ago
To combat an affordable housing crisis, some in the Bay Area say build more
nbcnews · 177 days ago
Google Nest Connected Home · 178 days ago
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San Francisco on track to be 1st CA metro city to reach full herd immunity, UCSF doctors say
abc7news · 178 days ago
How ‘Warrior’ Beat the Odds—And Lived to Fight Another Day
vanityfair · 180 days ago
Project Hail Mary: A Novel: Weir, Andy: 9780593135204: Books
amazon · 181 days ago
S.F. schools see enrollment drop as families flee the district
sfchronicle · 183 days ago
Paul Bennewitz - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 184 days ago
Rich Brian, NIKI, & Warren Hue - California (Official Music Video)
youtube · 185 days ago
Iran-backed militias turn to drone attacks, alarming U.S. forces in Iraq
washingtonpost · 186 days ago
Justice Department Charges Former eBay Staff With ‘Cyberstalking Campaign’
wsj · 191 days ago
Own The Land (Eth) On Which We Operate · 192 days ago
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong on Cryptocurrency and the Future of Decentralization
youtube · 196 days ago
The Bitcoin Crash of 2021 Compared to Past Sell-Offs
visualcapitalist · 197 days ago
Stand up: Take Control of SF School Board
cwnevius.substack · 198 days ago
CoinTracker is on the Breakout List
breakoutlist · 198 days ago
Integrated: How to Best Evaluate Projects in Blockchain - Avalanche
joinclubhouse · 199 days ago
About Us -
flexport · 1267 days ago
Ethereum: A Next-Generation Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Application Platform
bitcoinmagazine · 208 days ago
Crazy New Ideas
paulgraham · 211 days ago
On Zero-Sum Fallacy and Mimetic Desires
jungyoonlim.medium · 211 days ago
Expelling Asian Americans from top schools proves NYC education is off the rails
nypost · 212 days ago
Someone has to run the fabs
noahpinion.substack · 212 days ago
Parents Defending Education
defendinged · 213 days ago
The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis - Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?
youtube · 217 days ago
DAOs and the pitfalls of progressive decentralisation
gardens.substack · 219 days ago
The road to Ethereum
barnabe.substack · 220 days ago
The Anti-Vaccine Influencers Who Are Merely Asking Questions
theatlantic · 222 days ago
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