Identity verification platform Cognito is joining Plaid | Plaid
plaid · 1 day ago
The Role That Luck Plays In Our Success
hunterwalk.medium · 4 days ago
Council Post: The Negative Rake: How Marketplaces Can Solve An Age-Old Dilemma
forbes · 7 days ago
COVID-19 experts say Omicron is peaking in the US, citing data from poop samples
businessinsider · 8 days ago
Investor Jarrod Dicker on how “the emergence of NFTs has brought provable digital ownership to the…
hunterwalk.medium · 9 days ago
We're Growing: Hello Texas and Georgia! - Bowery Farming
boweryfarming · 9 days ago
In Order to Live a Happier Life, Say “No” More in 2022
hunterwalk.medium · 9 days ago
Getting started in Coda - Crowdcast
crowdcast.io · 11 days ago
Video Games Were What Hooked Meta’s CTO Andrew Bosworth On Tech.
hunterwalk.medium · 14 days ago
2021 TOP 100
govtech · 268 days ago
Why Today’s ‘Mentorship Programs’ Mostly Fail Women in Tech (and How to Improve Them)
hunterwalk.medium · 23 days ago
Ambrook | The card that makes your farm money
ambrook · 30 days ago
To Track Covid-19 Surges, Scientists Are Studying Sewage
wsj · 30 days ago
VC-recommended books for startup founders
protocol · 34 days ago
I’m Successful In Tech Because I Managed To Visit The Future Without A Time Machine
hunterwalk.medium · 35 days ago
Packaging Is The New Storefront—Why Narvar is Acquiring Lumi
corp.narvar · 37 days ago
The Next Frontier: High-tech farming
cnbc · 38 days ago
Chime Allows Users to Make Cash Deposits at Walgreens for Free - Finovate
finovate · 38 days ago
Hunter Walk of Homebrew on Investing, Supporting Underrepresented VCs, and the Value of Writing
youtube · 38 days ago
Episode 10 - How to Build a Financial Foundation
youtube · 43 days ago
What will toilets be like in the Metaverse? | Boing Boing
boingboing · 46 days ago
Toolchain Releases Significant Update to the Pants Open Source Build System
itechnologyseries · 46 days ago
The Kids Are All Right, Thanks To These Innovative Children’s Brands
forbes · 49 days ago
Avatars Don’t Poop But You Can Be Sure The Metaverse Will Have Toilets
hunterwalk.medium · 50 days ago
Pay Concepts - Joylyn Yang
calendly · 59 days ago
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14 Family Christmas Pajamas To Slay Your Holiday 'Grams
brit.co · 59 days ago
Kettle books $25M for its reinsurance platform against fire and other catastrophes – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 62 days ago
Monograph raises $20M Series B to help designers and architects manage their operations – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 67 days ago
Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Engaging HNW Individuals with Data-Driven Workflows. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar.
us02web.zoom.us · 74 days ago
Holiday Clothing For Kids
mothermag · 74 days ago
House Committee Considers Regulating Buy Now Pay Later
medium · 76 days ago
Braintrust Live October 2021
youtube · 78 days ago
Winding Down Your Company
coda.io · 83 days ago
Balancing risk: Modern architecture’s role in the BNPL playbook – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 84 days ago
A Tech Millionaire’s Guide To Philanthropy
hunterwalk.medium · 84 days ago
Guide to Sourcing Talent
coda.io · 85 days ago
What I Tell All New VCs About Their First Funds
hunterwalk.medium · 90 days ago
Tia Presents: Reproductive Freedom with the Authors of Controlling Women
eventbrite · 92 days ago
Why Coda thinks documents are the internet's next big platform
protocol · 93 days ago
Assembly 2.0 - Automate all workflows in one place | Product Hunt
producthunt · 93 days ago
Supply chain problems? Have no fear, we've got DIY Halloween costume ideas
npr · 94 days ago
Finix Fiesta | Register
learn.finixpayments · 94 days ago
093: Recruiting with Beth Scheer - Alcorn Immigration Law - A Silicon Valley Immigration Firm
alcorn.law · 94 days ago
Plaid Forum | Plaid
plaid · 100 days ago
Halloween Party: Trick, or treat? — Gatheround — A better way to bring your people together
gatheround · 101 days ago
ResQ cooks up a $39 million Series A for restaurant repair industry – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 101 days ago
Learn To Hire Well And You’ll Never Lose
hunterwalk.medium · 104 days ago
Americans spend $3 billion on Halloween costumes each year. It’s an environmental nightmare
fastcompany · 104 days ago
Blog | Arthur AI
arthur.ai · 105 days ago
53 entertaining, opinionated VCs on Twitter, Substack, and podcasts you should be following
businessinsider · 105 days ago
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