John Zeratsky
On not filling time: What is productivity?
lauravanderkam · 2022 days ago
Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead. - James Clear - Pocket
getpocket · 2025 days ago
Make Time Month Recap: I Failed Lots, but That’s Okay
medium · 2027 days ago
Houston Attorney Thrives on Doing The Impossible – Daily
mrmoneymustache · 2028 days ago
How to Do Great Work » Money Boss
moneyboss · 2029 days ago
Opinion | You’re Too Busy. You Need a ‘Shultz Hour.’
nytimes · 2112 days ago
Running GV sprints inside corporates — learn from my mistakes
sprintstories · 2036 days ago
10 tiny tweaks that will change your life
lauravanderkam · 2039 days ago
The biggest benefit of a Design Sprint is not what you think it is
medium · 2041 days ago
Really, Really Short Workouts
nytimes · 2041 days ago
Wizeline: Design Your Employee Experiences – Sprint Stories
sprintstories · 2045 days ago
Focus on the important things with Highlights in Slack
slackhq · 2054 days ago
Stop! You need to immediately do a Design Sprint. – OCTanner Design – Medium
medium · 2052 days ago
All In a Week’s Work — How We Tackled the Five Day Sprint Process
open.nytimes · 2053 days ago
How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep
nytimes · 2055 days ago
Blocking Out “Distraction Kryptonite” (Make Time Month, Week 2)
medium · 2057 days ago
Here's The Schedule Very Successful People Follow Every Day - Barking Up The Wrong Tree
bakadesuyo · 2060 days ago
Five principles for great interface copywriting – GV Library
library.gv · 2062 days ago
Domestic Outsourcing: Practical or Wussypants?
mrmoneymustache · 2063 days ago
Happiness is the Only Logical Pursuit
mrmoneymustache · 2067 days ago
“Make Time Month”—I’m redesigning my days and I want your help
medium · 2070 days ago
Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong: Eric Barker: 9780062416049: Books
amazon · 2084 days ago
How to Be Happy and Lead a Meaningful Life » Money Boss
moneyboss · 2074 days ago
Revue: How a design sprint helped us create a newsletter theme in a week
sprintstories · 2096 days ago Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (9780062316097): Yuval Noah Harari: Books
amazon · 2078 days ago
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Fancy Tools Are a Distraction—Here’s What I Use Instead
medium · 2102 days ago
Smartphones are the New Cigarettes
markmanson · 2115 days ago
A Day Without Meetings: How I Started From Scratch to Create the Perfect Workday
medium · 2110 days ago
How to send (but not receive) email on your iPhone, and why doing it doesn’t mean you’re a crazy…
medium · 2116 days ago
Everyone is a designer. Get over it. – Daniel Burka – Medium
medium · 2119 days ago
A consultant simplifies his work day (and life) using a "might-do list"
nbcnews · 2119 days ago
Sprint - Design | Editura Publica · 2124 days ago
Eight common dysfunctions of design teams (and what to do about them)
library.gv · 2125 days ago
4,227 days at Google
medium · 2127 days ago
John Zeratsky
uxcampcph · 2127 days ago
The Unnecessary Fragmentation of Design Jobs
m.signalvnoise · 2133 days ago
Every team can get more done with sprints — but it’s not just about going fast
library.gv · 2134 days ago
#7: GV Design Partner, Daniel Burka, on prototyping your way to massive influence
youtube · 2135 days ago
Medium members, welcome to your new homepage
medium · 2137 days ago
The Three-Hour Brand Sprint
library.gv · 2145 days ago
The Daily Routines of 12 Famous Writers
jamesclear · 2145 days ago
The Distraction-Free Android – Time Dorks
medium · 2146 days ago
One Big Thing: a simple way to do more by planning less – Time Dorks
medium · 2148 days ago
Sprint Bonus Pack
thesprintbook · 2152 days ago
Whoa, the ‘Sprint’ Book Is One Year Old! And the Sprint Bonus Pack Just Got Awesomer!!
medium · 2152 days ago
Sprinting at The Atlantic – Building The Atlantic
medium · 2153 days ago
Why I ignore the daily news and read The Economist instead (and how you can too) – Time Dorks
medium · 2154 days ago
How I became a morning person (and why I decided to make the change) – Time Dorks
medium · 2160 days ago
News is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier
theguardian · 2162 days ago
The right design at the right time
library.gv · 2166 days ago
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