Hans Tung
20VC: Lessons From Slack and Opendoor on Price Sensitivity, Why The Best CEOs Are Able To Manage Momentum and Why Being A Board Member is a "Full Contact Sport" with Glenn Solomon, Managing Partner @ GGV Capital - The Twenty Minute VC
thetwentyminutevc · 1706 days ago
The wave of massive Chinese tech IPOs has begun
money.cnn · 1706 days ago
What this functional beverage gets right about branding and customer experience
newhope · 1732 days ago
IDC: Smartphone shipments down 2.9% in Q1 2018, Apple gains on Samsung
venturebeat · 1733 days ago
Meek Mill's Attorney Says Judge Told Rapper to Leave Roc Nation, Sign With Her Friend
billboard · 1740 days ago
10 China Tech Podcasts You Should Follow – George Godula – Medium
medium · 1743 days ago
Xiaomi is beating Samsung at its own game
androidcentral · 1786 days ago
Chinese Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Weighs Listing in Mainland and Hong Kong
wsj · 1790 days ago
How LeBron Can Finish His Fairy Tale Better Than MJ
theringer · 1801 days ago
Lessons from US & China for Global Entrepreneurs
slideshare · 1812 days ago
β€˜The Simpsons’ Has Predicted a Lot. Most of It Can Be Explained.
nytimes · 1818 days ago
Barnwell: How the Eagles beat the Patriots at their own game, and why the upset was historic
espn · 1818 days ago
β€œFather of WeChat” Lays Out 2018 Product Roadmap
hans.vc · 1827 days ago
Michael Moritz is right: Silicon Valley should be terrified of China
cnbc · 1832 days ago
The Fall of Travis Kalanick Was a Lot Weirder and Darker Than You Thought
bloomberg · 1837 days ago
How Cavs, Spurs handled trade demands by stars is worlds apart
espn.com.au · 1839 days ago
Raptors exec Ujiri critical of Trump over remark
espn · 1842 days ago
Why a New York Startup Zeroed in on Dallas Shoppers
dmagazine · 1844 days ago
What a $4,000 Treadmill Means for the Future of Gadgets
nytimes · 1846 days ago
White America is quietly self-segregating
vox · 1848 days ago
Making China Great Again
newyorker · 1852 days ago
Brady Sr. writes to Archie over Eli's benching
espn · 1883 days ago
The Men Who Cost Clinton the Election
nytimes · 1884 days ago
How Amazon and Whole Foods Can Learn from China
hans.vc · 1910 days ago
Yuri Milner says he was not working for Russia to turn social media against U.S. democracy
recode · 1911 days ago
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Inside The Mighty: One Million Members and a Bright Path Ahead
themighty · 1916 days ago
Showdown brewing: With lessons learned in China, a rival is taking on Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube
cnbc · 1916 days ago
"Unmanned" and "Shared": China's Retail Revolution
hans.vc · 1917 days ago
θ€ε€–εˆšζ₯δΈ­ε›½VS.ζ₯δΈ­ε›½εΎˆδΉ…δ»₯后 Foreigner living in China for 10 days Vs. living in China for 10 years
youtube · 1917 days ago
Prynt for Android: Turn your phone into an Instant Camera
kickstarter · 1922 days ago
My Conversation with Zhang Yiming, Founder of Toutiao
hans.vc · 1924 days ago
Report shows Twitch audience bigger than HBO's and Netflix's
dotesports · 1925 days ago
Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball - Dodgers News, Scores, Stats, Rumors & More - ESPN
espn · 1932 days ago
Why Brand Success Is About Unique Experiences and Community (And a Massive Audience)
streetfightmag · 1941 days ago
The crazy, true story of the birth of the Warriors' historic offense
espn · 1936 days ago
'I Didn't Want to Go Back There': Lakers' Kyle Kuzma Talks About His Motivation
bleacherreport · 1939 days ago
Second act? Lonzo Ball and Lakers return to Vegas where it all began
espn · 1940 days ago
Why Going Global Is Becoming a Must for Aspiring Unicorns
hans.vc · 1943 days ago
Los Angeles Rams At Dallas Cowboys: McVay’s Team Shocks NFL With Comeback Win - Turf Show Times
turfshowtimes · 1944 days ago
Sean McVay's offensive turnaround of the Rams might be unprecedented
espn · 1944 days ago
The Executive Computer; 'Mother of All Markets' or a 'Pipe Dream Driven by Greed'?
nytimes · 1950 days ago
Live from Disrupt SF 2017 Day 3
youtube · 1950 days ago
What is New Retail?
hans.vc · 1950 days ago
Xiaomi Grabbed the Long Tail in Quest for Revival
theinformation · 1950 days ago
Opinion | The Dying Art of Disagreement
nytimes · 1951 days ago
Why President Trump triggers Gregg Popovich
espn · 1952 days ago
Why More Trains May Lead to More Unicorns in China - Hans Tung
hans.vc · 1952 days ago
O'Connor: How the player who wasn't there won the day
espn · 1953 days ago
App Annie: Android to top iOS in app store revenue thisΒ year
techcrunch · 1957 days ago
Inside the free-agency frenzy that almost cost the Warriors a Finals MVP
espn · 1957 days ago
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