Jason Shah
This Startup Has A New App To Make Sure VCs Are Being Helpful
forbes · 495 days ago
Crypto Career Decision
0xshah.xyz · 791 days ago
On hidden risks of technological efficiency and cognitive homogenization
jasonshah.substack · 1045 days ago
The Product Review: Substack
theproductreview.substack · 1051 days ago
The Product Review: Figma
theproductreview.substack · 1069 days ago
The Product Review: Notion
theproductreview.substack · 1071 days ago
The Product Review: Airtable
theproductreview.substack · 1072 days ago
On content as king, product as king, and why content is the product
jasonshah.substack · 1169 days ago
We're looking for great business writers
everything.substack · 1173 days ago
On voluntary boredom and quiet
jasonshah.substack · 1175 days ago
On Zoom backgrounds: painkillers masquerading as vitamins in plain sight
jasonshah.substack · 1185 days ago
On finding a life purpose
jasonshah.substack · 1186 days ago
On how edits ruin great work
jasonshah.substack · 1186 days ago
On oversimplifying
jasonshah.substack · 1187 days ago
On starting a new blog every three years
jasonshah.substack · 1188 days ago
On Stoic philosophy, Marcus Aurelius, and living wisely through a pandemic
jasonshah.substack · 1193 days ago
On technology speaking to us
jasonshah.substack · 1194 days ago
On the importance of eliminating distraction
jasonshah.substack · 1194 days ago
On the need to live life not just theorize about it
jasonshah.substack · 1195 days ago
On the relief of when revered people criticize revered institutions
jasonshah.substack · 1195 days ago
On Nietzsche and philosophical void in 2020
jasonshah.substack · 1196 days ago
On the decay of public discourse and identity bred by social media affirmation
jasonshah.substack · 1196 days ago
On The Five Love Languages and Building Universal Empathy
jasonshah.substack · 1196 days ago
Mercedes and Nvidia team up to develop platform to update cars with self-driving features
axios · 1196 days ago
On the everlasting imperfection of a home
jasonshah.substack · 1197 days ago
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On distraction and unappreciated art
jasonshah.substack · 1197 days ago
On the reactive consumption and status-quo production of online content
jasonshah.substack · 1197 days ago
On the reconcilable tension between work coming out naturally and trying too hard
jasonshah.substack · 1198 days ago
On Kant’s categorical imperative as applied to social media companies and search engines
jasonshah.substack · 1198 days ago
Product Sense Requires Common Sense
linkedin · 1518 days ago
The Beauty of Fast Unlearning
linkedin · 1540 days ago
What do I look for in a pitch? – Greylock Perspectives
news.greylock · 2240 days ago
Steve Blank Working Outside the Tech Bubble
steveblank · 2243 days ago
With $50 million in funding, Brandless sells everyday essentials for $3 each
techcrunch · 2275 days ago
MeWe builds a bridge between government and business
techcrunch · 2272 days ago
Nest Founder: “I Wake Up In Cold Sweats Thinking, What Did We Bring To The World?”
fastcodesign · 2278 days ago
Declare war on misleading metaphors
economist · 2281 days ago
Yammer cofounder Adam Pisoni just raised $7.5 million in Series A funding for his new company, Abl
techcrunch · 2287 days ago
Conclusions - Jaime Cervera
soundcloud · 2287 days ago
The growing dissonance between two business models (SaaS and VC)
christophjanz.blogspot · 2329 days ago
Startup Targets The TI Calculators Your Kid Lugs to Class
bloomberg · 2331 days ago
On Market Sizing – Anand Iyer – Medium
medium · 2330 days ago
Two Big Leaps Forward
blog.modeanalytics · 2331 days ago
Why Yammer believes the traditional engineering organizational structure is dead
pando · 2331 days ago
People Don’t Want Something Truly New, They Want the Familiar Done Differently.
medium · 2353 days ago
Control, Consciousness, and Almond Milk – Jason Shah – Medium
medium · 2341 days ago
Why Walking Helps Us Think
newyorker · 2347 days ago
Why Soldiers and Chefs Make the Best Product Managers
firstround · 2357 days ago
$5,000, no strings attached
medium · 2374 days ago
The Arrival of Artificial Intelligence
stratechery · 2379 days ago
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