Crypto Take Off Coming! New NFT Games That Can 10x
youtube · 668 days ago
Tesla Vegan Leather Seats β€” How Not To Destroy The Rainforest
cleantechnica · 672 days ago
Welcome to BitClout
bitclout · 761 days ago
NFT – VCR Group
vcrgroup · 678 days ago
Lazy Lions Den
lazylionsnft.medium · 678 days ago
NFTs & Shill Form
hnshah.typeform · 683 days ago
Descript - Transcription and Audio Editing
descript.ramotion · 2116 days ago
Couple has wedding reception at world's most beautiful Taco Bell
sfgate · 699 days ago
Microsoft launches campaign to fill 250,000 cybersecurity jobs, warning of workforce crisis
axios · 700 days ago
WTF Happened In 1971?
wtfhappenedin1971 · 1191 days ago
Why Evernote Failed to Realize Its Potential [The Full History]
nira · 712 days ago
Twitter Careers
careers.twitter · 2038 days ago
8-Bit Capital, co-led by Jonathan Abrams, has closed its first fund with $40 million – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 722 days ago
Telegram gains 70M new users in just one day after Facebook outage
theverge · 722 days ago
Kevin O'Leary: 'My Crypto Exposure Is Greater Than Gold for the First Time Ever' – Featured Bitcoin News
news.bitcoin · 724 days ago
r/SaaS - I bootstrapped BetaList 11 years ago and can't help myself starting new products (WIP.co, Startup.Jobs, BuildInPublic.com, etc). AMA!
reddit · 728 days ago
You can now buy a keyboard that only copies and pastes
theverge · 729 days ago
TikTok Claims the App Now Tops 1 Billion Monthly Active Users
variety · 731 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Apple Is Working on iPhone Features to Help Detect Depression, Cognitive Decline
wsj · 737 days ago
Will DAOs replace Corporations?
every.to · 737 days ago
Slack launches clips, video messages that help you avoid meetings
theverge · 738 days ago
NFTs have Cathie Wood excited: β€˜This is how I felt when the internet came about’
marketwatch · 745 days ago
Bored Ape Yacht Club Artist Is Building a Community of NFT Vampires - Decrypt
decrypt.co · 747 days ago
Solana nets its first million-dollar NFT sale and it's for a Degenerate Ape
theblockcrypto · 747 days ago
Join the VeeFriends Discord Server!
discord · 749 days ago
Get in touch with us on Twitter
thechoiceisyours.whatisthematrix · 751 days ago
CISO churn – why it’s happening and how to stop it - Raconteur
raconteur · 757 days ago
Twelve-year-old boy makes Β£290,000 from whale NFTs
bbc · 758 days ago
bootstrappers · 759 days ago
Over 45% of employees admit to taking documents from former employers
nira · 762 days ago
Yes, Age Does Make Us More Generous
wsj · 764 days ago
Why are hyperlinks blue? | The Mozilla Blog
blog.mozilla · 764 days ago
Trends.vc 2.0 - Discover new markets and ideas | Product Hunt
producthunt · 766 days ago
The Myth and Magic of Generating New Ideas
newyorker · 767 days ago
Plaid announces additional series D funding | Plaid
plaid · 772 days ago
Funding, Buyback, andΒ Hiring
ma.tt · 773 days ago
Suing the CISO: SolarWinds Fires Back
secureworld.io · 775 days ago
This startup is bringing the first mind-controlled prosthetic arm to market
fastcompany · 777 days ago
MediaKits - The easiest way to create a media kit | Product Hunt
producthunt · 777 days ago
Salesforce enters the streaming wars with new video service for professionals
axios · 780 days ago
Weekly Visitor Report by Clearbit - Get a weekly report of the companies visiting your website | Product Hunt
producthunt · 779 days ago
All Social Networks Look The Same Now
theinformation · 780 days ago
Conscious Culture | Bridging Humanity with Execution
conscious · 857 days ago
Leaked Document Says Google Fired Dozens of Employees for Data Misuse
vice · 785 days ago
Elon Musk Admitting Tesla Was Wrong Is Why He's The Best CEO For Teslaο»Ώ
cleantechnica · 788 days ago
Clubhouse is changing our name to Shortcut
clubhouse.io · 791 days ago
AMA! I’ve started self-funded and VC-backed SaaS businesses since 2003 including Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and Nira. Investor in 200+ others.
indiehackers · 794 days ago
Dual USB-C
xkcd · 796 days ago
Salesforce and Slack: Success from Anywhere - Your Digital HQ | Salesforce
youtube · 798 days ago
Integrations Engineer 🧰 Python | API | Data Analysis | OAuth | 100% Remote at Nira
stackoverflow · 804 days ago
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